10 Best Things to Do In Pittsburgh


From hill top views to downtown history and art, this is the city where culture is in fusion with contemporary times.

It’s greatly known for its steel industries since the blooming of industries, this is a place of re-bricks, arched bridges, and visible utilitarianism.

You can see Natural History Museums as well as PostNatural, the scientist made creations in museums to keep you amused.

10 Best and Fun Things to Do In Pittsburgh

Lots of parks and Museums packed around the city, alongside people’s love for art and sports and beers. Here are 10 best and fun things to do in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

1. Carnegie Museum of Natural History

One of the most interesting things to see when in Pittsburgh is visit and see the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

Exactly as the name suggests, it is home to ancient and extinct part of Nature, hence you will find yourself amongst unique and utterly fascinating things.

Standing tall among the top museums in not only Pittsburgh, rather in Pennsylvania, is the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

It provides lots of insight into the humans and animals that is sure to fascinate you and it gives insight to one’s understanding of the world.

It’s a must for people even slightly interested in science, animals and natural history, you just cannot miss this place.

The museum is open all days except Tuesday. Open from 12 p.m. to 5p.m. on Sundays, 10p.m. to 8p.m. on Thursday and 10p.m. to 5p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

2. See Mummies and Tyrannosaurus at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Carnegie Museum of Natural history is home to extinct animal fossils and mysterious mummies.

The seemingly unlimited rooms displaying ancient fossils are kept under great care and supervision.

You can even see bones of dinosaurs next to glimmering ancient gem stones forged under the early probably a more thousand years ago, are dug up from sites and placed.

It will lead your imagination to wander wide as you will look at the painted totem poles while discovering the evolution of the Jurassic age.

You can also see beautiful minerals and fathom the hidden secrets of archaeologists. You can see the mummies and a Tyrannosaurus kept in majesty at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

In sharp contrast to the Natural Museum is the Center for PostNatural History, where you can see genetically modified specimens like.

‘BioSteel Goats and Triploid Atlantic Salmon’. These are creations of great scientists and show the power that science holds.

3. Trundle Manor: House of Oddities

Although it appears to be anodyne from outside, don’t go by the cover as the insides of Trundle Manor is quite to opposite.

It seems surreal, and work of great art and patient. This place is for people who visit haunted house for fun and are intimidated by none.

One of the biggest house of taxidermy animals, which will give you chills.  If you enjoy weird and creepy stuff, in this case stuffed animals the Trundle Manor or the House of Oddities is the best place.

This unique and odd collection of art house was founded by an artist couple. Make sure you book an appointment before visiting the art museum.

4. See One of America’s finest Collections at the Carnegie Museum of Art.

Carnegie Museum of art is the finest in all of Pittsburgh, and has been the finest and the prestigious for above a century now.

It boasts of a grand collection of more than 35,000 individual pieces, chiefly from across Europe and North America.

It was founded in 1895 by Andrew Carnegie, a Pittsburgh-based industrialist. You will get a tour of history and the resulting art through the ages.

Visitors are allowed to tour the hall of Architecture, where friezes and casts of iconic constructions from Greece and Egypt to Italy to France, all end up drawing your attention.

You will find contemporary American art displayed in the Forum Gallery.The ever applause worthy fine arts includes classic masters like Durer and Abbott McNeill Whistler.

The museum is open on all days except Tuesday, open from Friday to Monday and Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 5p.m. and on Thursdays it is open till 8 p.m.

5. Mount Washington

Get a panorama view of the beautiful city atop Mount Washington. This view is priceless and will live in your memory forever.

This neighbourhood on a hilltop has become a great attraction and is frequented by tourists as well as locals.

You can sit at a restaurant and enjoy the breath taking view which munching on some snacks or on Monterey Bay fish Grotto.

Be sure to plan it in advance and adjust your time so that you can spend quality time and a moment to enjoy and appreciate. This is one of the fun things to do in Pittsburgh.

6. Discover Your Inner Botanist at the Phipps Conservatory

The Phipps Conservatory is one of the oldest greenhouses in the country standing in Oakland.

The Phipps conservatory has stood its ground in the beautiful parklands and revered institutions of Oakland since late 19th century.

It is not only the oldest but also the most truly deserving conservatory to be listed on the National Register of History places.

The place is well kept, is surrounded by manicured lawns and ponds, making it an elegant spot to sit back and enjoy the beauty, while some people just rest a little in this spot of the steel city.

7. Randyland

Randyland is billed as ‘Pittsburgh’s most colourful Landmark’, is a sight to behold and creativity is appreciation worthy.

Named after the owner ‘Randy Gilson’, a local legend in steel industry, gained fame by recycling used materials and empty spaces in the town into vegetable garden and ad hoc works of art.

Definitely a great way to recycle used items, such as the bricks used are taken from demolished buildings. It is not mere sightseeing but for satisfying your hunger for aesthetic art.

It’s great for the nature and it teaches the visitors to learn and care for mother earth amidst fun and arts. The focus of Randyland is renewal and recycle and no wastage.

It is open from 10 a.m. till evening from Tuesday to Sunday.

8. Understand the Past of Western Pennsylvania at the Heinz History Center

Heinz History Center is the biggest museum in all of Pennsylvania, and there is more to it than ketchup, which it is widely famous for. This is said to be one of the most educational attractions in Pittsburgh.

The building itself is a gorgeous red-brick post-industrial structure, that is typical of the reinvigorated riverside Strip District.

This center is to go for understanding the history of western Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh as well.

It also has the exhibit of “From Slavery to Freedom”, which is a must watch. These include sections displaying town’s reign as America’s glass workshop.

Collections chronicling steel city’s penchant for innovation and invention, such as from Big Mac to major vaccines.

It is also showcasing a colossal area- the western Pennsylvania Sports museum among others, the sports museum encompasses artifacts, films and interactive shows held over the decades.

The museum is open every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. to everyone will special admission discounts to people who serve or have served in the army.

9. Three Rivers Heritage Trail

See for yourself why Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is considered one of the most beautiful places in the United States.

The Three Rivers Heritage Trail is one of the fun and exquisite things to see when in Pittsburgh.

This 33-mile nonlinear river trail is a multi-use riverfront system, yet it is one of the beautiful sights, with sparkly lights at night. This runs through the heart of three rivers and hence the name.

The locals visit this often just to appreciate its beauty and walk on the trail that gives one solace. They also offer motor-less boat service, that you can avail from the Three River water trail.

You can walk down and see some of the really amazing areas of the city. It’s one of the key part of the place that makes Pennsylvania is more beautiful and lovely.

You can help but fall in love with not just the river and riverfront but also the beautiful city

10. Historic Market Square

Historic Market Square is in downtown Pittsburgh, it as attractive and lively as Pittsburgh. It is the high spirited points of interest in Pennsylvania, viewed as perpetual and lively.

You can also visit the parks of the town, the Pittsburgh residents absolutely love their sports and their team spirit is great.

One of the fine dining experience can be grabbed at Sienna on the Square, which is a wonderful downtown Italian restaurant. You can also choose a good wine from their long menu.


This is a city of beautiful as well as weird and creepy places to visit and if you are planning a trip here soon and wondering what all to see, do not miss these best and fun things to do in Pittsburgh.


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