10 Things to do in Las Vegas


Vegas has more to it than partying, you will be amazed to see untouched nature at its best. The sin city, is a must for everyone at least once in this lifetime.

Sin city has quite earned its name and you can have fun for a lifetime, the city that’s always awake and partying.

You can go hiking in the Valley of fire, Pahrump Valley, and take a chopper ride over the beautiful Grand Canyon.

10 Things To Do in Las Vegas

A great place to go for your bachelor’s party in the thrilling bars or a casino, a party to remember forever. Vegas is not all about partying since it will leave amaze you with its natural beauty.

There is a long list of unusual yet exciting things to do in the city, you will love this vacation for sure.

Here are 10 best things to do in Las Vegas, Neva, United States commonly referred to as Vegas.

The city started growing properly in the early 20th century and the ‘sin city’ has been growing since.

1. Fly Over Las Vegas On a Board a Helicopter

The perfect place to take that helicopter ride. One of the most fascinating and best things to do in Las Vegas is taking a chopper ride above the radiant city under the starry night. It’s one of its kind experience.

You will get to choose the package prices vary according to the hours you decide to spend above the dazzling city, we know you can’t help but drool over the view.

You can also take a helicopter tour from Vegas to the Grand Canyon. It is attractive on the ground so just imagine how splendid the air tour would be.

2. Try The Cowboy Lifestyle With a Sunset Dinner After a Horseback Tour

Explore the Wild West seated on a horseback. Although acclaimed for its nightlife, Vegas also has this nature side to offer.

The perfect spot for a romantic getaway, although you will enjoy the sunset as much as a solo traveller. A horseback tour is as enthralling as it sounds and appears on screens and shows.

You should definitely try out nearby restaurants for the perfect dinner night that serve savoury dishes.

3. Discover the Artsy Seven Magic Mountains

Renowned Swiss artist Ugo Roninone contributed to the city’s aesthetic side, he created an exhibition and displayed the vibrant coloured rocks now known as Seven Magic Mountains.

Standing amidst the desert, a few miles from the Las Vegas Strip. These are seven totems about 30-35 feet high.

This is a symbolical representation of intersection of nature and man-made beauties, precisely indicated by its location.

These vibrantly multi coloured rocks placed on top of each other stands amidst the chaotic highways and the desert.

4. Witness the Warm Colour Palette of the Valley of Fire

There is certainly more to Vegas than gambling and free drinks. You should visit the Valley of fire, located 50-miles north of Vegas, Nevada.

It’s a must for adventure seekers to go hiking in this beautiful valley. Places like these are less populated and can be the perfect sport for early morning.

Don’t be scared the valley isn’t exactly as the name suggests, although it was named so; since appeared as if the valley were on fire from its radiant glow.

5. Get Wet on a Rafting Tour

Time to get wet after all that Valley hiking. There are quite a few rafting spots in Vegas like the Colorado River or the Lake Mead.

One more opportunity for adventure seekers in the refreshing waters.Its best enjoyed with a group of friends, although you can take along an expert with you as well for rafting.

You can enjoy the breath-taking scenery and it will act as the best stress buster in the lap of Mother Nature. You can book your tickets on spot.

While near the Lake Mead Marina you can go jet skiing afterwards. Restaurants have lined up to satisfy your taste buds after the exhilarating rafting or jet skiing.

6. Tick Off Tandem Skydiving From Your Bucket List

Tick off this crazy adventure off your bucket list and prepare to take off and jump off that plane in a tandem skydive.

This is great since you will be tagged along with your instructor and have nothing to worry. Grand Canyon is one of the extraordinary sky view.

Skydiving is always thrilling and doing it above the Grand Canyon will make it even grander and most enduring event.

Your heart will race for the skydiving and fly back about a speed of around 220 km/hr. as well as the breath view of Grand Canyon. But it is all worth it.

7. Take The Craziest Selfies With Your Favourite Celebrities at Madame Tussauds

You already know about the world famous Madame Tussauds, Las Vegas. Doesn’t matter if you can’t take a selfie with your idols in real, these wax statues are no less and it’s impossible to tell the difference.

The wax statues are whole another level of art that take months altogether to be made.Take a selfie with your favourite celebrity and flaunt it.

Madame Tussauds has statues of global as well as regional celebrities with huge fan following such as Lady Gaga, Leonardo DiCaprio amongst others. Buy your entry tickets and walk up close to the celebs.

8. Stare in Awe Within The Walls of Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is one of the most famous and frequented places in not just the United States but in the whole world.

Although a lot of people visit yet you will not found it crowded making it easier to walk around and admire.

Formed naturally owing to flash flood and eroding this is now divided into two slots, Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon.

It should be avoided in rainy season. Great way to escape the chaotic city hustle. Tourists as well as locals come to the slots often.

9. Be entertained 24/7 at Circus Circus

From the many options to halt in the city, a great choice is this exotic and family friendly hotel. The classic hotel- Circus Circus Hotel & Theme Park in Vegas, United States.

It’s different from others in not just the facilities and amenities but the amazing feature is the frequent Circus shows that go on round the year.

The premises has a theme park, casino floor and lots to keep everyone hooked to their entertainment.

This will be your best in-house entertainment, and the in-house café and restaurants are a notch higher, we are sure you will love it.

10. Party at LAX

You can’t escape partying in Vegas. Booming with great music and at times renowned celebrities, this is one of the best places to go in Vegas.

Open to public as well as celebrities, this could be your lucky place to spot a celebrity at the LAX nightclub.

Opened since 2007, the house has been entertained with the famous DJs in the past years. Who knows you might get lucky to be in the house the same day as your favourite DJ.

A great place to have cocktails and party all night. The nightlife in Vegas is remarkably active and shiny.

Like they say ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’, have fun to last a lifetime and go wild. Go river rafting or go jet skiing you will enjoy it all.


A city that has a lot to offer from scenic beauty to man-made racing tracks. You can go kayaking on the Black Canyon, if your adventure quotient is high.

Vegas will also let you go on a history trip down the lane if you visit the museums. We are sure you will enjoy your stay in Vegas as much as us.

Make sure you book your flights before-hand and pack your trekking suits along with your partying dresses and you are ready.


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