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18 Cool Things to Do in Tokyo


There is no other city like Tokyo. People can visit museums and temples along with eating at several thousand delicious restaurants. But that’s not all that Tokyo is about. Here we have a list of some of the greatest experiences that you can have in this great metropolis that will surely leave you enchanted and bewildered. These experiences are not only fun but safe too.

Given below is a list of our favorite unique but also weird and downright cool stuff that one can do when they are in Tokyo. Tokyo is definitely one of the best places in the great nation of Japan. Towards the end of our post you will also find a map of all the places that are mentioned in our list along with some tips on exploring this great city.

Top 18 Things to Do in Tokyo

1 – Cosplay Go-Karting

Driving a go-kart while dressed up as your favourite character on the streets of Tokyo is the coolest thing that one can do in Tokyo according to us. Yes, you heard us right! People can drive a tiny go-kart in Tokyo amongst actual cars, trucks and buses! Although it can be terrifying for people new to this idea, but it’s a dream come true for those who are familiar with the concept. The experience is absolutely surreal as people drive past tiny shrines and skyscrapers, quiet residential neighborhood as well as busy crossings while people around stare or wave and even take pictures of your!

One of the biggest highlights of go-karting can be driving around the Rainbow bridge which is massive in itself. From here you can also get an incredible view of the whole city. The skyline is absolutely mesmerizing. In case you are wondering if it is at all safe, go-karts are very easy to operate. Although you will be asked to produce your international driving permit in order to ensure safety. Make sure you have one before you reach Tokyo.

Note: This was initially known as Maricar because people used to dress up as the famous game character Mario but Nintendo made it shut down. Nothing much has changed about the go-karting since except that now you can dress up as other characters.

2 – Tokyo DisneySea

If you think you are too grown up to be at Disney then wait till you hear all about DisneySea at Tokyo. It is a place like no other Disney parks across the world. If you ask us, we think it is the best. It is a nautical theme park that features seven ports that are inspired by actual ocean legends and real places which include a Mediterranean harbour which resembles Italy, American waterfront, unique mysterious island with erupting volcano and Arabian cost. Attractions are actually much more adult-oriented when compared to neighbouring park Tokyo Disneyland where you can have a cocktail and see Broadway shows inside a 1920s launge on a cruise liner. Doesn’t that sound fun?!

It is a great place with fairy tale castles and fun rides such as Space and splash mountains. If you have more than one day you can spend a great deal of time at each. If this idea hits home with you, you can also check out Universal Studios Japan which is in Osaka. It is home to some amazing rides and the magnificent Harry Potter World. It is undoubtedly the top most tourist attractions in Japan.

3 – Robot Restaurant

The robot restaurant is nothing like what the name suggest. There are not many robots and it is not actually a restaurant. In fact, it is a show which is considered as one of the weirdest yet coolest things in Tokyo. The Robot Restaurant presents an energetic performance featuring ninjas, creepy clowns, drums, robots, blue haired dancers, dragons, guitarist on swings, really loud music and a great deal of neon lights. If you are into any of these things we are sure that you are going to love it!

4 – TeamLab Borderless Digital Art Museum

If you are spending a lot of time scrolling Instagram then visiting TeamLab Borderless art museum is probably the most aesthetic thing that can happen to your Instagram account. But taking pictures is not the only reason why you should visit this museum. This place is guaranteed nothing like any other museum that you may have visited in your life before. The museum provides no directions on map to its visitors as they believe discovery is a part of the fun. People enjoy wandering down dark corridors choosing doors randomly and exploring immersive displays which utilise lights as well as projections in the most creative ways possible. Inone such rooms, waves will crash on the walls as the visitor sit on a bean bag feeling like some tiny boat in the vast sea.

Within their relaxing Floating Nest visitors can lie on a massive net as the room will spin around them. In another room called Forest of Lamps, visitor move through a room of changing colourful lights. Another room called Athletic Forest is highly interactive and it it features play areas for big and small kids. En Tea House with flowers blooming within your cup is also so very captivating site. The museum is so engaging that one must alot at least a few hours for exploring it.

We also recommend eating before visiting the museum as they do not offer any food services inside. If you do not have enough time you can explore the popular areas such as the Crystal World, Floating Nest and Forest of Lamps. We also suggest that you reach there on time as the queues can get really long.

5 – Ghibli Museum

This is for the people who are massive Studio Ghibli fans. Although most of their short animations and exhibits are presented in Japanese but don’t worry as they also present props as well as drawings from various classic films such as My Neighbour Totoro and Spirited Away. They also present exhibitions on food which the characters within films eat. The great deal of attention given to small little details in movies is absolutely astounding.

6 – Harajuku

It is the youth neighbourhood of Tokyo which has the Takeshita Street as it’s heart. Harajuku is a very crowded place especially on weekends. Nonetheless the place is worth a visit for the cosplay kids and browsing quirky fashion stores. Not to mention eating at one of their most popular crepe stands. People can also visit Omotesando which is a very elegant shopping street or Meiji shrine which is within Yoyogi Park. You can also visit Ota Museum.

7 – Sensoji Temple

It is a Buddhist temple which is located in Asakusa. It is the most traditional neighborhood within Tokyo. Here visitors can still find some old wooden shops. The temple is in vibrant red colour and often gets extremely crowded. But one can easily escape by wandering off to the gardens of quieter shrines. You will also find fortune tellers within the main area. Here you can get yourself covered in incense to attract good luck. Nearby visitors can get free views of Tokyo Skytree which is world’s tallest tower and of the Nakamise shopping street which leads to Sensoji.

8 – Ota Memorial Museum of Art

You are going to find this museum in Harajuku. It is a small gallery which presents different exhibits of magnificent Ukiyoe, Japanese wood block prints. If you are lucky enough you may get to see 36 Views of the Mount Fuji made by Hokusai which also includes the Great Wave off Kanagawa.

9 – Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

It is a beautiful park within Tokyo. The best time to visit is when cherry blossoms are blooming or in late summer. You can also enjoy the park in autumn when the leaves are turned red. The visitors can enjoy strolling past the pagodas, teahouse and ponds. There are French, Japanese and English gardens. The garden feels like an oasis from the otherwise busy and crowded city. Picnic in the garden is the perfect way to spend your day in Shinjuku.

10 – Kaiseki Meal

It is a traditional multi course tasting Japanese meal which is prepared using seasonal ingredients presented beautifully. Having this meal in a private tatami mat room is a whole different experience in itself. This meal tends to be a little expensive so we recommend going for lunch rather than dinners which are relatively costlier. In case you’re wondering if a vegetarian can enjoy it then you don’t have to worry. Shojin Ryori is supposedly Zen Buddhist vegan which is considered equivalent of kaiseki.

11 – Ramen Vending Machine Restaurant

Transactions in typical ramen restaurants is a bit different than the regular restaurants. As you enter any ramen restaurant within Tokyo you will place your order and pay to a vending machine present at the entrance. After that you have to take a seat on the counter and give your ticket to the chef. There are many ramen joins within Tokyo city. Don’t worry if you are vegetarian Ramen Puja and T’s Tantan are the best places for you to enjoy a meal.

12 – Department Store Food Basement

In case you are planning to get introduced to authentic Japanese food you can navigate downstairs within the massive department stores such as Isetan or Takashimaya. These food basements are packed with the culinary delights starting from sushi to sake including odd flavoured kit kats, pickled vegetables, beautiful bento boxes, dozens of rice crackers and hundred dollar melons. You will probably have no idea what you’re looking for the majority of the time. But if you are a non vegetarian, it is a good place to pick up your picnic lunch.

13 – Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

As mentioned above, there are numerous places from where you can admire the beautiful Tokyo Skyline. But the best place to do so is Tokyo Metropolitan Government building which is in Shinjuku. It’s North Tower is open till as late as 11:00 p.m. and visitors can enjoy the skyscrapers and the highways which are lit up in the night’s darkness. If you plan on visiting during the daytime, morning will be the best time according to us as you can you will be able to appreciate Mount Fuji from its South Tower.

14 – Memory Lane

Memory lane or Piss Alley is also interesting place to be at. It gets its name it got its name after World war 2 when the toilet facilities were not available. Although public toilets are available now but the place surely takes you back in time. The street is full with little yakitori restaurants which can only contain a handful of people on their counters. You will see red lanterns and smoke coming from the grills which makes it very intimidating place to walk into. The menus are mostly written in Japanese but you can use skewers to place your order. There are many vegetarian options available as well.

15 – Golden Gai

It is yet another network of pretty narrow lanes within Shinjuku. But this time these Street are of tiny bars instead of restaurants. A lot of these bars do not allow foreigners. But the ones that are welcoming to the tourists usually put out signs in English. This place can be better explored with some local tourist guide.

16 – Shibuya Crossing

One of the most iconic places within Tokyo is its busy pedestrian crossing in front of Shibuya station. The visitors can mingle with the crowd and can also get a good view from above at busy Starbucks or Hikari Building. Although Hikari building is a little bit distant but it’s quieter. People can also visit this place during the daytime. Although the crossing is at it’s most dramatic stage during the night. It is lit in neon lights from the signs above at night. We recommend you visit during the day if you wish to get a kimono photoshoot done here.

17 – Walk over Rainbow Bridge

It is a huge suspension bridge that connects Odaiba to Tokyo. Odaiba is an entertainment island located in Tokyo bay. People can walk across it for a beautiful view of the skyline. We recommend going at the time of sunset to witness the day transform into night. You can also go-kart if you don’t wish to walk around. The view nonetheless is spectacular.

18 – Sky Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory

It is an observation deck located in Ikebukuro which features great views of Tokyo City along with some cool interactive elements as well as virtual reality rides. People can visit it anytime during the day but we recommend going at sunset to get best views of day and night. It will only take an hour and half to explore areas such as kaleidoscope hall, mosaic mirror, VR rides and taking pictures.


We think Shinjuku is the perfect place to stay when in Tokyo. Excellent access to transport, tourist attractions and good food will make your stay memorable. We hope that this article was useful to you. Thank you for reading!

9 Best Things To Do in Toronto


Toronto is a vast city in the country of Canada where we can experience a multicultural scenario. It offers a wide range of places that a tourist can visit.

Whether you want to visit museums, parks or explore different cuisines, which are unique in their style, Toronto is the best place. Many of us may wonder which Places to visit in a particular city.

9 Best Things to do in Toronto

You may also get the same confusion when you are going to Toronto for the first time.

However, we don’t want to miss amazing moments, we can spend in such a tourist spot particularly there are many exciting things we can experience in Toronto.

Here we try to mention some best things we can do when going to Toronto. If you are a first-timer visiting Toronto, make sure you do not miss them.

1. Have a Visit to Casa Loma

In Toronto, the first place you can visit is Casa Loma. Additionally, Casa Loma is one of the heritage-site in North America situated in Toronto city.

It is surrounded by lush flora. Actually, Casa Loma is a residence of financial Sir Henry Pellatt 100 years ago.

Now it is a museum and seen as a landmark in the city the architectural structure of Casa Loma is unique.

The Interior of Casa Loma consists of a Great Hall, dining room, conservatory, stairs, and so on.

They are designed in the European way with Gothic style. This is the best place you can visit in Toronto

2. Taste the Best Coffee

As mentioned earlier Toronto is a city that has a diverse culture, cuisines, parks, etc. This is the case even when we think of coffee. This beverage has a lot of people starving for it. Toronto offers brilliant coffee shops.

We can explore them around the city. You will enjoy the idea of a wander along the city streets so that we can get an idea of how diverse and good that taste was. Additionally, you get to know the culture of the city.

3. Niagara Falls

Ah! One must not forget to mention the famous Niagara waterfalls. The scenic beauty of waterfalls mesmerizes everyone.

Niagara Falls are fed by the River Niagara in Canada, surely, you can enjoy the view of waterfalls in such a close-up.

It is not so far from Toronto. You just need to drive just 130 minutes from Toronto. You can visit this place and return in one day if you want to.

At night-time, the waterfalls are decorated by the floodlights which is an amazing view.

4. Experience The Diverse Food Taste

We cannot forget foodies. They are the ones who would love to travel the places for tasty and favorite food. Here is a fact about Toronto.

It has numerous amazing restaurants we need to have a look at. It also means that may be restaurants that could offer food on any budget.

This is an amazing thing for visitors. Here we can find different types of cuisines which are famous across the world.

5. Explore the Distillery District

The Distillery District is a famous district in Toronto. It comprises the spirit of Toronto in diverse options.

It contains tasty food items which make us hungry, galleries, boutiques and much more.It is a place of historic importance we can visit near Toronto.

Moreover, many entertainment events are going on in the distillery district. One of the most popular events carried out here was Toronto Christmas Market.

If you are a person, who would love to explore different types of events. One of the places we can visit is CN Tower the tallest structure in Toronto.

6. Chinatown

It is present in Toronto for the previous two centuries. Still, it is the most populist town near Toronto. It contains high-quality food at reasonable prices.

If you want a change over from the regular place and regular food, you can visit this place. If you love Chinese food, this place is the best you can visit when you are in Toronto.

In China town two major events take place. They are Chinese New Year Celebration and Toronto Chinatown festival. Artists, local vendors who are living here participate to showcase their talent.

7. Have a Topple of Ice Wine

Next comes on the list is Ice wine in Toronto. To produce an ice wine, we need vineyards that grow in summer and freeze in winter.

In winter the sugars are separated from grapes and finally, the fermentation process takes place. At the end of the whole process, we get the ice wine.

If you are interested in the delicious wine to have a sip, you need to visit vineyards situated near Toronto. Each of it contains a huge variety of Flavours.

And most of the restaurants In Toronto will offer Ice wine. You can try them in a cold place like Canada.

8. St. Lawrence Market

Roaming around the St. Lawrence market is just an awesome thing you can do while visiting Toronto. The interior of the market comprises a grand staircase and a gas-lit chandelier.

There are many types of stalls placed for food items, flower, and many more. If you love amazing food or you just need to relax, this place contains various styles of food items.

Moreover, this market is an awesome place for food lovers. If you are in Toronto, make sure you visit this place.

9. Explore Art in AGO

The Art Gallery of Ontario is an amazing place where you can find in Canada. It is a Gallery with a collection of huge exhibitions we can look at.

This Art Gallery has a very famous artworks’ collection. It was built in the year 1900 under the name of Art Museum of Toronto and later expanded on all sides.

It contains a wide range of collections of Arts from the 1st century to present. So, this is the best place you can visit if you love different types of art.


Toronto is the most popular tourist spot we can visit in North America. We can describe it as a heritage site.

You can find the most popular varieties of food items in the city. There are also many art forms we can find there. The more you know about the city the more you fall in love with it.

As we said before, Toronto is a multi-cultural city where people with various cultural backgrounds coming up in one place to live together.

So, there are a lot of places you can visit in Toronto. Some of them are Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, City Hall etc.

18 Best Things to Do in New York City


Do we even need to say it? New York is one of the best places that you can go to vacation. New York City is not just a city but a sensation. You will totally fall in love with the city once you go there. The fact that you are here on this article means that you are thinking of going there or maybe you already are there!

Whatever the case may be, you need to know the best of all that you can get out there in New York. That’s why we have brought this article here today to help you understand which places should be on your to-visit list when you are in New York.

18 Best Things to Do in New York City (New York)

The 18 Best Things to Do in New York City (New York) are listed below. You should take a good look at all the places that we have mentioned.

It is going to be a long list so be a little patient with us and please read through the entire article, completing the entire list. Do not just stop halfway because then you will miss out a lot of good places. So buckle up your seat belts and let’s go.

1. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The list starts off with a Museum of Art. It has a lot of collections from all ends of the world. It is said to be the largest gallery on the continent of the United States. There is so much history in this place that your head will be shocked.

You can see the Chinese calligraphy or Sumerian tablets or Rococo fashion. They have things from history that you didn’t even know existed in the first place. This can more than one day to completely explore.

2. National 9/11 Memorial and Museum

The 9/11 memorial and museum might be a sombre place but it is necessary. It is located near the World Trade Center. It is a tribute to the 2,997 people killed in the terror attack. The name of every person who died in the attack has been engraved in the bronze panels or parapets surrounding the memorial. This is a very sad site. If you want you can visit but if you are easily upset then skip it.

3. Empire State Building

The 44 th tallest sky scraper that you can ever find all over the world. The Empire State Building is a timeless iconic building of New York that you can not possibly miss. There is a Art Deco tower that you can visit. The observatory is a good place to start too. You just can not miss the Empire State Building  when you go to New York.

4. Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is mostly known by the entire world. It is a 93 metres statue of the Roman goddess Libertas. She is carrying a torch in one hand and on the other is a tablet bearing the date of the declaration of independence. The queue for the ferry that takes you to the liberty statue can be a bit long and slow. If you want a trip to the top of the crown then you need to book in advance.

5. The Museum of Modern Art

Yes another museum. No we can not just leave it out. It is a very important part of the city. It is a museum of modern art. The best thing about it is that it has around 150,000 pieces to put on display. The Starry Night by Van Gough is also present here.

Several other famous works by famous artists can be seen here like – The Dance by Matisse, Picasso’ s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, etc. The work of Degas, Jackson Pollock, Picasso, Gilbert & George were a part of their exhibition.

6. Rockefeller Center

It is a vertical complex that was built during the Great Depression. This complex consists of 19 buildings. They were all commissioned to be built by the Rockefeller family. You might have even seen this place in movies so go enjoy it in real life now. The Atlas Statue and Prometheus is something that you will find at the ground level of the Rockefeller Center.

7. Brooklyn Bridge

The bridge linking Manhattan to Brooklyn is said to be an iconic monument of New York. You have seen it many time on TV, we know but the real thing is very much more beautiful and majestic. It is the world’s first steel-wire suspension bridge. It was completed in 1883. You can pass the Brooklyn Bridge as a pedestrian to take in all that it is about.

8. Staten Island Ferry

This is a free thing to do in New York. You can enjoy this ferry ride to the full potential. As a tourist, you will understand how beautiful this ferry ride is. You can take in the sight of the entire city.

The sights will leave you spellbound for sure. No one has gone on this ferry and not been awestruck. It is that beautiful of a ride. If you take it you probably won’t forget it in your life.

9. Times Square

Well well well we know that you have already added this to your go-to list even before you read this list. It is something that you have to see. The site is so busy that about 460,000 people pass through the place every day.

This is also where the legendary countdown of New Year is done since 1907. It was however not always so clean. Back in the day it was one of the grossest place with sex shops and crime all around.

10. Grand Central Terminal

This is not only a terminal station or a transport hub. It has a good building architecture that is a must-watch. It is very busy and very big. If you go there have a lookout for your belongings. The Grand Central Terminal is a good place to visit in New York. This has 44 platforms. That is inevitably more than any other train station in the entire world.

Can you even imagine the number of people that go there. The architecture is immaculate and it will leave you in awe. You can even see a mural if you tilt your head at the palatial Main Concourse. It is a mural of the constellation found in the night sky from back in 1912.

11. Guggenheim Museum

Another museum but it is rather famous for its architecture. It is said to be the design of the 20th century. It is formed from a mixture of impressionist and early modern art. It holds a number of art pieces and exhibitions.

You can go check it out for yourself. The opening of this museum was in the year 1959. A lot of great names can be found in this museum. Some of them are Chagall, Kandinsky, Mondrian, Kirchner, Franz Marc, Fernand Léger and Cézanne.

12. New York Public Library

The New York public library is also a landmark that you will instantly recognize. The library is said to be the second-largest in the country and the third-largest library system in the entire world. They have emblems of lions on the stairs that represent the entire library system. It is a fascinating place for sure.

If you are a book nerd you will love this place. There are a lot of books here (no kidding!) about literally every possible subject that you can think of. So go visit this place even if you are not a book nerd. Its magnificent.

13. Coney Island

Coney Island. You may have heard the name but now you can visit and see for yourself what this place holds. It is a former barrier island in Brooklyn. It has been a seaside escape for New Yorkers for a long time. The Coney Island Cyclone which is the oldest functioning wooden roller coaster can be found here. You can try it if you want.

14. Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

Well if you are into this stuff then you can go to this museum. This museum as the name suggests is a museum for aircraft and other machinery that has been used in the past. Stuff from the world war and vehicles or rather aircrafts from that point of time is also to be found in this museum. The USS Growler is one of the highlights that you will find here.

15. Prospect Park

It is a 526 acre park in Brooklyn. It is a good place to go to. It has historic buildings and little attractions all over the park. The park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux. It has an elegant boat house too.

It was opened in the 1860s and still is present till date. There is a prospect park zoo too that you should check out if you are a fan of animals. The Ravine is a place within the park with a beautiful 19th century landscaping that you can not miss out.

16. Frick Collection

Henry Clay Frick started to invest in art as soon as he made a lot of money in the Pittsburgh coke and steel industry. High decorative arts from the old generation has been a part of his collection.

It was his personal collection but when he passed away, all the art became a public museum. You will find many extraordinary pieces of art if you go there. It will not fail to make you impressed.

17. American Museum of Natural History

We swear that this is the last museum on the list. This museum is four floored and it has a lot if natural history that will drop your jaw. From fossils to bones they have it all. Children adult alike will be fascinated by what this museum has to offer. It is pretty big so it might take you one day to completely tour the museum but trust us when we say that it will be worth your time.

18. Chelsea Market

The last but not the least on the list of places to visit in New York is Chelsea market. The Chelsea Market is known for its special food shops as well as a supermarket. It is a good place to shop. It remains very busy though. You will find food to your hearts content here.


We hope that this article has been useful for your. We have tried our best to include all that we could. To put it simply, it is difficult to put together all the stuff that New York has to offer but we have tried to pick the best ones.

It goes without saying that there are obviously a hundred other places that you should visit in New York. But you can not conquer everything in one trip. So try out the places that we have mentioned above and tell us about your experience in the comment section below.

Do share this article with your friends and family too or with anyone who is going to go on a trip to New York soon. You will be doing them and us a good favour. Thank  you once again for reading this article. Have a great day! Happy touring!

10 Things to do in Las Vegas


Vegas has more to it than partying, you will be amazed to see untouched nature at its best. The sin city, is a must for everyone at least once in this lifetime.

Sin city has quite earned its name and you can have fun for a lifetime, the city that’s always awake and partying.

You can go hiking in the Valley of fire, Pahrump Valley, and take a chopper ride over the beautiful Grand Canyon.

10 Things To Do in Las Vegas

A great place to go for your bachelor’s party in the thrilling bars or a casino, a party to remember forever. Vegas is not all about partying since it will leave amaze you with its natural beauty.

There is a long list of unusual yet exciting things to do in the city, you will love this vacation for sure.

Here are 10 best things to do in Las Vegas, Neva, United States commonly referred to as Vegas.

The city started growing properly in the early 20th century and the ‘sin city’ has been growing since.

1. Fly Over Las Vegas On a Board a Helicopter

The perfect place to take that helicopter ride. One of the most fascinating and best things to do in Las Vegas is taking a chopper ride above the radiant city under the starry night. It’s one of its kind experience.

You will get to choose the package prices vary according to the hours you decide to spend above the dazzling city, we know you can’t help but drool over the view.

You can also take a helicopter tour from Vegas to the Grand Canyon. It is attractive on the ground so just imagine how splendid the air tour would be.

2. Try The Cowboy Lifestyle With a Sunset Dinner After a Horseback Tour

Explore the Wild West seated on a horseback. Although acclaimed for its nightlife, Vegas also has this nature side to offer.

The perfect spot for a romantic getaway, although you will enjoy the sunset as much as a solo traveller. A horseback tour is as enthralling as it sounds and appears on screens and shows.

You should definitely try out nearby restaurants for the perfect dinner night that serve savoury dishes.

3. Discover the Artsy Seven Magic Mountains

Renowned Swiss artist Ugo Roninone contributed to the city’s aesthetic side, he created an exhibition and displayed the vibrant coloured rocks now known as Seven Magic Mountains.

Standing amidst the desert, a few miles from the Las Vegas Strip. These are seven totems about 30-35 feet high.

This is a symbolical representation of intersection of nature and man-made beauties, precisely indicated by its location.

These vibrantly multi coloured rocks placed on top of each other stands amidst the chaotic highways and the desert.

4. Witness the Warm Colour Palette of the Valley of Fire

There is certainly more to Vegas than gambling and free drinks. You should visit the Valley of fire, located 50-miles north of Vegas, Nevada.

It’s a must for adventure seekers to go hiking in this beautiful valley. Places like these are less populated and can be the perfect sport for early morning.

Don’t be scared the valley isn’t exactly as the name suggests, although it was named so; since appeared as if the valley were on fire from its radiant glow.

5. Get Wet on a Rafting Tour

Time to get wet after all that Valley hiking. There are quite a few rafting spots in Vegas like the Colorado River or the Lake Mead.

One more opportunity for adventure seekers in the refreshing waters.Its best enjoyed with a group of friends, although you can take along an expert with you as well for rafting.

You can enjoy the breath-taking scenery and it will act as the best stress buster in the lap of Mother Nature. You can book your tickets on spot.

While near the Lake Mead Marina you can go jet skiing afterwards. Restaurants have lined up to satisfy your taste buds after the exhilarating rafting or jet skiing.

6. Tick Off Tandem Skydiving From Your Bucket List

Tick off this crazy adventure off your bucket list and prepare to take off and jump off that plane in a tandem skydive.

This is great since you will be tagged along with your instructor and have nothing to worry. Grand Canyon is one of the extraordinary sky view.

Skydiving is always thrilling and doing it above the Grand Canyon will make it even grander and most enduring event.

Your heart will race for the skydiving and fly back about a speed of around 220 km/hr. as well as the breath view of Grand Canyon. But it is all worth it.

7. Take The Craziest Selfies With Your Favourite Celebrities at Madame Tussauds

You already know about the world famous Madame Tussauds, Las Vegas. Doesn’t matter if you can’t take a selfie with your idols in real, these wax statues are no less and it’s impossible to tell the difference.

The wax statues are whole another level of art that take months altogether to be made.Take a selfie with your favourite celebrity and flaunt it.

Madame Tussauds has statues of global as well as regional celebrities with huge fan following such as Lady Gaga, Leonardo DiCaprio amongst others. Buy your entry tickets and walk up close to the celebs.

8. Stare in Awe Within The Walls of Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is one of the most famous and frequented places in not just the United States but in the whole world.

Although a lot of people visit yet you will not found it crowded making it easier to walk around and admire.

Formed naturally owing to flash flood and eroding this is now divided into two slots, Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon.

It should be avoided in rainy season. Great way to escape the chaotic city hustle. Tourists as well as locals come to the slots often.

9. Be entertained 24/7 at Circus Circus

From the many options to halt in the city, a great choice is this exotic and family friendly hotel. The classic hotel- Circus Circus Hotel & Theme Park in Vegas, United States.

It’s different from others in not just the facilities and amenities but the amazing feature is the frequent Circus shows that go on round the year.

The premises has a theme park, casino floor and lots to keep everyone hooked to their entertainment.

This will be your best in-house entertainment, and the in-house café and restaurants are a notch higher, we are sure you will love it.

10. Party at LAX

You can’t escape partying in Vegas. Booming with great music and at times renowned celebrities, this is one of the best places to go in Vegas.

Open to public as well as celebrities, this could be your lucky place to spot a celebrity at the LAX nightclub.

Opened since 2007, the house has been entertained with the famous DJs in the past years. Who knows you might get lucky to be in the house the same day as your favourite DJ.

A great place to have cocktails and party all night. The nightlife in Vegas is remarkably active and shiny.

Like they say ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’, have fun to last a lifetime and go wild. Go river rafting or go jet skiing you will enjoy it all.


A city that has a lot to offer from scenic beauty to man-made racing tracks. You can go kayaking on the Black Canyon, if your adventure quotient is high.

Vegas will also let you go on a history trip down the lane if you visit the museums. We are sure you will enjoy your stay in Vegas as much as us.

Make sure you book your flights before-hand and pack your trekking suits along with your partying dresses and you are ready.

10 Best Things to Do In Pittsburgh


From hill top views to downtown history and art, this is the city where culture is in fusion with contemporary times.

It’s greatly known for its steel industries since the blooming of industries, this is a place of re-bricks, arched bridges, and visible utilitarianism.

You can see Natural History Museums as well as PostNatural, the scientist made creations in museums to keep you amused.

10 Best and Fun Things to Do In Pittsburgh

Lots of parks and Museums packed around the city, alongside people’s love for art and sports and beers. Here are 10 best and fun things to do in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

1. Carnegie Museum of Natural History

One of the most interesting things to see when in Pittsburgh is visit and see the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

Exactly as the name suggests, it is home to ancient and extinct part of Nature, hence you will find yourself amongst unique and utterly fascinating things.

Standing tall among the top museums in not only Pittsburgh, rather in Pennsylvania, is the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

It provides lots of insight into the humans and animals that is sure to fascinate you and it gives insight to one’s understanding of the world.

It’s a must for people even slightly interested in science, animals and natural history, you just cannot miss this place.

The museum is open all days except Tuesday. Open from 12 p.m. to 5p.m. on Sundays, 10p.m. to 8p.m. on Thursday and 10p.m. to 5p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

2. See Mummies and Tyrannosaurus at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Carnegie Museum of Natural history is home to extinct animal fossils and mysterious mummies.

The seemingly unlimited rooms displaying ancient fossils are kept under great care and supervision.

You can even see bones of dinosaurs next to glimmering ancient gem stones forged under the early probably a more thousand years ago, are dug up from sites and placed.

It will lead your imagination to wander wide as you will look at the painted totem poles while discovering the evolution of the Jurassic age.

You can also see beautiful minerals and fathom the hidden secrets of archaeologists. You can see the mummies and a Tyrannosaurus kept in majesty at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

In sharp contrast to the Natural Museum is the Center for PostNatural History, where you can see genetically modified specimens like.

‘BioSteel Goats and Triploid Atlantic Salmon’. These are creations of great scientists and show the power that science holds.

3. Trundle Manor: House of Oddities

Although it appears to be anodyne from outside, don’t go by the cover as the insides of Trundle Manor is quite to opposite.

It seems surreal, and work of great art and patient. This place is for people who visit haunted house for fun and are intimidated by none.

One of the biggest house of taxidermy animals, which will give you chills.  If you enjoy weird and creepy stuff, in this case stuffed animals the Trundle Manor or the House of Oddities is the best place.

This unique and odd collection of art house was founded by an artist couple. Make sure you book an appointment before visiting the art museum.

4. See One of America’s finest Collections at the Carnegie Museum of Art.

Carnegie Museum of art is the finest in all of Pittsburgh, and has been the finest and the prestigious for above a century now.

It boasts of a grand collection of more than 35,000 individual pieces, chiefly from across Europe and North America.

It was founded in 1895 by Andrew Carnegie, a Pittsburgh-based industrialist. You will get a tour of history and the resulting art through the ages.

Visitors are allowed to tour the hall of Architecture, where friezes and casts of iconic constructions from Greece and Egypt to Italy to France, all end up drawing your attention.

You will find contemporary American art displayed in the Forum Gallery.The ever applause worthy fine arts includes classic masters like Durer and Abbott McNeill Whistler.

The museum is open on all days except Tuesday, open from Friday to Monday and Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 5p.m. and on Thursdays it is open till 8 p.m.

5. Mount Washington

Get a panorama view of the beautiful city atop Mount Washington. This view is priceless and will live in your memory forever.

This neighbourhood on a hilltop has become a great attraction and is frequented by tourists as well as locals.

You can sit at a restaurant and enjoy the breath taking view which munching on some snacks or on Monterey Bay fish Grotto.

Be sure to plan it in advance and adjust your time so that you can spend quality time and a moment to enjoy and appreciate. This is one of the fun things to do in Pittsburgh.

6. Discover Your Inner Botanist at the Phipps Conservatory

The Phipps Conservatory is one of the oldest greenhouses in the country standing in Oakland.

The Phipps conservatory has stood its ground in the beautiful parklands and revered institutions of Oakland since late 19th century.

It is not only the oldest but also the most truly deserving conservatory to be listed on the National Register of History places.

The place is well kept, is surrounded by manicured lawns and ponds, making it an elegant spot to sit back and enjoy the beauty, while some people just rest a little in this spot of the steel city.

7. Randyland

Randyland is billed as ‘Pittsburgh’s most colourful Landmark’, is a sight to behold and creativity is appreciation worthy.

Named after the owner ‘Randy Gilson’, a local legend in steel industry, gained fame by recycling used materials and empty spaces in the town into vegetable garden and ad hoc works of art.

Definitely a great way to recycle used items, such as the bricks used are taken from demolished buildings. It is not mere sightseeing but for satisfying your hunger for aesthetic art.

It’s great for the nature and it teaches the visitors to learn and care for mother earth amidst fun and arts. The focus of Randyland is renewal and recycle and no wastage.

It is open from 10 a.m. till evening from Tuesday to Sunday.

8. Understand the Past of Western Pennsylvania at the Heinz History Center

Heinz History Center is the biggest museum in all of Pennsylvania, and there is more to it than ketchup, which it is widely famous for. This is said to be one of the most educational attractions in Pittsburgh.

The building itself is a gorgeous red-brick post-industrial structure, that is typical of the reinvigorated riverside Strip District.

This center is to go for understanding the history of western Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh as well.

It also has the exhibit of “From Slavery to Freedom”, which is a must watch. These include sections displaying town’s reign as America’s glass workshop.

Collections chronicling steel city’s penchant for innovation and invention, such as from Big Mac to major vaccines.

It is also showcasing a colossal area- the western Pennsylvania Sports museum among others, the sports museum encompasses artifacts, films and interactive shows held over the decades.

The museum is open every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. to everyone will special admission discounts to people who serve or have served in the army.

9. Three Rivers Heritage Trail

See for yourself why Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is considered one of the most beautiful places in the United States.

The Three Rivers Heritage Trail is one of the fun and exquisite things to see when in Pittsburgh.

This 33-mile nonlinear river trail is a multi-use riverfront system, yet it is one of the beautiful sights, with sparkly lights at night. This runs through the heart of three rivers and hence the name.

The locals visit this often just to appreciate its beauty and walk on the trail that gives one solace. They also offer motor-less boat service, that you can avail from the Three River water trail.

You can walk down and see some of the really amazing areas of the city. It’s one of the key part of the place that makes Pennsylvania is more beautiful and lovely.

You can help but fall in love with not just the river and riverfront but also the beautiful city

10. Historic Market Square

Historic Market Square is in downtown Pittsburgh, it as attractive and lively as Pittsburgh. It is the high spirited points of interest in Pennsylvania, viewed as perpetual and lively.

You can also visit the parks of the town, the Pittsburgh residents absolutely love their sports and their team spirit is great.

One of the fine dining experience can be grabbed at Sienna on the Square, which is a wonderful downtown Italian restaurant. You can also choose a good wine from their long menu.


This is a city of beautiful as well as weird and creepy places to visit and if you are planning a trip here soon and wondering what all to see, do not miss these best and fun things to do in Pittsburgh.

10 Best Things to Do in Amsterdam


Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands. It is a great place for your next vacation. It is not only a beautiful city but it also has a lot of historic elements to it. We are sure that you know about Amsterdam being the major center of the free press during the war.

With its beautiful scenes and history, this is literally more than you can ever ask for. However, you can’t just walk around aimlessly in the open. You have to have a little bit of knowledge about the city and the best spots to visit. Therefore we have brought this article here today to help you.

10 Best Things to Do in Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

A trip to Amsterdam in the Netherlands is a great idea. You need to know the good spots to visit though to enjoy the full tour. Thankfully we are here to back you up buddy.

We have the 10 Best Things to Do in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) right here. So without any further ado let’s get right to the first place you should visit in Amsterdam.

1. Canal Boat Tour

This is not a cliché and anyone that tells you it is an idiot. The canal boat tour literally helps you know Amsterdam. It is a very pretty tour on the canal system of Amsterdam.

The canals are literally their specialty so why let it go to waste. There are many guide canal tours that you can opt for. Take in the sights and history of the city in one go on this canal boat tour.

2. Emperor’s Canal

This is named after Emperor Maximillian and it is a major canal of Amsterdam. It is one of the three canals that form the semi circular ring around the centrum and the old town.

The canal freezes in the winter and then the people seem to enjoy this canal as a skating rink. The Homo monument, the House with the Heads are attractions that you will find on the canal.

3. Van Gough Museum

The Van Gough Museum is mostly dedicated to (yes you guessed it right) – Vincent Van Gough. He was a renowned painter and an artist. This museum has a lot of stuff about Van Gough’s personal life too.

His masterpiece artworks are also present here. If you are an art nerd then you will absolutely love this place. We suggest that you go to this place nonetheless. It is a very good attraction site.

4. Rijksmuseum

This is also a museum. A huge collection of artwork and crafts is available here. We know that the best way to spend your time is outdoors but the indoors are filled with history and beautiful stuff too. Even though the name of this museum is a bit weird, you are going to love it.

It has 1 million objects in total but only 8000 are on display. You can spend hours at this museum. The museum itself seems to be a work of art.

5. Dam Square

This is like the main square area of Amsterdam. It is an open space that you must visit. It is the central point of the city and it was built back in the 1400s. So that was a long time ago.

You might as well be standing in the middle of history. The Royal Palace is on the square. The National Monument as a tribute to fallen soldiers is also there. They also have Madame Tussauds waxworks here.

6. Red Light District

This might seem a bit controversial of a place to visit. It is not liked by many people but it is also a famous spot for tourists and this is what makes Amsterdam itself. A red-light district is a place worthy to be on your go-to list just to check out all the fuss about this bizarre place.

Consider this as a kind of adventure. The cannabis café, the shops, and the buildings are a thing to be seen even if you don’t want to partake. However, be a little careful when you go to the area.

7. Central Station

This is the major station in the city Amsterdam. However, this is also the biggest in the entire Netherlands. It is a good transport hub. However, the building is a good thing to see too. The building was created in Gothic Renaissance style in 1889. If you look at it, it looks more like a palace or cathedral than a station. This is what makes it a beautiful tourist spot too.

8. The Royal Palace

This is also a good place to go to. The Royal Palaces of all the places are a sight to behold so why leave behind the Royal Palace of the Netherlands. It is located on Dam Square as we said before. It was used as a town hall initially, but now it is said to be the Dutch Royal Palace.

The palace is obviously open to visitors, you can easily go and get a tour. The Royal Palace is as striking as you would expect. It is a must-visit when you are on a trip to Amsterdam.

9. Sex Museum

Yes, it is exactly what the name suggests. The museum is about sex. The human body and how over the years our sexual relationship as humans has developed.

They have various displays in the museum which some may consider to be a bit explicit but let’s be honest, it’s a part of our life and we can not ignore it. The rooms are differently themed according to the story of the person they are telling. If you don’t like such stuff then you can skip it.

10. Anne Frank House

This is a must-visit for you if you visit the Netherlands and especially Amsterdam. If you don’t know already Anne Frank was a girl who was Jewish and her entire family hid from the Nazis in World War II. She left a diary about her experience which is now a great part of literature.

If you visit here, you can find the actual house where the Frank family hid. It is now a sort of museum.


We hope that this article has been useful to you. Thank you so much for giving this article a read. We tried our best to include the best spots for you guys. Thank you so much and please leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Do consider sharing this article with others in need.

10 Best Things to Do Caribbean Island


Caribbean is the perfect destination for anyone wanting to experience and get up-close and personal with the beautiful marine life. This is packed with adventure and food to suit every type and needs. Stroll around the hills or go hiking in the rainforests.

10 Best things to do Caribbean Island

Here’s your chance to have adventurous fun yet rest all the while. Choose the beach you want to spend your days at. All the islands have their own bewildered charms.

The local delicacies will keep you hooked, there are many new dishes waiting to be discovered. From the long list of treasure trove of things you can do and see here are the 10 best things you can do in the Caribbean Island. We have the destination all sorted for you.

1. Jamaican North Shores

Start on Jamaican North shore.  You just can’t miss the world famous Dunn’s River Falls & Park, although a busy destination but definitely worth your visit and time. You have to climb up the 180metres fall of vast limestone tiers. The current might be strong at few places but it will give you the most refreshing and fun experience.

It’s a must for a fan of the legend Bob Marley, to check out his birthplace at nine Mile, around this place all the café and restaurant will give you a good time to reminiscent him.

2. Turks and Caicos

If you are a beach lovers, then Turks and Caicos will be heaven for you. In the midst of Lucayan Archipelago are about 300 isles laying around. Under the British overseas territory are these sets of islands Turks and comparatively smaller Caicos islands.

The salt-washed jetties of Cockburn Town is the capital yet it’s laid back providencialies draw all the attention subsequently the crowds. This land is U-shaped and comes fringed with alabaster-white Grace Bay, punctuated with Luxurious five-star resorts, imbued with old pirate carvings from the mid-19th century.

It’s a great destination for scuba divers, as the coral gardens ringed around the ocean offer the greatest beauty.

3. Antigua and Barbuda

It is one of the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean region and the main island of Antigua and Barbuda. It became an independent state within the Commonwealth of Nations on Nov1st 1981.

The combined size of 422 square kilometers and a population of over 80,000 make Antigua & Barbuda the ninth-largest country by size in the Caribbean. This is the region that is the busiest attractions.

If you hire a tour guide, many times the taxi drivers also serve as tour guides. You can check out a wide range of marine life, from stingray-packed coral beds to crumbling English fortress, see where naval frigates would have docked in the early 18th century and wonder at the grand cliff faces carved from the rock. There are sugar plantations downhill.

The best time to visit Antigua is between mid-December and mid-April, May. The islands’ most talked about point is the Shirley heights, approximately about 500 feet above the crashing waves of English Harbour is where you will find the ridges of this mountain.

4. Aruba

The gem-shaped island on the southern region is warm and has a steady weather round the year. The Eagle beach is regarded by the Arubans as the most serene and beautiful beach on the island. You can enjoy water sports such as sea kayaking and Jet Ski rentals. Apart from this you can enjoy the savouring world class cuisine and cocktail joints that line the banks.

There are a lot of beaches waiting to be explored like the Palm Beach. This boasts of a whopping two miles of shiny, scintillating Caribbean sand that is so soft it feels like a cushion.

On the other hand there’s Aruba’s dusty, desert like interior peaked over by the Haystack Mountain adjacent to it.

5. The Bahamas

Bahamas connect the Caribbean island with the coastal reaches of the United States. It is unfurl over an enormous area of 470,000 square kilometres of ocean standing between the beaches of northern Cuba giving way to the Lucayan isles.

The Bahamas, is a country of the West Indies in the Atlantic, since late 18th Century. British made it their colony after ousting in 1718. The country eventually gained independence in 1973.

The uninhabited Exuma island chain Bahamas is different from the rest, your fellow swimmers will be brown or pink pigs. You can even feed the pigs.

The Bahamas are a major tourist attraction for years now, with Eco tourists flocking to the reefs of Grand Bahamas, beach hunters and sports fishers too enjoy the flora and fauna. A lot of people come here to dive straight to the coral gardens of Bimini, whether new or experienced, you will want to go back often if you do it once.

6. Enjoy or Relax in Puerto Rico

Exactly as a vacation should be, the combination of adventure and subsequently relaxation Puerto Rico has it all for you. This is loved for its’ cocktails and for its outdoor adventure by the adrenaline junkies.

If you are looking for outdoor adventure go hiking through the rainforests, these are considered as some of the wettest on the Earth, get a beautiful view from the mountain top.

Puerto Rico is more than adventure in the mountains or seas, you will get to see their culture that will fascinate you, and enjoy incredible cuisines and delicacies as well as their traditional dance and fun games. The favourable time to visit Puerto Rico is Jan-April, the winters are the busiest season.

7. Guadeloupe

Joined by a trail of manmade bridges are the east and west main large islands.

The east and west end of Guadeloupe are quite the opposite making it among the best things to do in the Caribbean Islands. In the west, Basse rises to mist-topped, waterfall-doused peaks that belch plumes of sulphuric volcanic ash into humid airs. On the contrary in the East, the rocky edges of flat Grande cascade down to gorgeous beaches like plage de la Caravelle.

One of the breath-taking beauties in Guadeloupe is the Carbet Falls, buried deep in the virgin rainforest. The plunge pools of the third tier of Carbet are the most frequented swimming spot of that area. If you wish to shop from the island and enjoy the night life you should check out Grande Terre Island.

8. Bermuda

The curved archipelago of Bermuda has its one arm in the tropics and another in the Atlantic Hurricane belt. You can see the Bermuda National Gallery if you are interested in art, beckoning with its touring collections of local artists.

The most fascinating is the underground Crystal & Fantasy caves. Located between St. David’s island and Main Island, is the stunning subterranean passageways and tunnels of the Crystal and Fantasy Caves. These have been carved and sculpted over more than 30 million years, is definitely going to sway you off your feet.

9. Haiti

Haiti might not offer you luxury or charming suites but it is the best in the one thing it offers- adventure. Although rocked by disastrous earthquake this place one of the most preferred location of adventure seekers.

You can scale the La Citadelle La Ferriere, on the arduous mountain trail that goes seven miles into the hills from the town of Milot. It was raised by the Haitian slave rebels in the early 19th century, thriving to get the country’s independence from France.

A UNESCO heritage site, the Sans-Souci is situated in the northern hills. Once occupied by the Haitian king and leader during wars against French, Henri Christophe, was built mimicking the grand styles of European manor house.

10. Kitts Nevis

St. Kittis and Nevis is sculpted volcanic hills covered in the blankets of tropical greens. St. Kittis and Nevis has lot to offer from the soaring, mist-mantled summit of Mount Liamuiga to the powdery Caribbean beachfronts of Oulie, Cockleshell, and the formidable Brimstone Hill to the railway tracks of the old plantation.

Hike your way up to the top of Mount Liamuiga, standing 1,156 meters above the Caribbean Sea. On the way you will bump into many other trekking troupes. You will get the beautiful bird’s eye-view of the ocean, Saba and Antigua on the horizon are complimentary with it.

Take to the Oualie beach area if you wish to relax and enjoy in luxury. From the amazing water sports to just chilling with a cocktail, this gives you the best of Caribbean. The magnificent enclave of the Nevis coast, the beach is surrounded with blooms of tropical flowers and timber hotels for the tourists.


Caribbean is the ultimate destination for beach lovers, from swimming with stingrays beneath the crystal clear waters to walking on the white beaches with your loved ones, from getting insights of the history to seeing the independent country.

Sit back in a recliner on the sea shore hold your mojito and relax for the day. Enjoy the sea food and don’t miss on Cuban cigarillos or the tastiest Caribbean rums. Don’t worry even if you are a vegetarian since you can choose from the Thai curries and gnocchi platters.

10 Best Things to do in Denver


Denver is officially known as the city and Country of Denver. This is the 19th most populated city in the whole U.S. The city is nicknamed Mile High City given its exact namesake elevation from sea level. Book your flights to Denver in December, January and see the scenic snow-covered capes. Although not recognized for art or music you can see the Denver Art Museum.

10 Best Things to Do in Denver

Historically known as the Queen City of the Plains, standing at the foothill of Colorado Front Range. Denver is Colorado’s capital as well as the most-populous city. From mountain ranges and peaks to historic museums and Air and Space Museums.

Adventure seekers shouldn’t feel any less as there are great opportunity to go gliding or skiing and even hiking. Denver has a lot you can explore. Here we have listed 10 Best things to do in Denver, Colorado, U.S.

1. Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum

The Museum has a huge collection of over fifty aircraft. Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum is located in former Air Force Base, Denver, Colorado. This is a great attraction for aircraft enthusiasts. Houses Air force planes like B-52 Stratofortress, EA-68 Prowler, and F-104 Starfighter among others.

A few hanging aircrafts include Aerosport “Woody Pusher”. The story of each aircraft will blow your mind.

We are sure you will have an enthralling experience in the Air and Space Museum of Denver. This trip will be highly education as well. Not just adults, children will be as much captivated.

2. Molly Brown House Museum

The historic Molly Brown Museum is located in Pennsylvania Street, Denver. The house is also known as House of Lions. Home to the famous Margaret Brown, the unsinkable ‘Molly Brown’ who sailed and survived the RMS Titanic. The mansion was built in the late 1880s in Victorian style by architect William A. Long. The house attracts large crowds all-round the year.

In 1970 the house was on the verge of demolition but was fortunately saved and now we see the historic museum. The staff will give you a tour of the house and you can stroll around to see what the house went through and its various inhabitants apart from Molly Brown and initially her husband James Joseph Brown.

The entry fee for children is free. You can also shop tiny gifts from a wide variety of a nearby gift shop.

3. Denver Climbing Company

The Denver Climbing Company lets people to register and learn to climb big rocks. A great place to spend an afternoon for some fun and thrilling activity. The instructors guide everyone and ensure utmost safety. You could be a beginner or pro, there are arrangements for all needs.

It is also child friend, and definitely a fascinating experience for them. This is something you should definitely try when you are in Denver, United States.

4. Coors Field

The Coors Field are spread over an area of 76acres of land. Home field to Colorado Rockies, this stadium is in Blake Street, downtown Denver. You can’t miss the Coors Field stadium if you are a baseball fan. An addition cherry to the eyes, if you will be seated in the right-field are the Rocky Mountains overlooking the stadium.

Grab your snacks and enjoy a match with your family or friends. If you are lucky you might coincide with both on screen and off-screen scenes in the ballpark ground.

You can book your tickets online before-hand. Tourists and locals enjoy this alike.

5. Denver Botanic Gardens

Denver Botanic Garden is spread over 23acres of land, in the Cheesman Park neighborhood. The perfect place to sit back and relax is the beautiful Botanic gardens. You will spot many dying species that are saved here. Take your time and stroll around themed gardens as well. Home to a grand collection of flowers and herbs alongside other plants.

It is open from 9 AM to 3:30 PM throughout the week. At times the gardens also host concerts and summer shows. This is also a great place to set up a picnic with friends or family. Although you can also enjoy a grand fiesta in the nearby restaurants.

6. Sports Authority Field at Mile High Tour

The Mile High Stadium of Denver has grand winning matches of Broncos in Super Bowls of 1997 and 1998. Initially known as Invesco Field, was also known as Broncos Stadium at some point is located in Bryant St, Denver, United States. The stadium capacity stands at 76,125. You can enjoy a Broncos game with your family or friends.

You can get a tour of Sports Authority Field at Mile high, behind the scenes. The staff will inform you all about the history of the sports and the recent additions. It is definitely going to be fun and informative at the same time. A great place for sports enthusiasts.

7. Mount Evans

Mount Evans is the best thing to do when in Denver. It’s a 2hrs ride from the city to Mount Evans, Colorado. Standing at 14271 ft., it is the 12th highest peak of Colorado. A few other peaks nearby are Mount Bierstadt, Pikes Peak at a distance of 110mi, and Longs Peak. You can reach Mount Bierstadt within 2hrs. You can hike your way up to get enjoy even more.

Spring is a preferable time to go around, as you will see the variety of flowers in full bloom and lush green top. Although covered very little with snow, yet a sight to behold.

8. Larimer Square

We are sure you will have nothing but admiration for this historic and beautiful square. Located in downtown Denver, Colorado the Larimer Square is ornamented with elegant Victorian buildings. Initially, in the 19th Century, it was famous for the gold strikes.

Sight the few ‘firsts’ of the state like the first theatre built a century ago, the first bookstore, and the first bank amongst other firsts. The new attractions also live up to the neighbourhood’s levels and are as attractive as old ones.

Treat yourself to fine dining and you will end up admiring the food and ambience equally. Grab souvenirs from the shops nearby.

9. Adams Mystery Playhouse

Located in Federal Blvd, Denver, United States, is the first and one of its kind in whole of Colorado. The building has been standing since 1880s and has a mysterious history and was turned into the current Mystery Playhouse in 2006.

You can choose your dinner and savour the lip smacking dishes all-the-while enjoying a comedy round performed by actors’ special brand. Amidst this a murder happens in front of the audiences as the part of the act. Henceforth you will have to look for clues and keep solving the murder mystery.

You will never have a dull moment here as the actors continue to perform songs and few other surprise while the search continues. The ending is the best part when winning team is handed with prizes. So make sure you get all clues and win it. It’s a hit spot for tourists as well as city dwellers to enjoy some spooky fun.

10. Rocky Mountain Hot Air

Time for seeking some adventure, and this has to be your priority. Reach for the sky and above. Get on that hot air balloon that for a thrilling experience and one of the off-beat things to do in Denver.

Children above 5 years of age and adults are allowed. One is never too old for a little adventure. Enjoy views beneath as you will fly across the lush fields, high mountains as well as the beautiful city.

The company takes all its Balloons up to 1500 or few 100 ft. more making it favourable for everyone to enjoy. The Rocky Mountain Hot Air also provides its customers with the cutest certificate you deserve of ascent. Some also receive a bottle of wine upon landing, definitely a thing to look forward after the thrilling gliding.


The town has a serene side, the mountains will allure you. Here you will see with your adventure eyes and go hiking or trekking. You can also enjoy gliding in the Hot air Balloon services overlooking the beautiful city and mountains. The city is also great for the sports enthusiast, as the stadiums frequently host matches.

For a day off the hustling city you can go visit the Denver Botanic Gardens or the huge Denver Public Library. Choose from the wide array of museums in town, although all of those will grab your attention. Denver is packed with fun and learning activities and you just can’t miss them out

10 Best Things to Do in Orlando


Re-live your childhood at the Walt Disney World. You can take a thrilling helicopter tour from the International drive area in Orlando and enjoy the city beneath. Walt Disney draws more tourists than other attractions but the museums or Parks are no less.

10 Best Things to Do in Orlando (Florida)

This suburb has been prospering and growing ever since Walt Disney set a foot here. The ever-evolving city is full of amusements and houses skyscrapers and stunning parks, beaches on one hand to museums on other hand.

We know there are lots to see in and around Orlando, Florida so here we have shortlisted 10 Best things to do in Orlando and you have to check these out. The list of adventure and fun filled parks are numerous in this city like Nona Adventure Park or Orlando StarFlyer among others.

1. Walt Disney World Resort

There’s no doubt about this location, we all want to visit Walt Disney World at least once in a lifetime. Housing four most-sort after themed parks in the U.S. They are Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios situated in Bay Lake, Florida, United States.

Apart from the four themed parks you will also see two water parks namely Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, more than a dozen golf courses. Lavish resorts and hotels with supreme amenities. It also houses Sports Complexes and their Yacht and beach complex, all inaugurated in the late 20th century.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the newest amongst the four themed parks of Disney World, it is functional since 1998. While designing and making it the makers made sure to not interfere or disturb the animals. You can subsequently stroll around to see the stunning seven themed Animal kingdom park.

It houses African and Indian wild-life like Zebras, Giraffes and Lions among other wild animals. Designed subsequently in their native environment themed parks.

There are also few other amusement attractions like the rollercoaster. Although a little heavy on the pocket as the heavy demand of the park yet it’s all worth it at the end, and you will content like no other.

2. Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center (KSC) is located in Florida’s Merrit Island. Named after the former President John F. Kennedy, it was formed in 1962 by NASA. The human spaceflight was first launched in 1968,

It’s advisable to set off early for the center, and is approximately one hour drive from Orlando. In the entry you can buy the tickets that also includes a shuttle bus service that will take you through all that’s open to visitors and tourists.

3. Magic Kingdom Park

One of the 4 themed parks of Disney World and the first Park to be made and open to public since 1971. The tower stands tall representing the Cinderella Castle and attracts a gigantic crowd every year.

Although started with a positive note and a good plan Walt Disney passed away before the first themed Park was accessible. But his idea was executed at times reluctantly but here you have it right in front of you to explore. There are six different themed lands in the Park.

First is the Main Street U.S.A that has several attractions and shops you can eat and buy things, another is the Adventure Land where you explore the Caribbean, African and Indian jungles. Others include Liberty Square, Frontierland, Tomorrowland and Fantasyland.

You might bump into a parade at the Park.

4. Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Another of the Disney Company, this is as grand as it could be. Disney Hollywood Studios was opened in 1981 and has been a hit ever since, it is always buzzing with animation and filmmaking.

Sunset Boulevard and The Twilight zone Tower of Terror that is set on the tallest building are later attraction additions to the Park.

The production house had helping hand in several films such as Legend of Captain Jack sparrow and cartoons like Toy Story, The Lion King, Beauty and The Beast among several others. You will cross by Star Wars or Toy Story characters, don’t forget to take a selfie.

5. Universal’s Island of Adventure

Universal Studios Florida is a great contribution of Universal Orlando Resort to the entertainment industry, it was established in 1990 in Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.

The Universal’s Island of Adventure is a themed park spread over 20 acres of land was opened to public since 1999.  A great attraction for Potterheads and everyone will enjoy is just as much. A few of the locations have been set here and seeing those in reals will be a treat to the eyes.

You can take the Hogwarts Express from within Universal Studios. It has a few more fun and super thrilling activities that you just can’t miss out. This place feels surreal, straight out of the comics. You will come across Marvel Super Hero Island. The rides are named after famous Super hero characters such as the incredible Hulk coaster subsequently the Spider-Man ride.

This is one of the best things to do in Orlando, Florida.

6. Winter Park

The Winter Park was inaugurated in the 19th century in Florida near Lake Osceola. You will find this park just north-east of Orlando. A great place to be away from the city’s chaos and find peace and tranquillity.

Rollin’s College stands tall as a contribution and prize for Winter Park since 1885. This liberal arts institution was first of its kind in the town and has always been associated with its culture and history. Among the few other close standing attractions stand the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art, more than 70 parks and quite remarkable shops.

The Park has also been graced by few Presidential visits. This Park is a hit among not just tourists but locals as well.

7. ICON Park

The ICON Park, Florida, U.S previously known as ICON Orlando 360, is spread over 20acres of land. Here you will find the Orlando Eye- tallest Ferris Wheel in the World, set up in 2015.  It’s certainly unique as it has 30 capsules with room for 15 people in each box. Get an amazing bird’s eye-view of Orlando and enjoy it to the fullest.

It has around 40 restaurants to fill your appetite and 15 shops you can buy a little souvenirs to take back from the trip. There are frequent live DJ events at night.

One of the odd yet fascinating museums is the Museum of Osteology: Skeletons. The skeletons are arranged in their detailed life poses. There about 500 skeletons on display. You can go through the description box below them and get an idea about the species and the age and skeletons in specific.

8. Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art

The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum is an exotic Museum of American Art in Winter Park. The museum has been charming the city and tourists since 1995. Dedicated to Charles Hosmer Morse, was initially situated near Rollin’s College from 1942-1995 before being shifted to its current location. The museum is home to quite a few exquisite pieces

Mostly graced by Louis Comfort Tiffany’s works and award-winning pieces, it also has jewelry by Rene Lalique, Emile Galle, and Peter Carl Faberge. Others include furniture and stained Glass among many other amazing American artworks on display.

You will have to book an appointment prior to your visit over a call or online. You will find yourself skimming through more than 800 displayed items for hours.

9. The Escape Game Orlando

A spooky yet fun place to be is the Escape Game of Orlando, Florida. Although a little challenging this is super fun. The house stands adjacent to International Drive’s ICON Park.

You have to enter the room with other people and get on the hunt to find lost gold or priceless pieces of art work and ultimately break free from the room and emerge a winner. It is as exciting as it sounds. And do unusual and thrilling acts amidst touch-screens and precious collections from the rooms designed like a prison.

10. Clearwater Beach Daytrip

This is one of the most beautiful beaches in and around Florida even of the whole United States. Although you will find a few beaches near to Florida like Cocoa Beach or Daytona Beach, nothing beats Clearwater Beach.

The white sand and Shallow Water emerging a winner here, we are sure this will leave you awe-struck and you will want to spend the whole afternoon here. You can also enjoy water sports, skiing apart or paragliding. Then enjoy the fine dining in nearby restaurants.

If you are a beach person then here is your cherished spot. You can enjoy the beautiful sunset over the namesake beach.


Florida has a strong game with regards to culture as well as entertainment. Disney World alone has more than five different Resorts, spots, and Park to offer. From Walt Disney World Resort to Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park.

The city also has natural beauty like the Clearwater Beach or the Gator Land swamping with alligators or the Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve for a serene day in the lap of Nature.

10 Best Things to Do in New Orleans


Walk down Magazine Street, if you are a magazine enthusiast, but the street is lined up with more than just that like book shops, bakeries, cafés, restaurants, gift shops, jewelry shops, home décor, and a lot more in the six miles long street.

New Orleans, Louisiana is quite different from hustling America and has a vintage touch to it. You will end up admiring the vintage iron balconies or the French architecture and the soothing nature.

10 Best things to do in New Orleans

Orleans was capital of French territory from early 18th century till early 19th century before it was handed over to the United States. You will still get insights into the French living and style at places like joie de vivre, the Frenchmen Street, the French Quarters or at Jackson Square.

Here we have shortlisted 10 best things to do in New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S. and you certainly have to check them out.

1. French Quarter

French Quarter is the city’s historic heart and the oldest neighbourhood in New Orleans, Louisiana. French Quarter, also known as ‘Vieux Carre’ is lively all-round the year and is a great hangout spot. You can simply stroll around to experience a few of the enthralling one-of-a-kind sights and enjoy at the cosy cafes.

Although now a U.S state, the city still has the last bit of French left within it that you can see through this beautiful neighbourhood in New Orleans. It’s amusing and pleasant live on-street music.

You can’t escape amusement in the streets. If you like jazz, you will end up spending the whole evening here. You can also buy souvenir or small and interesting gifts or just walk and follow Mississippi riverfront.

2. Jackson Square

Jackson Square is a park in New Orleans, spreads over an area of 2.5 acres. It was built as a part and to beautiful the French Quarter in 1721. Renamed in 1815 after General Andrew Jackson, who also served as the 7th President of the U.S from 1829 to 1837. This historic park also houses his sculpture, beautifully done by Clark Mills.

The park was built in the first-place overlooking the Mississippi riverbank but now the view is obstructed with tall buildings. You will be awe-struck with the 18th century buildings standing next to the north-side of the park, the area used to be the heart of colonial-period.

A few movies and T.V shows have also been shot in Jackson Square, New Orleans. The streets hustle with budding artist selling on-spot portraits and street vendors. You will find a variety of shops, galleries and restaurants for your snack after spending the afternoon in the Square.

3. Audubon Zoo

The Audubon Zoo is located in uptown, New Orleans and it is spread over a vast area of about 58 acres. The zoo houses around 2,000 animals that are more suited to the humid climate of Louisiana. Built in 1914 and named after a local artist and naturalist John James Audubon.

You will be able to see Asian elephants, gorillas, Orangutans and tigers. Apart from these you will be also able to spot crash of Rhinoceros, giraffes and other animals. The main attraction is the unique white alligator and the swamp exhibit.

The zoo also organizes a few recreational activities for children, in summers.

Do not confuse it with the park that shares its name with Audubon Zoo. Another attraction is the Butterfly garden near French Quarter, you will be amazed to see around 50 exhibits.

4. Afternoon Food History Tour

Something you can definitely not miss out. The town has rare and authentic dishes to offer and you can savour it all afternoon. Whether you are in town for vacation or business, this tour is highly recommended. From big restaurants to small cafes or street food, you should give it all a chance, we are sure you will not be disappointed.

Café du Monde, established since 1980s, is unique coffee house owing to its 24*7 services, and offers the best donuts in town. A traditional coffee type “au lait”, is a popular choice but you can experiment from their long menu.

5. National WWII Museum

The National WWII museum, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA will walk you through the war, it’s after effects and the brave men that fought and laid their lives. It will give you a very humbling experience.

The museum will give you insights to American side of the war, on display are medals and other items belonging to war vet among other things.

Make sure you visit it in the early afternoon, the museum closes every day at 5 p.m.

6. Mardi Gras World

Mardi Gras is one of the oldest traditions kept alive even today. The Mardi Gras World is home to a huge collection of attractive yet quirky and off-beat costumes. The company was established in 1984 by the Kern Studios keeping in mind to let tourists and even locals have an insight into the float-building, tradition all-round the year.

It has been a major tourist attraction in and around New Orleans.

In there you can ask the staff to let you try a costume, although it might be difficult to choose one and meanwhile get insights to the Mardi Gras traditions. You may also lay your eyes on the proposed costumes for the upcoming Mardi Gras day or see the latest sculpting. It is situated just next to Morial Convention Centre along the Mississippi riverfront.

7. Natchez Steamboat Cruise

It is as thrilling as it sounds in your head. Also a great romantic spot with jazz playing in the background and a grand buffet, touring the Mississippi waters. You can choose from the tour package according to your preference. You will end up sending couple of hours.

One of the fun and most exciting things to do in New Orleans, is to get a ride in the Cruise. Just so you know this happens to be the only steamboat in New Orleans and still functions in the traditional way.

8. StreetCars

Streetcars otherwise commonly known as trams are rare these days, but you will come across fully functional trams in this town. These have been functional since the 1830s and have been an integral part of New Orleans ever since. You can use this mode to commute from most parts of the town.

The dark green streetcar, St Charles Avenue line is a line that has been in service for the longest time ever in the U.S. railway lines. That now enjoys the status of a historic landmark.

Although they were heavily damaged and thrown off-track when hurricane Katrina rampaged through the area but was restored in the same year.

You can get your ticket to board this and get a ride from St. Charles Avenue that will take you throw tunnels and stunning antebellum mansions on to the end of street’s margin.  The rides cost less than 2$ for each passenger.

9. Audubon Park

We have talked about a Zoo and Aquarium named Audubon named after a renowned local artist and naturalist, the Park too is named in his honor. This is a hit spot for not only tourists but the townies as well.

Some of the trees date back to plantation days, around 1880s. During the civil war the area was originally used for Buffalo soldiers before being approved to be a park for public recreation much later.

The park overlooks the Mississippi riverfront and the view will leave you awestruck. A calm and soothing place to hang out and reminiscent the older times. The place also boasts of hosting the 1884 world fair, World Cotton Centennial.

10. Airboat Tours

The swamp tours are more than basic tours, they are fun and packed with adventures. When in New Orleans, this is a must for adventure seekers. You might also come across the rare albino alligator.

The Airboat tours, Louisiana are family and kid-friendly. You can also book your tickets online, before-hand.


Although erroneously affected and a lot was destroyed in the city when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, the city is back on its feet and it thriving even more. The city still has the small-town yet classic essence to it. When in town you will find yourself touring the historic aspect visiting the museums as well as discovering Louisiana’s wild side.