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10 Best Things to do in Seattle


Seattle is the exact opposite of what it used to be few decades ago, for good. It has flourished more than one can imagine.

From an unattractive and almost dull port it is now not just the most attractive but also the largest city in Washington State.

You can be a beach person or a mountain person, you will not be disappointed here as it has both to offer.

10 Best Things To Do in Seattle

This seaport city is coming of age urban population, is home town of great men like Bill Gates among others.

If in city you might be lucky to get a spot and watch the soccer match in the CenturyLink Field.

This city boasts of a lot of the unique museums, great parks and few of the unique buildings and localities.

The city is diverse not only in its population but all its scenic and structures, from ferry rides to giant Ferris ride, this city is fun packed yet serene at the same time.

1. Pike Place Market

Located in downtown Seattle is this market on the Elliott Bay that never fails to amaze everyone who comes down this steep hill to see the Pike Place market.

Dating back to around first decade of the 20th century, this market has been the hub and permanent base for famers specifically for seasonal produce.

You will find everything in this area from couple of fish markets to more than a few dozen of speciality food stores that is hard to find anywhere else, treat yourself to unique species and food ingredients.

It is also base to an enormous trade market of crafts, you will be blown to see around 200 traders and underground shops as well.

This area is usually crowded owing to the variety it has to offer, visit it early to avoid the crowds and you will have great options. This has a great appeal for locals as well as tourists.

The Pike Place market will lure you to its great smelling fresh breads and little collectibles that you can buy as presents from your trip or keep a souvenir.

2. Space Needle

One of the most amusing places in Seattle is the Space Needle, this 60 year old building is one of its kind. Not only is it a great attraction in the city rather in the state.

Built in 1962 as the tallest standing building at 158 metres, this is charismatic building stands in west Mississippi.

You will have to take the glass elevator and overlook more than the town, the islands on Puget Sound, the nearby mountains as well as the Olympic Mountains amongst other views.

Although the building is of only six floors yet gives you the perfect bird’s eye view.One of the most fascinating and unique features is the rotating glass floor.

Which happens to not only be the first but also the only one in the world. This is a major attraction so make sure you visit around noon, the less populated time.

3. Museum of Pop Culture

Initially known as the Experience Music Project till 2006 is a contribution of the Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

‘MoPop’ short for Museum of Pop Culture; the extraordinary building, was erected in 2000 by Frank Gehry.

If you are a fan of sci-fi, horror movies and video games you will end up spending more than couple of hours in the building. It opens from 10 a.m. every day. You can buy the tickets online.

4. Olympic Sculpture Park

You will find yourself standing amidst unique structures like the distinct one of-its-kind sculpture, the Alexander Calder’s Eagle, when viewed from the south-west it is aligned beautifully with the Space Needle.

This is home to around 20 works of the Olympic Sculpture Park. The structures stand under the open sky, this gallery is spread over a nine-acre area that formerly served as an industrial site.

To name a few other art works by famous artists in the park are Wake by Richard Serra, Spilt by Roxy Paine, and Echo by Jaume Plensa amongst others.

The entry fee is free all-round the year, and is open on all days except national holidays. The park opens 30minutes before sunrise, it subsequently closes 30minutes after sunset.

The Asian art museum also stands within the premises and has some amazing art work on display.

5. Seattle Great Wheel

Elliot Bay, the port of Seattle has lots to offer, the giant Ferris wheel standing at more than 53 meters tall is one of them. Situated at Pier 57, on the west coast this was built as the tallest at that time.

The waterfront looks absolutely stunning in presence of this Seattle Great Wheel. A must try for adventure seekers.

Decorated with LEDs and other lights, this is lit up every night, although it is put into function only on occasions, holidays or weekends.

6. Smith Tower

Smith Tower was the first skyscraper in Seattle, and the tallest building before Space Needle claimed for itself that honour in Seattle.

This 148 meters high building stands at 38-storeies, which was the tallest not only in town but all of New York, in its time. You have to give it a look with your real eyes if you happen to be in town.

The building was named after Lyman Cornelius Smith a businessman, since he financed it.

The building still proudly flaunts its vintage wall fittings such as the brass-coated elevators and latticed doors attached to it.

From carved teak ceilings at certain places to twirled banister onyx, a few of the designs were redone and opened again in 2016, that had a speakeasy theme you will definitely admire.

7. Washington State Ferries

One of the popular and best things to do in Seattle is get a ride on a ferry across the Puget Sound.

Claiming to be host of the one of largest fleet of ferries, the Washington State Ferries (WSF) maintains Ferries running in 12 separate routes.

This stands at the fourth position, on a scale of largest ferry systems in the world.

Fascinatingly all the ferries in this area can carry around at least 64 cars, and the smallest vessel can take on board 750 passengers at one go.

One of the trips that is recommendable is the Seattle-Bainbridge Island Ferry, that you can starts from Pier 52 and harbours at Bainbridge Island.

This is one of the liveliest and shiny places and you can party if you wish. But the ferry fairs may vary given the season.

8. Woodland Park Zoo

Woodland Park Zoo stands in North Central Seattle, somewhat near to the Green Lake Park of Seattle.

This zoo is famous for its wildlings as well as the number of prizes it has bagged, standing next to Bronx Zoo, from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

You can’t take your eyes off the beautiful penguins, the rarest sight, underwater from a huge glass window.

Here the natural individual habitats have been accumulated for the species, and have managed to get awards subsequently.

Home to animals like Malayan tigers, orangutans and sloth bears, you will also spot Indian rhinos in and out of their artificial caves.

You will also be able to see brown bears and animals from Africa like that zebras and giraffes.

The zoo will keep you hooked to its ever active population and peculiar sights that you can see only at a zoo.

9. Seattle Japanese Garden

This urban sanctuary is spread over a luscious 3.5-acre land. Located near the south-end of Washington Park Arboretum, Seattle.

You can go to relax and enjoy the calm and serene garden filled with beautiful fauna, stones short bridges and few buildings. A spot to take pictures and appreciate nature.

This place organises all traditional Japanese festivals and special occasions, if you happen to be there around fourth Saturday of the starting summer you will be able to attend the yearly tea party.

10. CenturyLink Field

This stadium is situated in Elliott Bay, is multipurpose and home ground for both Seattle Sounders (MLS) and Seattle Seahawks (NLF) of major League Soccer.

You can’t miss this if you are a soccer enthusiast. It can house about 69,000 for a game and even more on special occasions.


Seattle is home to a few great men such as Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, a philanthropist who has contributed for a visitor foundation in the town.

This seaport city, on the west coast of USA, is also home to Paul Allen, actor Ryan stiles (Two and a half men, 2003) and few other men recognized world-wide.

10 Things to do in Las Vegas


Vegas has more to it than partying, you will be amazed to see untouched nature at its best. The sin city, is a must for everyone at least once in this lifetime.

Sin city has quite earned its name and you can have fun for a lifetime, the city that’s always awake and partying.

You can go hiking in the Valley of fire, Pahrump Valley, and take a chopper ride over the beautiful Grand Canyon.

10 Things To Do in Las Vegas

A great place to go for your bachelor’s party in the thrilling bars or a casino, a party to remember forever. Vegas is not all about partying since it will leave amaze you with its natural beauty.

There is a long list of unusual yet exciting things to do in the city, you will love this vacation for sure.

Here are 10 best things to do in Las Vegas, Neva, United States commonly referred to as Vegas.

The city started growing properly in the early 20th century and the ‘sin city’ has been growing since.

1. Fly Over Las Vegas On a Board a Helicopter

The perfect place to take that helicopter ride. One of the most fascinating and best things to do in Las Vegas is taking a chopper ride above the radiant city under the starry night. It’s one of its kind experience.

You will get to choose the package prices vary according to the hours you decide to spend above the dazzling city, we know you can’t help but drool over the view.

You can also take a helicopter tour from Vegas to the Grand Canyon. It is attractive on the ground so just imagine how splendid the air tour would be.

2. Try The Cowboy Lifestyle With a Sunset Dinner After a Horseback Tour

Explore the Wild West seated on a horseback. Although acclaimed for its nightlife, Vegas also has this nature side to offer.

The perfect spot for a romantic getaway, although you will enjoy the sunset as much as a solo traveller. A horseback tour is as enthralling as it sounds and appears on screens and shows.

You should definitely try out nearby restaurants for the perfect dinner night that serve savoury dishes.

3. Discover the Artsy Seven Magic Mountains

Renowned Swiss artist Ugo Roninone contributed to the city’s aesthetic side, he created an exhibition and displayed the vibrant coloured rocks now known as Seven Magic Mountains.

Standing amidst the desert, a few miles from the Las Vegas Strip. These are seven totems about 30-35 feet high.

This is a symbolical representation of intersection of nature and man-made beauties, precisely indicated by its location.

These vibrantly multi coloured rocks placed on top of each other stands amidst the chaotic highways and the desert.

4. Witness the Warm Colour Palette of the Valley of Fire

There is certainly more to Vegas than gambling and free drinks. You should visit the Valley of fire, located 50-miles north of Vegas, Nevada.

It’s a must for adventure seekers to go hiking in this beautiful valley. Places like these are less populated and can be the perfect sport for early morning.

Don’t be scared the valley isn’t exactly as the name suggests, although it was named so; since appeared as if the valley were on fire from its radiant glow.

5. Get Wet on a Rafting Tour

Time to get wet after all that Valley hiking. There are quite a few rafting spots in Vegas like the Colorado River or the Lake Mead.

One more opportunity for adventure seekers in the refreshing waters.Its best enjoyed with a group of friends, although you can take along an expert with you as well for rafting.

You can enjoy the breath-taking scenery and it will act as the best stress buster in the lap of Mother Nature. You can book your tickets on spot.

While near the Lake Mead Marina you can go jet skiing afterwards. Restaurants have lined up to satisfy your taste buds after the exhilarating rafting or jet skiing.

6. Tick Off Tandem Skydiving From Your Bucket List

Tick off this crazy adventure off your bucket list and prepare to take off and jump off that plane in a tandem skydive.

This is great since you will be tagged along with your instructor and have nothing to worry. Grand Canyon is one of the extraordinary sky view.

Skydiving is always thrilling and doing it above the Grand Canyon will make it even grander and most enduring event.

Your heart will race for the skydiving and fly back about a speed of around 220 km/hr. as well as the breath view of Grand Canyon. But it is all worth it.

7. Take The Craziest Selfies With Your Favourite Celebrities at Madame Tussauds

You already know about the world famous Madame Tussauds, Las Vegas. Doesn’t matter if you can’t take a selfie with your idols in real, these wax statues are no less and it’s impossible to tell the difference.

The wax statues are whole another level of art that take months altogether to be made.Take a selfie with your favourite celebrity and flaunt it.

Madame Tussauds has statues of global as well as regional celebrities with huge fan following such as Lady Gaga, Leonardo DiCaprio amongst others. Buy your entry tickets and walk up close to the celebs.

8. Stare in Awe Within The Walls of Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is one of the most famous and frequented places in not just the United States but in the whole world.

Although a lot of people visit yet you will not found it crowded making it easier to walk around and admire.

Formed naturally owing to flash flood and eroding this is now divided into two slots, Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon.

It should be avoided in rainy season. Great way to escape the chaotic city hustle. Tourists as well as locals come to the slots often.

9. Be entertained 24/7 at Circus Circus

From the many options to halt in the city, a great choice is this exotic and family friendly hotel. The classic hotel- Circus Circus Hotel & Theme Park in Vegas, United States.

It’s different from others in not just the facilities and amenities but the amazing feature is the frequent Circus shows that go on round the year.

The premises has a theme park, casino floor and lots to keep everyone hooked to their entertainment.

This will be your best in-house entertainment, and the in-house café and restaurants are a notch higher, we are sure you will love it.

10. Party at LAX

You can’t escape partying in Vegas. Booming with great music and at times renowned celebrities, this is one of the best places to go in Vegas.

Open to public as well as celebrities, this could be your lucky place to spot a celebrity at the LAX nightclub.

Opened since 2007, the house has been entertained with the famous DJs in the past years. Who knows you might get lucky to be in the house the same day as your favourite DJ.

A great place to have cocktails and party all night. The nightlife in Vegas is remarkably active and shiny.

Like they say ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’, have fun to last a lifetime and go wild. Go river rafting or go jet skiing you will enjoy it all.


A city that has a lot to offer from scenic beauty to man-made racing tracks. You can go kayaking on the Black Canyon, if your adventure quotient is high.

Vegas will also let you go on a history trip down the lane if you visit the museums. We are sure you will enjoy your stay in Vegas as much as us.

Make sure you book your flights before-hand and pack your trekking suits along with your partying dresses and you are ready.

18 Best Things to Do in New York City


Do we even need to say it? New York is one of the best places that you can go to vacation. New York City is not just a city but a sensation. You will totally fall in love with the city once you go there. The fact that you are here on this article means that you are thinking of going there or maybe you already are there!

Whatever the case may be, you need to know the best of all that you can get out there in New York. That’s why we have brought this article here today to help you understand which places should be on your to-visit list when you are in New York.

18 Best Things to Do in New York City (New York)

The 18 Best Things to Do in New York City (New York) are listed below. You should take a good look at all the places that we have mentioned.

It is going to be a long list so be a little patient with us and please read through the entire article, completing the entire list. Do not just stop halfway because then you will miss out a lot of good places. So buckle up your seat belts and let’s go.

1. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The list starts off with a Museum of Art. It has a lot of collections from all ends of the world. It is said to be the largest gallery on the continent of the United States. There is so much history in this place that your head will be shocked.

You can see the Chinese calligraphy or Sumerian tablets or Rococo fashion. They have things from history that you didn’t even know existed in the first place. This can more than one day to completely explore.

2. National 9/11 Memorial and Museum

The 9/11 memorial and museum might be a sombre place but it is necessary. It is located near the World Trade Center. It is a tribute to the 2,997 people killed in the terror attack. The name of every person who died in the attack has been engraved in the bronze panels or parapets surrounding the memorial. This is a very sad site. If you want you can visit but if you are easily upset then skip it.

3. Empire State Building

The 44 th tallest sky scraper that you can ever find all over the world. The Empire State Building is a timeless iconic building of New York that you can not possibly miss. There is a Art Deco tower that you can visit. The observatory is a good place to start too. You just can not miss the Empire State Building  when you go to New York.

4. Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is mostly known by the entire world. It is a 93 metres statue of the Roman goddess Libertas. She is carrying a torch in one hand and on the other is a tablet bearing the date of the declaration of independence. The queue for the ferry that takes you to the liberty statue can be a bit long and slow. If you want a trip to the top of the crown then you need to book in advance.

5. The Museum of Modern Art

Yes another museum. No we can not just leave it out. It is a very important part of the city. It is a museum of modern art. The best thing about it is that it has around 150,000 pieces to put on display. The Starry Night by Van Gough is also present here.

Several other famous works by famous artists can be seen here like – The Dance by Matisse, Picasso’ s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, etc. The work of Degas, Jackson Pollock, Picasso, Gilbert & George were a part of their exhibition.

6. Rockefeller Center

It is a vertical complex that was built during the Great Depression. This complex consists of 19 buildings. They were all commissioned to be built by the Rockefeller family. You might have even seen this place in movies so go enjoy it in real life now. The Atlas Statue and Prometheus is something that you will find at the ground level of the Rockefeller Center.

7. Brooklyn Bridge

The bridge linking Manhattan to Brooklyn is said to be an iconic monument of New York. You have seen it many time on TV, we know but the real thing is very much more beautiful and majestic. It is the world’s first steel-wire suspension bridge. It was completed in 1883. You can pass the Brooklyn Bridge as a pedestrian to take in all that it is about.

8. Staten Island Ferry

This is a free thing to do in New York. You can enjoy this ferry ride to the full potential. As a tourist, you will understand how beautiful this ferry ride is. You can take in the sight of the entire city.

The sights will leave you spellbound for sure. No one has gone on this ferry and not been awestruck. It is that beautiful of a ride. If you take it you probably won’t forget it in your life.

9. Times Square

Well well well we know that you have already added this to your go-to list even before you read this list. It is something that you have to see. The site is so busy that about 460,000 people pass through the place every day.

This is also where the legendary countdown of New Year is done since 1907. It was however not always so clean. Back in the day it was one of the grossest place with sex shops and crime all around.

10. Grand Central Terminal

This is not only a terminal station or a transport hub. It has a good building architecture that is a must-watch. It is very busy and very big. If you go there have a lookout for your belongings. The Grand Central Terminal is a good place to visit in New York. This has 44 platforms. That is inevitably more than any other train station in the entire world.

Can you even imagine the number of people that go there. The architecture is immaculate and it will leave you in awe. You can even see a mural if you tilt your head at the palatial Main Concourse. It is a mural of the constellation found in the night sky from back in 1912.

11. Guggenheim Museum

Another museum but it is rather famous for its architecture. It is said to be the design of the 20th century. It is formed from a mixture of impressionist and early modern art. It holds a number of art pieces and exhibitions.

You can go check it out for yourself. The opening of this museum was in the year 1959. A lot of great names can be found in this museum. Some of them are Chagall, Kandinsky, Mondrian, Kirchner, Franz Marc, Fernand Léger and Cézanne.

12. New York Public Library

The New York public library is also a landmark that you will instantly recognize. The library is said to be the second-largest in the country and the third-largest library system in the entire world. They have emblems of lions on the stairs that represent the entire library system. It is a fascinating place for sure.

If you are a book nerd you will love this place. There are a lot of books here (no kidding!) about literally every possible subject that you can think of. So go visit this place even if you are not a book nerd. Its magnificent.

13. Coney Island

Coney Island. You may have heard the name but now you can visit and see for yourself what this place holds. It is a former barrier island in Brooklyn. It has been a seaside escape for New Yorkers for a long time. The Coney Island Cyclone which is the oldest functioning wooden roller coaster can be found here. You can try it if you want.

14. Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

Well if you are into this stuff then you can go to this museum. This museum as the name suggests is a museum for aircraft and other machinery that has been used in the past. Stuff from the world war and vehicles or rather aircrafts from that point of time is also to be found in this museum. The USS Growler is one of the highlights that you will find here.

15. Prospect Park

It is a 526 acre park in Brooklyn. It is a good place to go to. It has historic buildings and little attractions all over the park. The park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux. It has an elegant boat house too.

It was opened in the 1860s and still is present till date. There is a prospect park zoo too that you should check out if you are a fan of animals. The Ravine is a place within the park with a beautiful 19th century landscaping that you can not miss out.

16. Frick Collection

Henry Clay Frick started to invest in art as soon as he made a lot of money in the Pittsburgh coke and steel industry. High decorative arts from the old generation has been a part of his collection.

It was his personal collection but when he passed away, all the art became a public museum. You will find many extraordinary pieces of art if you go there. It will not fail to make you impressed.

17. American Museum of Natural History

We swear that this is the last museum on the list. This museum is four floored and it has a lot if natural history that will drop your jaw. From fossils to bones they have it all. Children adult alike will be fascinated by what this museum has to offer. It is pretty big so it might take you one day to completely tour the museum but trust us when we say that it will be worth your time.

18. Chelsea Market

The last but not the least on the list of places to visit in New York is Chelsea market. The Chelsea Market is known for its special food shops as well as a supermarket. It is a good place to shop. It remains very busy though. You will find food to your hearts content here.


We hope that this article has been useful for your. We have tried our best to include all that we could. To put it simply, it is difficult to put together all the stuff that New York has to offer but we have tried to pick the best ones.

It goes without saying that there are obviously a hundred other places that you should visit in New York. But you can not conquer everything in one trip. So try out the places that we have mentioned above and tell us about your experience in the comment section below.

Do share this article with your friends and family too or with anyone who is going to go on a trip to New York soon. You will be doing them and us a good favour. Thank  you once again for reading this article. Have a great day! Happy touring!

9 Best Things To Do in Toronto


Toronto is a vast city in the country of Canada where we can experience a multicultural scenario. It offers a wide range of places that a tourist can visit.

Whether you want to visit museums, parks or explore different cuisines, which are unique in their style, Toronto is the best place. Many of us may wonder which Places to visit in a particular city.

9 Best Things to do in Toronto

You may also get the same confusion when you are going to Toronto for the first time.

However, we don’t want to miss amazing moments, we can spend in such a tourist spot particularly there are many exciting things we can experience in Toronto.

Here we try to mention some best things we can do when going to Toronto. If you are a first-timer visiting Toronto, make sure you do not miss them.

1. Have a Visit to Casa Loma

In Toronto, the first place you can visit is Casa Loma. Additionally, Casa Loma is one of the heritage-site in North America situated in Toronto city.

It is surrounded by lush flora. Actually, Casa Loma is a residence of financial Sir Henry Pellatt 100 years ago.

Now it is a museum and seen as a landmark in the city the architectural structure of Casa Loma is unique.

The Interior of Casa Loma consists of a Great Hall, dining room, conservatory, stairs, and so on.

They are designed in the European way with Gothic style. This is the best place you can visit in Toronto

2. Taste the Best Coffee

As mentioned earlier Toronto is a city that has a diverse culture, cuisines, parks, etc. This is the case even when we think of coffee. This beverage has a lot of people starving for it. Toronto offers brilliant coffee shops.

We can explore them around the city. You will enjoy the idea of a wander along the city streets so that we can get an idea of how diverse and good that taste was. Additionally, you get to know the culture of the city.

3. Niagara Falls

Ah! One must not forget to mention the famous Niagara waterfalls. The scenic beauty of waterfalls mesmerizes everyone.

Niagara Falls are fed by the River Niagara in Canada, surely, you can enjoy the view of waterfalls in such a close-up.

It is not so far from Toronto. You just need to drive just 130 minutes from Toronto. You can visit this place and return in one day if you want to.

At night-time, the waterfalls are decorated by the floodlights which is an amazing view.

4. Experience The Diverse Food Taste

We cannot forget foodies. They are the ones who would love to travel the places for tasty and favorite food. Here is a fact about Toronto.

It has numerous amazing restaurants we need to have a look at. It also means that may be restaurants that could offer food on any budget.

This is an amazing thing for visitors. Here we can find different types of cuisines which are famous across the world.

5. Explore the Distillery District

The Distillery District is a famous district in Toronto. It comprises the spirit of Toronto in diverse options.

It contains tasty food items which make us hungry, galleries, boutiques and much more.It is a place of historic importance we can visit near Toronto.

Moreover, many entertainment events are going on in the distillery district. One of the most popular events carried out here was Toronto Christmas Market.

If you are a person, who would love to explore different types of events. One of the places we can visit is CN Tower the tallest structure in Toronto.

6. Chinatown

It is present in Toronto for the previous two centuries. Still, it is the most populist town near Toronto. It contains high-quality food at reasonable prices.

If you want a change over from the regular place and regular food, you can visit this place. If you love Chinese food, this place is the best you can visit when you are in Toronto.

In China town two major events take place. They are Chinese New Year Celebration and Toronto Chinatown festival. Artists, local vendors who are living here participate to showcase their talent.

7. Have a Topple of Ice Wine

Next comes on the list is Ice wine in Toronto. To produce an ice wine, we need vineyards that grow in summer and freeze in winter.

In winter the sugars are separated from grapes and finally, the fermentation process takes place. At the end of the whole process, we get the ice wine.

If you are interested in the delicious wine to have a sip, you need to visit vineyards situated near Toronto. Each of it contains a huge variety of Flavours.

And most of the restaurants In Toronto will offer Ice wine. You can try them in a cold place like Canada.

8. St. Lawrence Market

Roaming around the St. Lawrence market is just an awesome thing you can do while visiting Toronto. The interior of the market comprises a grand staircase and a gas-lit chandelier.

There are many types of stalls placed for food items, flower, and many more. If you love amazing food or you just need to relax, this place contains various styles of food items.

Moreover, this market is an awesome place for food lovers. If you are in Toronto, make sure you visit this place.

9. Explore Art in AGO

The Art Gallery of Ontario is an amazing place where you can find in Canada. It is a Gallery with a collection of huge exhibitions we can look at.

This Art Gallery has a very famous artworks’ collection. It was built in the year 1900 under the name of Art Museum of Toronto and later expanded on all sides.

It contains a wide range of collections of Arts from the 1st century to present. So, this is the best place you can visit if you love different types of art.


Toronto is the most popular tourist spot we can visit in North America. We can describe it as a heritage site.

You can find the most popular varieties of food items in the city. There are also many art forms we can find there. The more you know about the city the more you fall in love with it.

As we said before, Toronto is a multi-cultural city where people with various cultural backgrounds coming up in one place to live together.

So, there are a lot of places you can visit in Toronto. Some of them are Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, City Hall etc.

10 Things to Do in Tampa


Tampa is one of the major cities in the province of Florida, USA. It is commonly known as the Tampa Bay Area and situated on the west coast of Florida.

The shores of this place are famous for tourist attractions. We find amusement parks, botanical gardens, zoos, wildlife sanctuaries, museums, and many more.

10 Things to Do in Tampa

Tampa offers exciting places for relaxation too. In the Downtown of Tampa, there are one of its kind restaurants, river walks, urban parks.

Once you are into the city of Tampa many adventures are waiting for you to try. So here are a few things you can do if you visit Tampa for the first time.

1. Busch Gardens

The total area of Busch gardens is 335 acres. It is an Africa themed animal theme park situated in Tampa.

There are many roller-coasters in Busch gardens. Famous roller-coasters like SheiKra, Montu, Zadra, Falcon’s Fury, Tigris, Iron Gwazi are located here.

The main attractions here are thrilling rides, live music by artists, animals living in natural habitats. Many types of animals are living in Busch gardens.

Hand fed Kangaroo and giraffes are attractions here. It is a different kind of experience to see the park staff members taking care of various animals.

We can go for a nighttime Safari in the park. It offers us the spectacular opportunity to watch the animals gazing around the fields and villages.

2. Tampa Zoo at Lowry Park

It has a total area of 3 acres. Tampa zoo was rated by US Parents Magazine as the number place to visit with family.

The park features more than two thousand animals which are living in their natural habitats. Visitors can get close to the animals like Indian Rhino, a rare species nearer to extinction to feed them.

African Elephants and Penguins, Florida panthers are popular animals here. Tampa zoo also hosts multiple events every year where tourists can enjoy as well as Locals.

If you want to visit this place, make sure you do not miss the expedition on African Safari Tram which takes us through the habitats of the animals.

3. Henry B. Plant Museum

The Henry B. Plant Museum was a converted museum in the year1891. Initially it was the Tampa Bay Hotel, the Victorian railroad. It is now known as a Country’s Historic Landmark.

Many museums we see today preserve the past artifacts used by our ancestors. However, the Henry museum contains the actual furnishings enjoyed by the first guests who visited this former hotel.

This Museum precisely reflects the vision of American transport pioneer, Henry B. Plant on whose memory this museum was built.

It offers the way to know the living style of Henry Plant. A part of this building was snow converted into the University of Tampa.

4. Big Cat Rescue

The Big Cat Rescue is a Non-Profit Organisation formed to rescue cats that are abandoned. It was founded in the year 1987 by Kay Rosaire.

It was a home for more than 150 exotic and domestic animals. Here we can find animals like jaguars, Lions, Tigers, Caracals, and related species.

Additionally, there are tours to have a glance at the animals like night tours, feeding tours, private tours.

The main objective of the Big Cat Rescue was to provide a shelter for homeless animals and educate the visitors about the preservation of animals for humankind.

There is also an availability of a kids tour for the children who are below 10 years.

5. Tampa Theatre

The Tampa Theatre is situated in the downtown of Tampa and built in 1926. It has an historic importance in the USA as the theatre was designed with an atmospheric style of architecture and the architect was John Eberson.

Tampa theatre includes styles of Italic and Greek architecture. It features documentary films, independent films. It is a luxurious palace presenting concert shows.While watching a film here we feel like a different time period.

This theatre is managed by an NGO called Tampa Theatre Foundation. The mission of this NGO was to preserve the theatre and protect its extraordinary architecture.

6. Tampa Bay History

The Tampa Bay History was located on the Riverwalk of Tampa. It is a Museum in Tampa of historic importance. Here we can find the artifacts of the ancient native people who lived in Tampa.

This building consists of three floors which covers 12,000 years of Florida’s history. It also has a research centre.

This region has experienced the multicultural scenarios during the last five centuries.

We can also find the shipping era, rail roads as the major attractions here. In permanent galleries, we can explore the stories and personalities who are famous from Florida’s ancient times.

Additionally, there is also a temporary gallery that features the exhibitions of arts.

7. Ybor City

Ybor is a city which is famous for vintage shops and boutiques. It is named after Vicente Martinez Ybor. Once upon a time, Ybor cigar factory was world’s largest cigar factory.

However, due to Great Depression many factories were closed. Consequently, it lost its previous glory.

Recently it is been reviving. Many shops, cafes, restaurants emerged in this area. Colombia restaurant was the oldest in the state of Florida.

It is the largest Spanish restaurant. If you love to visit oldest places then Ybor city is the best place you can visit. You will experience the vintages of the city.

8. Adventure Island

It is located in the north-eastern part of Florida and its total area is 12 hectares. It is a part of the sea world environment.

Adventure Island is famous for its rides and pools for swimming. As Florida will experience higher temperature than the rest of the USA, it would a cool idea to spent time in Adventure Island.

Solar Vortex, Aruba Tuba, Caribbean Corkscrew, Colossal Curl, Vanish Point, Water Moccasin, Calypso Coaster, and Riptide are eight of water slides present in this Island.

Additionally, there are many pools surrounded the Island like Endless Surf, Paradise Lagoon, Rambling Bayou, Fabian’s Fun Port, Splash Attack.

Adventure Island offers many Dining options ranging from snacks to some ice cold cafes. We can also do some shopping at reasonable prices.

9. Tampa Riverwalk

The best reason to visit Tampa Riverwalk is it is absolutely free and surrounded by parks and under bridges. It is a pedestrian walkway of about 4.2KM runs parallel to the river Hillsborough.

This Riverwalk is a continuous path that connects many tourists’ attractions like parks, hotels, Museums, etc.

This was built in the year 1970. Here the main attraction is Curtis Hixon Park which was opened in the year 2010.

Historical Monument Trail of Tampa Riverwalk is made up of Bronze and Marble busts. We can also find restaurants which offer tasty and delicious food.

10. Sunshine Skyway

The Sunshine Sky way is a bridge located near Lower Tampa Bay. As a consequence of the Governor’s decision, the bridge was renamed the Bob Graham Sunshine Skyway. It connects St. Petersburg and Terra Ceia.

The bridge was collapsed during 1980, but later it was reconstructed. This bridge is 12 miles long.

The amazing feature of the bridge is its middle part which is curved and suspended along the two giant pillars.

While you are driving along the bridge, we can experience the amazing views of the Ocean and capture the best moments thereby.


Tampa is a famous city in the United States of America where we can find the best places to relax a bit from our daily routine. It will help us in recreation with its amazing Islands, Gardens, Museums and many more.

Some of the museums in Tampa are Glazer children’s museum, the museum of science and industry, Tampa museum of art. Florida Aquarium, Tampa Golf etc are other tourist spots in Tampa.

There are many old buildings which are converted into new food halls which offer delicious food in the city.

10 Best Things To Do in Barcelona


Barcelona is one of the famous cities in Spain which is situated in the north-east corner. It is located between the mouths of two rivers Llobregat and Besos.

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city which is famous for its arts and architecture.We can see it as a large cultural center in entire Europe.

This city has a wide range of architectural monuments. We can taste one of the best foods in the city.

It consists of numerous museums, and we can experience the incredible views of locations. Especially, the Mediterranean type of climate adds a touch to the awesome locations of Barcelona.

The beach present on the northern side is one of the main attractions of the city. We do not get bored even if we visit the city for the nth time.

No matter how many times you visit, there is always a new special place to visit in Barcelona.

10 Best Things To Do In Barcelona 

If you are planning a tour to Barcelona for the first time you should not miss the best moments you can spend there. So here is a shortlist of things we can do when we visit the city.

1. Have a visit to Sagrada Familia

The Basilica of Sagrada Familia is a vast church belonging to the Roman culture. It is the biggest unfinished church in the world.

This church was created by Antoni Gaudi. He was commissioned for this work in the year 1883. His part became a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The exterior view of the Basilica is spectacular. However, the interior is very different from the external surroundings.

The light floods occur through windows into the interiors and the floor plan is with many symbols including geometric shapes.

We can enjoy the view of Barcelona by lift or by steps of the towers present in the church

2. Las Ramblas

It is a place that reflects Catalan architecture and culture. Las Ramblas is a landmark where people visiting Barcelona find interesting.

Generally, it is a pedestrianized area. There are only two narrow ways we can go through. So, we can find the best way to have a walk despite traveling in vehicles.

In Las Ramblas, we can find human statues with different artistic varieties. As it is a popular tourist spot, we can find many shopping centers so that we can go shopping or have a tasty meal.

This market is surrounded by people all the time whether it is night or daytime. We can find talented street artists, favorite food stalls, and many more here.

3. Tibidabo

It is the highest hill of Serra de Collserola mountain ranges in Spain. A church was built on its name as Sagrat cor church.

As per a legend, Tibidabo is a place where Jesus Christ was tempted by the devil for the first time. If you love the city views from a distant location, then this place is the best place you can visit.

Here we can enjoy the 360 degrees view from the top of the hill. Not far from Sagrat cor church is the Tibidabo amusement park. We can have a breathtaking view while we enjoy the ride on a giant wheel.

4. Taste a Cocktail at W hotel

This is also known as hotel vela for its unique shape. W hotel was designed by an artist named Ricardo Bofill.

Nowadays this hotel is gaining wide popularity due to its distinct architecture and the scenic beauty we can experience from the hotel.

If you cannot afford a luxury budget and love cocktails, then you can taste the delicious cocktail available here.

5. Parc de la Ciutadella

It is also known as Citadel park situated on the northeastern edge of Barcelona. Parc de la Ciutadella is considered as Barcelona’s “green lung”.

It can be seen as an alternative to the relaxing beach. We can find shady picnic spots in this park to relax a bit. Here we can have a casual walk peacefully or can play any sport.

There are musicians at every corner of the park playing amazing music which can refresh your mood.

Parc de la Ciutadella is also a home for museums of Geological and Zoological. Another interesting thing we can do here is boat riding in the lake.

6. Bar Hop at Passeig del Born

It is an avenue where we can enjoy party nights. People who are young and who are not so young. The terraces of this avenue are designed in medieval style.

Passeig del Born is a place where we find some interesting spots for tasty food and drinks. Ancient Spanish people used to conduct events here.

Some of them include enjoying sports events. So, this is the best place where we can find events to socialize ourselves and get to know more about the people.

7. Casa Batllo

In Barcelona, there is a major influence on Gaudi’s style of art. This art is celebrated across the world.

Casa Batllo is a building with Gaudi’s style and modernism and it is inspired by nature’s shapes.The interior of the Casa Batllo is designed in a detailed manner so that it resembles the intensity of the architecture.

It is one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites. Roof concerts take place in Casa Batllo in the months of June and October. If you visit in those months, make sure you don’t miss these events.

8. Helicopter Tour

We can experience the scenic beauty of Barcelona from the air in a helicopter. This offers us to experience the most amazing views of the city from a distance.

There are many helicopter tours offered by agencies to visit our favorite spots. We have a chance to view the most famous places in Barcelona from the top of the air.

These blood-pumping scenes can be captured in our cameras. However, you can also go to the Sky Tour which will take you through Sagrada Familia, Camp Nau, and so on.

9. Museu Picasso

For art lovers, Museu Picasso is the best place to visit. It is a museum where we can find the exclusive artworks of Pablo Picasso.

Museu Picasso was spread over 5 palaces. They are crafted from the buildings which belong to 13th and 14th century. We can expect more artworks from this museum.

We would discover the artworks of Picasso in chronological order. One can understand how the transition took place in his artforms from Classical to Cubist Pioneer.

There are also some artworks Picasso did like ceramics. This museum consists of more than 4200 Picasso’s works. We can also find Gothic style archways downstairs of the Museum.

10. Hit the Beach

No one can ignore the sea breeze coming in the form of waves at the sea shore. Anyone who are heading towards a new place would certainly like to visit the beaches of that area.

The beach named La Barceloneta is just a few meters away from the main city of Barcelona. This beach is known as the traditional beach of Barcelona.

It is a wonderful place to sit on the shore and enjoy the view of waves movements. There are other famous beaches in the city where you can visit to have a little relaxation.

Bogatell Beach, Sant Sebastia Beach, Mar Bella Beach, Nova Mar Bella Beach, Llevant Beach, Nova Icaria Beach are some of them.


Barcelona makes an excellent place to have a break from routine life. Here we can find famous artworks, delicious food, have fun with night outs and many more.

Some famous sites we can visit in Barcelona are the Font Magica Fountain, Montjuic Castle, Aquarium Barcelona, Maritime Museum, Plateau Sant Felip Neri, etc.

We can find a unique architectural style of buildings mainly of Gothic style. No matter how many times they visit, tourists will certainly enjoy the spirit of the city Barcelona.

10 Best Traveling Tips for a Smoother Trip

Traveling is fun yet tough at times, correct decisions and correct timing can always make it perfect. Holidaying calls for great destination and relaxing amidst enjoying. Apart from the major choice of the destination and exactly when to purchase that airfare, the little things matter as well.

We know you love watching the city lights below you as the flight takes off and love traveling. Every trip and destination is different and of course exciting yet the basics remain same nonetheless.  Mentioned below are 10 simple yet necessary tips for your next vacation.

10 Best Traveling Tips for a Smoother Trip

If you are planning to travel somewhere in the near future and need help, we are here to remind you of the few things you should consider before boarding that flight.

Whether you have trouble with airport security or with packing bags for a flight, whether it’s traveling with children or senior citizen, here are 10 simple things for a smooth trip.

1. Park with Your Car Nose Out

People tend to rush for the parking lot bus to catch a flight, leaving the interior car lights switched on, only to find dead batteries latter.

To avoid a sceptic situation which might arise either due to thievery or dead batteries, it would be easier with the car parked nose out.

2. Extra Time to Get into Economy Parking Lots

Parking spaces are troublesome at times, to avoid that you have to just find the off-airport spaces. These are lower-priced than the regular parking lots. The second advantage is the bill not adding up when one has a long trip. These spaces fill up at last, hence the availability of a space at all times is certain.

You have to be careful to have extra time in hand as these lots are farther than usual ones, although frequent buses ply to the terminal.

3. Pack Essentials in your Carry-on Bag

This is one of the most important tips you should pay attention to. You should always pack essential items in carry-on bag. For instance medicines, irreplaceable or valuable items. Since delaying of luggage is a recurrent scene. While packing a bag one has to keep in mind the items that are not allowed in the luggage which has to be included in the carry-on and vice-versa.

Liquid gels or electronic devices to be packed separately in the carry-on bag so that it can produced while screening. You can also pack light snacks if you are allergic to food in the airport, but check the airline rules. Most airlines have specific policies regarding carrying food items, quantity of water, alcohol.

4. Pre-Book your Hotel

Pre-booking a hotel room is necessary, as much as knowing its details. A thorough research of the location and the rules of the hotels should be checked. For instances when your baggage arrives late, or in case of poor network connectivity you should be pre-informed about its location.

In case of a completely new destination, it’s handier to carry a printed map of the hotel location. So that it becomes convenient to reach the hotel or to guide the cab driver to your destination.

5. Take Old Currency while Traveling Abroad

With most transactions and work online or with an ATM card people rarely visit the banks and hence seems like a huge task these days. Exchanging currency for the country you visit is inevitable and the most important part, but returning home and then having to exchange the foreign currency is a hassle which most people tend to forget or just avoid.

While some people collect it as a souvenir some want to get back their equivalent amount. In such cases when traveling abroad the next time you should carry your older currency and get its worth or just exchange that currency for the local currency of the country you are visiting.

6. Save your Boarding Pass

Boarding passes shouldn’t be misplaced and kept handy before getting into the flight, people at times misplace it while fetching a coffee or a quick bite to snack on just before boarding.

Most people tend to toss off their boarding pass as soon as they get off the plane. But you should preserve it, if there is a chance of reimbursement of the ticket furthermore the boarding pass serves as a proof of your travel as the destination for emergencies.

You also need it for times when the airline fails to give the flyer the desired credit for frequent flying or extra credits, which arises when people fly on a codeshare partner of the airline.

7. Know when to Call for the Skycaps

You don’t need a Skycap when you travel light and have extra time in hand and can do everything without a skycap

But when travelling with excess luggage and have to head straight to the gate, is when you need them so that it’s easier to check-in and be wary free of carrying the luggage. But you should be kind and tip them generously as most skycaps are underpaid and very less people tend to engage them and even further reduction of tips, on which their living depends.

You should get a skycap when you are running late they not only taking your luggage and guide you through the shortcuts but also make sure you catch that flight. They take the luggage till the luggage drop off as they can talk it out with the staff in case you are running very late.

This makes it faster hence paving way to reach the counter and get a window or aisle seat as desired. Senior citizens find it easier with a skycap by their side, while traveling with babies also you should call for a skycap.

8. Get your Seat Assignments ASAP

Although it’s easier to get your desired seat whether window or aisle if you check-in online, but it’s not the situation for all airlines. You have to get your boarding pass early in the airport so that you can grab your preferred seat.

9. Mark your Bags with a Recognizable Item

Luggage bags are manufactured quite similar of all brands and hence most people end up buying similar looking bags. This results in confusion or getting exchanged while picking it up from the baggage carousel. To avoid such situation and to avoid losing your baggage you should mark your bag with something you are familiar with or something that would stand out.

You can attach a key chain in the extra zip handle, or tie a colourful ribbon. You can be creative and add a quirky colour or a sticker on it, as to be able to spot it from a distance. Whereas just writing the name in the tiny box provided would land you in further work as you would have to hassle and check all the bags by pulling their half hidden name tags.

10. Remember your Flight Number

Remember your flight number or keep it ready as it will be easier for you to find about the flight especially in small or foreign airports that use other language to display the flight destination. You have to keep track of the time and the gate number, for which you require the flight number.


Prepping things ahead of time and traveling light are the key to a hassle free flight. It is important to not leave anything for the eleventh moment, as you might forget it meanwhile, this we speak from recurrent experience and what happens more often than you can imagine.

Deciding the destination is the biggest part of a trip or vacation, you should choose your destination according to your budget. You should be aware of the best time of the year to travel to the desired destination and plan accordingly. As in hill stations its advised to not go in rainy, rather in spring, summer or winter.

11 Best Things to Do in Phuket


Phuket city is the Capital of Thailand’s Phuket Province. This city is mainly influenced by the Chinese.

Since it is an Island, there are many beaches surrounding the city. We can experience the most beautiful sunsets on this island.

There are a lot of Restaurants which offer tasty food and delicious drinks. Restaurants are designed in a classical style of architecture.

11 Best Things to Do in Phuket

Phuket is renamed before which is called Thalang. This area experiences a tropical monsoon type climate. So, it would be a great experience to spent time in areas like beaches.

It is famous for its iconic cultural attractions. Here we are providing you with some best places to visit in Phuket.

1. Phang Nga Bay

It is located in the Strait of Malacca. Lime cliffs which are emerged out of Ocean water is the main attraction here. The water in this bay is clear emerald green in color.

Phang Nga Bay Marine National park which is situated near Phang Nga Bay is declared as a Ramsar site in the year 2002. Different communities of people co-exist in this area. We find some incredible flora and fauna.

The Phang Nga Bay would be a great place for boating. We can experience the amazing places in this area.

2. Phuket’s Beaches

Phuket is a province in Thailand that is surrounded by some of the best beaches in the world. Nearly there are 30 beaches around Phuket.

Some beaches that are worth visiting are Kata Beach, Freedom Beach, Kata Noi Beach, Ya Nui Beach, Surin Beach, Paradise Beach, Nai Harn Beach, Bangtao Beach, Patong Beach, Karon Beach.

3. Big Buddha Phuket

The Big Buddha Phuket is located on the top of the Nakkerd Hills. It is visible from most of the southern part of Phuket as the height of the statue was 45 meters.

The statue was built with reinforced concrete and Marble from Burma in the year 2004. It was inscribed with messages from the donors of the project.

Near to the statue, there is a golden image 12 meters in height, although it is an image made up of Brass.

The atmosphere around this place is very peaceful and also it offers a 360 degrees view of the province.

As this site is seen as a religious site, we should maintain a proper dress’s code. Big Buddha Phuket also consists of restaurants that offer Seafood.

4. Similan Islands

Similan is an Archipelago situated in the Andaman sea. These Islands are a part of the Phuket province of Thailand. We can experience clear blue water in the surroundings of the Similan Islands.

White Coral sand beaches are a major attraction here. We can find the most spectacular coral growths beneath the waters here. Piles of stones have collectively lain between the boundaries of water and land.

Similan Islands are best known for diving. These Islands are covered with thick forests with trees like Ironwood and Gumtree.

Animals that live in these dense forests include Monkeys, Squirrels, Bats, Lizards, and a variety of Birds. You can also visit Koh Similan National Park in Similan Islands.

5. Island -hopping around Phuket

Island Hopping in Phuket is an amazing experience during our trip to Thailand. The islands surrounding Phuket are unique in their own way.

Some islands are known for their scenic beauty, while others offer us an opportunity for watersports. Koi Phi Phi is an island that has emerald green water surrounding it.

We can find limestone cliffs, white-sand beaches. Koe Hae, Ko Hong, Surin, Koh Racha Yai are the series of islands where we can go hopping in Phuket.

This would be a great experience due to the incredible scenic beauties of the islands. Most importantly, many of these islands are not habituated. So, we can find a fresh and peaceful atmosphere here.

6. Simon Cabaret Show

The Simon Cabaret show was started since the year 1991 in Phuket, Thailand. This show offers evening shows of live music, dance, and comedy by a group of Transgender people.

The major highlights of the Phuket Simon show are the Choreography, the costumes of the artists, incredible backgrounds, change of setting is rapid depending upon the show ongoing.

Importantly this show is a family entertaining one where children enjoy themselves throughout the show.

Simon Cabaret Show features the traditional and modern art forms from different parts of the world. When you visit Phuket, make sure that you visit this show in the evening times.

7. James Bond Island

It was originally named Koh Tapu. James Bond Island is a very famous and must-visit Island in Phuket. It got its international fame due to its featuring in the James Bond Film

It is a protected area of Ao Phang Nga Marine National Park. Hence, boats are not allowed into this area.

Most of this island are covered with deciduous and evergreen forests. If you love to watch James Bond movies, then this the best place to visit.

8. Spa/ Massage

In Asia, we find spa culture as most useful for our physical health and mental health and to find peace of mind.

As we know Thailand is famous for Spa and Massage centers, we find many of them in Phuket.Thai massage can range from an hour to a day-long depending upon our choice.

Some of the best Spa treatments in Thailand are Beauty treatments, Body scrubs and wraps, Hydrotherapy, Reflexology, Acupressure, Steam and Sauna, Swedish massage.

Thai massage, Total Health, and Beauty programs. The Spa in Thailand varies from luxurious 5-star ones to 3 bed normal massage.

9. Koh Panyee

It is a mini fishing community living on a small island. This village mostly consists of limestone cliffs. Children here are provided with informal education.

We find many young tourist guides who are ready to show different locations. Koh Panyee is always standing as a lunch stop for many tourists who explore through islands of Phuket.

There are seafood restaurants are present in this village. We can go for day trips on the island and wander around it to grasp the spirit of the area.

10. Thai Boxing

Muay Thai is Thai boxing which is a national sport is famous here. This sport has historical importance in Thailand. Muay Thai was developed over hundreds of years to take its present form.

Tourists who visit Phuket enjoy boxing matches. There are three levels of training in Muay Thai- beginners, intermediate, professional.

The classes usually take place depending upon the capabilities of students. The trainers here are retired Boxers of Thailand.

11. Jet skis

There are many beaches where we can hire machines for Jetskis. It would be more than fun to enjoy the rides in the warm water of Phuket beaches.

However, before going for Jet skis be sure of the following things. If you want to ride, then you must have a license. So, make sure you carry one. The cost of the Jet skis would be high.

Additionally, there are a lot of scams that take place regarding damage to the machines. So be careful while going for a ride. Some people may even frown due to the noise of the machine and high temperatures.


Phuket of Thailand experiences high temperatures throughout the year. The beaches around Phuket offer us major tourist attractions, and we can find some places for recreation.

Wat Chalong and Phuket Temples, Phuket night Market, Bangla road, Phuket beach clubs, Old Phuket Town, Elephant sanctuaries, Phuket Wake Park, Koh Sirey are some interesting places you can visit in Phuket.

Activities like Scuba diving, Snorkeling, Surfing, Kite surfing are what you would love the most if you love adventurous places.

10 Best Things To Do in San Francisco


Planning to visit somewhere for vacation in California, San Francisco is one of the liveliest and vibrant city. The city has a high population density in the country, second only to New York.

From taking a tour of the breath taking Golden Gate Bridge to shopping at the Union Square or getting to party with the locals it is a city that will lure you keep visiting and exploring.

10 Best Things To Do in San Francisco

With so many great and fun things to do, here are the top 10 best things to do in San Francisco ad attractions you shouldn’t miss. Grab your favourite ice cream from the city’s oldest brand It’s It and get ready to explore.

1. Go across The Golden Gate Bridge

A beautiful sight to behold between San Francisco Bay and Marin Country is the world famous Golden Gate Bridge.

It was opened in 1937 and was inaugurated as the longest suspension bridge of that time. Declared as one of the modern wonders of the world, this bridge was the biggest bridge ever built.

Thousands of people not just use it to cross across the bay rather to photograph it and admire the beaut.

It is even more thrilling to take a bike ride about the bridge. It is easy to rent a bike near the area, or you can bring your own bike. Make sure you abide by the rules, the laws of the bridges for bikes.

Additionally you can also sail under the Golden Gate Bridge, with over a dozen companies offering service. It is no less an experience than walking over the bridge.

2. Chinese Cuisines in Chinatown

San Francisco hosts the largest Chinese community outside of Asia and Chinatown is the San Francisco’s oldest.

One of the major attractions of this area is the food, you won’t regret spending half of the day exploring food varieties.

You get a good lot of restaurant options to choose from, but in the top of the list stand the best places such as ‘Good Mong Kok Bakery’, Dim Sum Bistro, Hing Lung Company, Z & Y Restaurant and Sam Wo Restaurant.

You should visit one of these restaurants to get the taste of authentic Chinese food, which are sumptuous and wonderful.

Chinatown holds an influential position both historically and culturally, since its establishment in 1848 in San Francisco, California, home to Chinese immigrants from west side of the Pearl River delta.

If you happen to visit the city during Autumn Moon festival you can visit this Chinese festival for free

3. The Golden Gate Park

The Golden Gate Park sees around 13million visitors each year. If you are in San Francisco and are wondering where to go, this is it.

The park is spread over a vast area of 1,017 acres and has numerous options to explore have fun and relax.

It has lakes, picnic spots, playgrounds, monuments and garden that not only tourists enjoy but locals as well.

The Golden Gate Park is never empty owing to the plethora of events and activities that take place here all round the year.

It is also at times open to private functions like weddings or special events, if you were in search of a beautiful gardens to host an event, you can make your bookings.

The stunning scenery and greenery is worth your time, its picturesque and the perfect place to do a photo-shoot.

4. Ogle the Architecture at the Palace of Fine arts

Inspired by ancient Greek and Roman architecture, the grand Palace of fine arts was built in 1919 was originally constructed for the Panama-Pacific Exposition to display fine arts.

The palace when reflected in the lagoon near it, is a sight to behold. It’s about the tiny details, statues and intricate carvings as much as it is about the huge dome like structure.

The view at night is also spectacular and is all lit up and you should stay back to also get a view of the Palace at night.

The water surrounding the Palace has many types of wildlife including ducks, swans, geese and racoons.

The palace has been seen in a few movies like ‘Vertigo’ (1985), ‘Time after Time’ (1979) and Indian movies like ‘My name is Khan’ (2010).

5. Explore the Union Square

The Union Square is the most visited area in San Francisco moreover in all of United States.

The neighbourhood owes its liveliness to all the high-end retail outlets that attracts shopping enthusiasts, art galleries that attract art lovers, fancy hotels and cafes and very active nightlife.

Time and often, many live events are held at Union Square and hence making it lively all around the year and one of the best things to do in San Francisco.

It is not just a major tourist attraction but also a vital cosmopolitan gathering place in downtown San Francisco.

You shouldn’t miss this neighbourhood if you wish to get a taste of partying with the locals and of the nightlife.

6. Spot the Wild Parrots

Starting from Coit Tower to 400 miles up to Telegraph Hill steps scoping out the trees is home to flock of Wild Parrots, but it’s not the sole place you can find them.

You can find a flock of wild cherry-headed conure parrots roaming around most of San Francisco.

The Coit Tower stands on the top of Telegraph Hill. To get a bird’s eye view of the city take an elevator to the top of tower.

7. Enjoy a Day at the Presidio of San Francisco

The Presidio Park is situated on the northern tip of the San Francisco and falls under the Golden Gate Recreation Area. Formerly a U.S. military base, the Presidio of San Francisco is now a Park.

You can get a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean and overlook the Golden Gate as well. This site is also a recognized California Historical Landmark.

This 1,500 acre park is considered a major recreational hub, it has forested areas, scenic overlook and a golf course.

The ownership of this area was initially held by the Spanish, which moved to the Mexicans in 1821 and finally United States over took the ownership in 1948.

8. Take in the View from Twin Peaks

The Twin peaks in San Francisco were initially called “Los Pechos de la Choca” translating to ‘Breasts of the Maiden’.

The Twin Peaks are a world famous tourist attraction and offer a breath taking view of the bay area.

The two peaks are adjacent to each other and stand at 922 feet tall. At points you can overlook the picturesque city from the hill top.

It is home to animals and a great variety of plants as you make your way up to the top you will spot plenty.

If you are lucky you might even spot the endangered mission butterfly while you going up.

There is also a 64 acre park that will surely give you a rough idea of how the city looked before the development took place that you see in the urban area.

9. Explore Modern Art in the City

The first ever museum in this part of the country that showcased only modern art was the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

There are art works of paintings, sculptures, photographs and architecture on display. Around 29,000 pieces of works are on display that will definitely capture you heart.

The Museum is around 80 years old and the art works were initially housed along with the war Memorial Veterans in the War Memorial Veterans Building, before shifting to its current location.

10. Go to Angel Island

Angel Island is the second largest island in the bay. A very small population of about 60 people live permanently on the island.

You have to take a ferry from San Francisco to reach the island from San Francisco bay and once you reach, you can either take an open air tram to enjoy the scenic beauty or take a Segway tour of the island.

The island offers a serene experience and picturesque view of the San Francisco skyline, the Marin county Headlands and Mount Tamaplais.

To fill that appetite you will find some fantastic and cosy cafes and bars serving delicious food.

You might even come across a live concert or events, is a common sight. Although it would be better if you check out online, the events if any, for your visiting day and make sure you go when a lots happening.


San Francisco has a lot to offer hence is one of the busiest and frequented places in the U.S. A rooftop bar or café is always pleasing, it subsequently offers a great view of the city.

Check out a few of the always active rooftop bars that the city has to offer for instance Everdence, El Techno de Lolinda to enjoy the atmosphere and yummy drinks.

The city is famous for its restaurants and is home to a few of the best chefs in the country, make sure you get your menu.

11 Best Things To Do in Paris


There is no other place like Paris on earth. It is a great destination with a magnificent history, delicious food, incredible culture and lots of magic in its air. We understand that it can be very overwhelming to decide what all to see when planning your trip to Paris. Hence, here we are making it easier for you to plan your trip to the magical city of Paris! Let’s get started!

11 Best Things To Do in Paris

Paris is well known as cultural capital of Europe and probably of our world. Paris worked really hard to attract visitors ever since their street lights turned on some few hundred years ago, making it the City of Light! Here is a list of best things that one can do when in Paris.

1 – Have A Picnic Along The Seine River

If the weather is pleasant when you visit Paris you can picnic alongside the Seine river as the Parisians do. Most of the things in Paris require active involvement so taking a break to relax and enjoy the beautiful view while eating local delicacies is a great way to witness this grand city. Take a break from the extremely crowded tourist attractions and experience and witness Paris in its utmost beauty. Best places for picnic are on Lle de la Cité which is one of the small islands within Seine river and the Pont des Arts bridge. We recommend picnic at evening as you will probably hear musicians playing in the background. If you are not a picnic person then you can get a drink at one of their open boat restaurants or cafés that are docked alongside the river.

2 – Visit The Louvre With A Guide

Louvre is the largest museum in the world and here reside very fabric of western civilization that makes this museum extremely significant to society. The licensed tour guides and Louvre study all their lives in the tribute of great artists, sculptures and warlords who moulded our society. You can join a guided tour to dive into to the artwork and really understand the feelings and thoughts of these world renowned artists. Paris is so much more in its depth and this experience will definitely alter your perception of life.

3 – Take A Tour Of The Paris Catacombs

The City of Light stands above tunnels full of bones! That’s right, these catacombs in Paris although sound gross and spooky but are an integral part of Parisian history. In fact, it is one of the top things to do in Paris. People take tours to these creatively stacked tunnels that contain bones of more than 6 million people! Not only that, Paris catacombs are legit the largest grave of the world.

4 – Take A Trip To The Château De Versailles

The Palace of Versailles definitely counts as one of the most visited places in Paris and for all the good reasons. Although revolutionaries outed all the last French kings and queens but we have to agree that leaving this magnificent piece of architecture alone was a good thing after all. People can retrace footsteps of Mary Antoinette and other historical figures along with enjoying the grandeur of former royal palace. In their hall of mirrors, chandeliers reflect in more than 300 mirrors. Ensure that you also visit the magnificent gardens of Versailles. They are are meticulously manicured and occupy about 2,000 acres of land.

5 – Walk Through Montmartre

Montmartre is a Paris neighbourhood located on the top of a hill in in North part of this great City. It is also known as village due to its windings trees that gives off small town feels. Ensure that you visit their Sacre Coeur Basilica which is a religious monument that people often overlook. The best way to discover this part of Paris is getting off the nearby metro station and wandering through the beautiful streets of Montmartre. Instead of planning out every single detail of your visit, roam around freely to authentically discover this charming neighborhood of Paris.

6 – Watch The Eiffel Tower Twinkling At Night

How can your trip to Paris be complete without the Eiffel Tower?! Everyone visiting Paris plans to see the great Eiffel Tower during some point of their trip. And although it’s obvious that the tower is lit up every night but very few people know that it twinkles for straight 5 minutes every hour in the evening. We don’t have to tell you that it is a magical site. The tower looks even more magnificent if you’re standing quite close to it. The “twinkling time” varies depending on the time of year that you are visiting because it happens only after sundown. The gasps and exclamations of “ooh” and “aah” fill the crowd as soon as twinkling begins. It is indeed truly a mesmerizing scene.

7 – Explore Musee D’Orsay

Musee D’Orsay is one of the most famous museums within Paris. Its housed within former Gare d’Orsay which is a Beaux-Arts railway station which makes it a stunning location for the museum. It is house of French art from 1848 to 1949 and showcase the biggest collection of impressionist as well as post impressionist masterpieces that there is! Here you can see great work from masters such as Manet, Degas, Money, Renoir and Van Gogh. It is undoubtedly one of the most famous Paris museums.

8 – Wander through the Louvre

It is mostly well renowned for Leonardo da Vinci’s  Mona Lisa. If you are visiting Louvre, you can expect a very crowded room where people are desperately trying to get the photo of this magnificent artwork which is guarded safely behind thick plastic barrier along with crowd distancing parimeter. Your trip to Paris should definitely have Louvre on the cards not only because it is on almost everyone’s bucket list but especially if you you are an artist or enjoy. Other than Mona Lisa, its iconic exterior is what makes it worthy of a visit too.

9 –  Visit Place de la Concorde

Place de la Concorde is the biggest square within French capital Paris and measures around 7.6 hectares. It is on the eastern end of Champs-Elysees. In 1789, during French revolution, statue of Louis XV was torn down renaming the area Place de la Revolution. And the revolutionary government then erected a guillotine here. It was also here on 21st January 1783, King Louis XVI was executed.

Moreover, it was also where numerous notable public executions were held including Mary Antoinette! The centre is occupied by giant Egyptian obelisk which is decorated with the hieroglyphics which exalt the reign of Pharoah Ramesses II. These were two in number and was given to the French by the Egyptian government in 19th century. The roman numerals that are are present on the pavement are said to be the numbers of giant sundial and the shadow of its obelisk operates to tell time.

10 – Visit Disneyland Paris

Another fun way to spend your day at Paris is a trip to Paris Disneyland. It is a perfect idea for adults and little kids alike. Although other activities in Paris can take up a lot of your time but if you have a spare day then you can totally visit Disneyland and have a great deal of fun!

11 – Take a day trip to Versailles

If you wish to get out of the heart of Paris for a day then you can visit Palace of Versailles. The place offers great insight into the Paris history and is simply gorgeous. There are many places to explore so ensure you give enough time to all of them. We also recommend purchasing your tickets beforehand as their queue can be very long.


Paris is one city that almost everyone wish to visit at least once in their lifetime and we totally get it. Paris is a magnificent, grand city which offer not only intellectual sights but delicious food too. It is a unique blend of history and beauty.

If you are planning a trip to Paris it is quite important that you plan your trip wisely in order to gain maximum pleasure from your visit. You can start with the major tourist attractions that include museums, food places and gardens.

But in case you are someone who like to do things their own way, you can choose to sit around the river or take a personal tourist guide to witness the city more authentically. We hope that this article was useful. Thank you for reading!