11 Best Things to Do in Miami


Miami is a location that is known as a famous vacation spot in Florida. Now if you have never been to Miami then you definitely should because the place is beautiful. If you have never been there then you won’t know all the good spots to visit. This is why we are writing this article for you. It will help you explore the best places that Miami has to offer in addition to their beautiful beaches.

It has a lot more to offer than just beaches. There is history, sports, culture and entertainment too. Museums and little Havana are also present. There is so much to do and many people miss out on it. We do not want you to miss out on these little beauties. So pay attention to this article.

11 Best Things to Do in Miami, FL

Here are the 11 Best Things to Do in Miami, FL. Read through the entire article please so that you know all the good spots to visit in Miami. So let us get started with the first one without any further delay.

1. Miami Beach

Well we have all heard of Miami Beach. These are located on the barrier islands and connected to the mainland using bridges. This is a luxury place where you need to spend cash. The hotels here are expensive and they offer great service and great view. You can enjoy sunbathing in the beach. The Art Deco buildings here are also a tourist attraction. The beautiful place is so peaceful and you get to enjoy the finest food here too. The experience is wholesome.

2. Art Deco Historic District

This is also located near the Miami Beach. Even if you do not want to go to the beach, you should visit this place. To say that it is beautifully artistic is an understatement. The south beach neighbourhood is dominated by the architecture style of the 1930s and 1940s. The buildings are in pastel colours and the neon signs are a treat to see. If you are interested you can also stay at one of these places. Some Art Deco Buildings still function as a hotel. They have much more character than modern hotels.

3. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

This was initially the home of a 20th century industrialist. His name was James Deering. It was built in 1916, there are 36 rooms in the mansion. There is also a central courtyard. Over a thousand workers were brought from Europe to design and built the Vizcaya Museum. The design is authentic and beautiful and before entering you will definitely admire the mansion in itself. The Renaissance style mansion is filled with furniture and decorative arts. They are from the 15th and 19th century. The garden has beautiful Italian fountains and sculptures. It is going to make for a very beautiful stroll after you have seen the museum.

4. Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park is a short drive from the Miami Beach. It has the most precious natural features of Miami preserved there. This is a swamp land and is the home to many alligators, crocodiles, snakes and birds. The park has a Broadway and walking trails so that the visitors can view the wildlife. The most famous trail here is the Anhinga Trail. Many people visit and many people witness the animals. There is also the option of an air boat tour that you can opt for. The tour will take the visitors into the marshes and swamps to see crocodiles and alligators.

5. Zoo Miami

This is a big zoo. It houses over 3000 wild animals along with 40 endangered species. Animals are not secluded to their particular place with one breed only. They are placed with other animals who they can peacefully co exist with. You can also feed giraffes in this zoo. This is a great experience for the kids. A lot if trees and plants are also found in the zoo. A lot of orchids are especially found here that draw the attention of the visitors. This is a place to go with your family. You will surely enjoy it.

6. Jungle Island

This is a bird sanctuary as well as a wildlife habitat. And if that wasn’t enough to convince you, it is also a botanical garden. Parrots and other exotic birds fly around the area and they also take part in regular shows. There are a lot of animals in this place too like tortoise, tiger, monkeys, baboons, alligators, orangutans are also a large part of the attraction. 2000 varieties of botanical plants are found here too. Animal interactions is also an attraction of the Jungle Island. You should definitely visit the place if you are in Miami. You won’t regret it.

7. Deering Estate at Cutler

This is a former home of Charles Deering. This area is protecting globally endangered pine rock land habitat, coastal tropical hardwood rock land  hammocks, salt marshes, mangrove forests, and a coastal dune island. Charles Deering was a collector of art. He and his brother James whom we have mentioned before collected a lot of precious art. Some of them are displayed here. Deering also painted himself and considered himself an artist. So some of his worlds are also displayed along with the others. After all this was his house in the first place.

8. Coral Castle

This has a unique story behind it too. The coral castle is built by a man with a hobby of carving using his own homemade tools. He did this for 28 years. The man was Edward Leedskalnin. He created this magnificent collection from limestone. He kept this methods private. He did not allow anyone to watch. So no one actually knew how he did it. Today you can tour the property if you want to and see the beautiful sculptures. There are several other pieces are carvings too that holds the attention of the visitors. The fact that this was done by one man is also more fascinating and his secret methods only add fuel to the fire.

9. Freedom Tower

This is a striking monumental structure that you will find in Miami. The tower is built in a wedding cake style. It was built back in 1925 so you can say that it is among the oldest skyscrapers. It was also the headquarters of the Miami daily news for many years. It is named freedom tower because thousands of Cuban refugees in 1960 came and was processed as immigrants here. It is now used as a part of contemporary art museum. If you are interested you can visit this place of history.

10. Key Biscayne and Crandon Park

The Key Biscayne lies beyond Miami Beach and over the Rickenbacker Causeway. It is a small community of beaches and parks. The place is very beautiful and peaceful. Not many people go there so you can enjoy yourself there. Crandon Park is one of the most beautiful park of the region. It is the perfect spot for swimming too if you so want. The park also has a family amusement centre so be sure to take your family there for a fun time.

11. Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science

We are ending the list with a museum. If it is a rainy day or you want to do something other than going to the beach then go to this museum of science because there are a lot of interesting things here for people of all ages. The unique specimens here are something to look at. The place is for families so it has all sorts of things to keep you entertained. The museum has 4 parts – the aquarium, planetarium and travel exhibits. The viewing process of the museum is fun and we absolutely loved it. We are sure you will too.


We hope that you have got a lot of information from this article. This has been a great experience of writing this article for you too. Take notes and do not miss out on the superb spots that you can visit in Miami. We wish that you have a good journey and you make the most out of it. Please do share this article with others too if you think that it will help them. Thank you so much once again. Safe journey!


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