13 Best Things To Do In London


London is one of the most visited cities in England. If you are planning your trip to London then you need to know which places to visit should be at the top of your list. That’s why we have brought this article here today to make sure that you get the list of the best place for a visit in London, England.

13 Best Things To Do In London (England)

We hope that you will like this article. The city has a lot to offer. We have listed the 13 best places for you to visit when you are in the city. So without any further ado let’s get right into this article.

1. Westminster

This is the political hub of London. The House of Parliament and Big Ben is located here. They are both iconic spots that are known all over the world. The Westminster Abbey is also present here.

These are some of the greatest attractions that you can find here. Parliament Square is also a great place for you to check out the statues there. Nelson Mandela and Winston Churchill are some of the leaders featured there.

2. London Eye

The London eye is iconic. If you are wondering it is a good place to see the city from the giant Ferris wheel. It was built to construct the millennium. At night the wheel is lit so that it can create the center of attraction for the city.

You can take a private pod so that you can share some beautiful moments with your beloved or a special someone. This is a must visit when you are going to London. The scene is one very gorgeous and worthy to spend on.

3. Soho

The Soho is the sex center of the city. As crude as it sounds, its absolutely true. There are several night clubs here as well as sex shops. This is also considered as the best spot for the LGBTQ community.

There are several gays and lesbian night clubs that you can visit if you want. Or you can also enjoy the night life at Soho with its risque vibe. Jazz bars, theatres as well as night clubs are popular here.

4. Hampstead Heath

This is also one of the greatest attraction of London. It is a park if you are wondering. It is at the highest point of London. It spreads across 790 acres. It is an excellent view from the hill. It has grassy fields and large ponds too. There are plenty of small wildlife that you see around the woods. It is a very peaceful spot for a tour.

5. Thames Cruise

We all know that the Thames is the longest river of England. It can also be said as the lifeline of the city. It has been a great place of strategic importance too. During the world wars the river Thames came as a really handy strategic position to have under your control. You can now take a cruise across the Thames. There are many companies offering this cruise.

6. Baker Street

To all the Sherlock Holmes fans out there. You need to visit this place. It might as well be the best place for you to visit. There Is a Sherlock Holmes museum located in the region too. Pop in for a quick visit. Madame Tussades wax museum is also around the corner if you are interested in wax figures.

7. Brixton Academy

There are venues for live music all over London. However one of the best one of the venues for live music is Brixton academy. The academy opened in 1929 when it was originally called Astoria. Fifty years later it became the academy and now it hosts few of the best pop and rock acts in the whole world. The Smiths played their final performance here. Even Madonna performed here.

8. The O2

The O2 was also constructed in terms of the millennium celebration. It once acted as am exhibition center for various items and activities. Now it is a big venue of live music.

They host very popular stars. The O2 has a cinema and bar too. You will literally be completely entertained if you go there. You can climb to the top of the O2 and then take the Emirates Air line which is a cable car across the water.

9. Brick Lane

You might have heard about a book of the same name. It is what makes this lane so famous. It is the heart of the Bangladeshi community here. It has a kind of a mixed atmosphere because of the mixing of culture.

You can find a variety of delicious curries here in the curry houses. There are also shops selling traditional and typical south Asian dessert. If you are a foody who likes to taste food of different culture then you must come here.

10. Galleries

This city is probably the best city for the art lovers. Most of the galleries are free to visit including the National gallery. These galleries have the best of the classical and contemporary art. Vinci, Turner, Van Gough is all found in this gallery.

You can visit the Tate Modern on the South Bank for a collection of fascinating and interesting modern art. The galleries themselves are works of art. If you love art you will surely love visiting all of these galleries.

11. Harrods

It is a department store. But not just any department store. It is the department store of the rich and the elite. The Royal Family is a patron of harrods so I think that you pretty much understand how much of a big deal this is. There are Indulgent delicacies that you will find here.

You can visit this place if you want, even if you don’t want to buy anything. The building itself is very big and ranged over a few floors. You can very well get lost in it so be careful. Good luck!

12. Museums

There are a number of museums in London. If you like visiting to museums then you won’t be left hanging. The Natural  History Museum is the first one you should visit. There are several ancient fossils and stuffed animals that you can see here. It is all very fascinating if you are into this stuff.

You can go to the Science Museum next. Then go to Victoria and Albert Museum which will take you through cultural history. You can probably find a lot of art students in this museum sketching or wandering around.  Finally you should go to the British museum. Exploring all these museums can be a whole lot fun.

13. Buckingham Palace

You can not really claim to have visited London if you do not visit the Buckingham Palace. You might be wondering why it is in the last place. That’s because we saved the best for the last.

It has the largest private garden in all of London and has about 775 rooms. This was built for the royal family. It has been their home ever since. Some places of the palace is open for the public. You can catch a glimpse of the royal lifestyle once.


We hope that this article has been useful to you. We Included the best spots we could think of. Tell us if you have found this article useful in the comment section below. Hopefully, you will enjoy your tour. We just wish that this article turned out to be helpful to you.

Please do share it with your friends and family who are planning a trip to the United kingdom or specifically London. Thank you so much once again for reading this article. Have a great day! And a safe journey!


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