Best Things to Do in Brussels


Brussels is one of the greater cities in Europe yet it has been constantly overlooked. The city is both modern and historic at the same time. It’s ornate and sleek yet busy and quiet. Brussels has various personalities within a few blocks itself. There is always something new and different awaiting at each turn. The city keep prompting people to revisit.

In case you are wondering what is so special about the city, then we have come up with an article just to show all the great things Brussels has in store for you. Our guide not only shed knowledge on why Brussels should be your next holiday destination but it also helps you in planning your trip. Now, without any further ado, let’s dive right into it!

Best things to do in Brussels

Starting from comics to fine arts and from churches to bear crawl there are more than a handful of things that one can do in Brussels. If you are someone who do not know how to plan a trip to New places, don’t worry we have got your back. Here is our list of the best things that one can do when in Brussels. You can go through the places mentioned here one by one and then decide which one is more luring to you. Or you can try visiting places outside your comfort zone to make this trip different than your previous adventures.

Let’s get started!

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1 – Grand Place

Our first suggestion to visit when in Brussels is the buildings of Grand Place. It is the heart of the city. Once you enter the square it is tough not to get overwhelmed by how beautiful these historic buildings are. Everywhere one can look tourist are chatting, picnicking, or searching for a prime spot for their late afternoon bear. You will see people clicking selfies and trying to grasp everything that the place has to offer. Grand place is worth at least one visit if not more.

2 – Manekeen Pis

Second entry on our list is the quirky Manekeen Pis. If you are planning to visit Brussel then Manekeen Pis is a site that you must see. The place has a famous statue of two feet tall peeing boy which is photographed by everyone from professional businessman to the high school students.

The statue is quite historic as it dates back to the year 1619. There are two other statues one offer dog peeing while the other is of a little girl who is also peeing but Manekeen Pis’s statue is comparatively more popular. Now you must be curious about why the peeing status are so famous all around the world. To get an answer you must go there and look for it yourself.

3 – Comic book route

One thing that you’ll love to see in Brussels is its street art. From Northern Ireland to Nashville you will be able to track down the artistic expressions and political murals.

You must have seen street art at many places but it’s different in Brussels as they have created a comic book route and established different levels of tribute for their authors and local comic characters. These art works are found in around 50 spots of the city.

4 – The Bourse

The main attraction of the place is its inside as it had been an empty place for a decade or so. Therefore, now they started using the place for special exhibit which range from immersive experiences about everything to photography retrospective from Vincent Van Goghs’ work to ancient city of Pompeii’s ruining. Also, work is going on in order to set a beer museum by 2023.

5 – Le Cirio

At le Cirio you can check out the café culture of Brussel. This café caters both to tourists and the locals alike and was set up back in the year 1886. When you reach the inside of the café you’ll be astonished to see artwork from the time when the place was opened and unique pieces such as polished brass. If you wish you can also go outside and enjoy the patio.

6 – Mont Des arts

Mont Des arts are the hills of the arts. One can enjoy mostly every conceivable artistic activity in the area of separation of the upper and the lower parts of the city. There are movies at cinematek, concerts at Bozar, exhibitions at Royal museum of the fine arts and the musical instrument museum. One of the most popular area of the city is the geometric garden. Overall the place is perfect for someone who wish to offer themselves some satisfaction on their visit to a new place.

6 – Cinquantenaire park

Even though Brussels is a metropolitan city and that too a really busy one, it still has some green places that offer some inner satisfaction. The city stays best when it’s a sunny day since most of the days have weather which is unpredictable. Therefore, there are places where one can go and spend some quality time when the weather is fair. One prime place to visit is the Cinquantenaire park. The place is not only good for picnic, cycling and laughing but it’s also home to Royal Museum Bo’s Armed forces and military history.

8 – The Black tower

Wrapped by modern buildings, behind the saint Catherine is something that your eyes will praise –  squat medieval tower. Due to its location it has been getting really popular these days. The tower dates back to the 13th century with black turret and rounded walls. It has been part of original fortification. It has withstand numerous redevelopment waves for over 800 years but still it stands there as a piece of great art that provides a sense satisfaction to all its viewers.

9 – Museums

This entry is for all art lovers who travel to different destinations in hope of discovering new art. One museum that you should visit for sure is the Magritte museum. Especially if you are more into surrealism, pop art and the like rather than the Renaissance paintings and such. The museum displays over 200 Magrittes’ original works. It has been a part of The Royal museum of fine arts of Belgium which also has modern museum, old master museum and others on its list.

10 – Christmas market

The last item on our list is the great Christmas market of Brussels. With Christmas coming along, Brussels comes alive. You can find market with chalets decked with tons of Christmas trees, decorations and lights. Best Christmas market have vendors selling candy and gifts, champagne, oyster and much more. Along side the market many other activities are carried out. some of them are dramatic light shows and skating rink. Saint Catherine is the one that invites a huge crowd every night. The neverending shows, parades, concerts, and other events allow people to know that something festive is really happening in and around the place.

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In conclusion, Brussels is a great place to pack and leave to. It is beautiful, positive, and absolutely serene. People can get lost in its uniqueness and diversity in no time. You can visit the city either alone or with friends or family but we guarantee you a great time. From art lovers to nature lovers there is something for everyone that the city has to offer. It is a shame that it is many times overlooked in comparison to other cities of Europe. But Brussels is just as fun and aesthetic as any other top tourist attraction in Europe.

We created our list keeping in mind all sorts of people. The list is supposed to show you the specialty of the city and why you should visit it. Along with making your trip planning easier and quicker. We hope that this article was useful. Thank you for reading!


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