Best Things to Do in Budapest


In our opinion, one will struggle to find a place more laid back than Central Budapest. There are non-existential  curfews and venues popping within abandoned buildings along with great street food and drinker spelling out onto pavements. It is a fun city break to take with friends and young families.

It is a great destination to visit at least once in a lifetime. Irrespective of what your dream vacation looks like, Budapest has something for everyone in stock. From great outdoor spas to the best nightlife possible with great quick bites and lavish restaurants, Hungary’s favourite fun loving capital has it all.

Best Things to Do in Budapest

In case you are unable to plan your trip to the most fun city ever, then we are here to make it easier for you. Go through our article and find places you wish to visit. Or you can try visiting all of them to make this trip a little outside your comfort zone for good. Here is our list of top tourist activities one can enjoy in Budapest. Enjoy!

1 – Szimpla kert

Also known as the Ruin bar, Szimpla kert is the city’s one of the most famous places. Szimpla kert was opened in the year 2001 in the Jewish quarter and at that moment it set the night life standards. After its launch many other night clubs came up but still Szimpla kert is known to be the original. If you go there then don’t forget to order yourself a shot of Unicum which is a traditional herbal liquor of Hungary. And if you taste it once then it will be very hard to forget it.

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2 – Szecheniya spa baths

If you are all stressed out and looking for something that is peaceful and soothing and can calm your body, then Szecheniya Baths is just the place for you. They provide you with the best massages, luxury spa treatments and saunas that will offer you great inner satisfaction. So, if your body needs some pampering then you can head to Szecheniya during the day time. Although you can also enjoy the treatment at night but it is your choice when you wish to visit.

3 – Castle Hill

You can dedicate one day from your trip to exploring the castle district. We ensure you that you will have great time wandering through their crooked streets while admiring their fabulous structures or indulging in some sweet treats. To be honest a full day cannot be enough to explore this magnificent part of Budapest. The atmosphere is very soothing specially during the night. Another reason for visiting castle hill during night is because the place is clear of the tourist crowd and feels even more surreal, magnificent and grand. Its romantically lit architecture provide great backdrop for clicking unique pictures to look back at.

4 – Buda Castle

Sitting on the top of the Castle Hill is a spectacular palace formed in the 13th century- the Buda Castle. Buda Castle contains Castle museum, Hungarian national gallery and the national Szecheniya library. In fact, its a site of UNESCO world heritage. There are many things to do within Buda Castle. A trip to Budapest without visiting Buda Castle is incomplete if you ask us.

5 – Hospital in the Rock

Underneath Buda Castle, Hospital in the Rock is the most unique as well as fascinating attraction for tourist within Budapest. It was originally built as secret military hospital whereas nowadays it is the biggest waxwork exhibition in Hungary. It has more than 40 figures as well as original machinery along with furniture that still works. This place was built within 10 kilometres long cave. It was first used during World war II and its halls were used as refuges. We are sure that these factoids are enough to prompt you to visit Hospital in the Rock.

6 – Budapest History Museum

Exhibitions within Budapest history Museum mainly focus on their turbulent history of over 2000 years of city that is now known as Budapest. Through these exhibits you will get to know about the the once separated Buda, Pest and Obuda. The Museum is free to visit using the Budapest card. Although most of the exhibits got lost during World war II but still there are many fascinating items put on display. You will see furniture, photos, clothes, books, graphics, tools used every day and many more things within the museum. If you you like studying history and are interesting in Budapest then Budapest History Museum is a great place to visit within the Buda Castle on Castle Hill.

7 – Hungarian Presidential Palace

Located at top next to Buda Castle, it is the residence of of the president. People will see military soldiers guarding this place. Tourist are allowed to take pictures but entry within the palace is prohibited. As a building it is interesting but not that eye catchy. Although their official changing of guards ceremony makes it worth a visit.

8 – Visit Parliament

Its city’s one of the most popular landmarks. Budapest’s national Parliament building requires only a 45 minutes tour all around. Gorgeous paintings, ornate statues and gothic revival architecture are the reason for the game of room 691 of the building. So if you want to know the political history of Budapest then surely you must visit the Parliament house. In case you are looking for a fun getaway to relax then you may wish to avoid this one.

9 – Stroll along the Danube

If you want some relaxation and calming of your mind then a boat trip for an hour down the Danube will do it especially if it’s a night trip. Banks of Danube are also a part of UNESCO world heritage site. You can enjoy yourself sitting under the twinkling stars or the evening sky along with some cocktail enjoying some of the most magnificent sites.

10 – Gellért Hill

Gallért Hill is counted with Margaret Island, Kopaszi Dam, and the Buda Hills. It is a great place for hiking with kids or even friends. While taking in the beautiful scenery, you can also have lunch or some coffee along with a slice of cake somewhere nearby. If you have more than a couple of hours during the trip to Budapest you must include Gallét Hill to your list.

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That was all we had for your Budapest trip. It is not just a fun nightlife party destination. It is a city that represents great history and art. You can have all sorts of fun in Budapest with friends or with family. The top tourist destinations have been mentioned in our article. You can select the places according to your preference or can try visiting all of them to make this trip more unique and different than your previous adventure. Thank you for reading!


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