Explore The Top 10 Best ‘Airbnb Bordeaux’ To Stays Luxurious

Airbnb Bordeaux

Bordeaux, the wine capital of the world, is more than just vineyards and wine tastings. With its charming streets, neoclassical architecture, and vibrant culture, the city offers an immersive French experience.

Finding the right place to stay can elevate your trip from good to unforgettable. Airbnb offers a range of options that cater to all needs and budgets.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into 10 exceptional Airbnb stays in Bordeaux, each with its unique flair and amenities. Whether you’re a solo traveler or vacationing with family, this article has you covered.

Airbnb Bordeaux

Airbnb in Bordeaux: Where to Stay

Feasibility and Variety

Airbnb in Bordeaux presents tourists with diverse lodging choices ranging from quaint, historic apartments in the city center to luxurious estates in the wine country.

Bordeaux’s accommodation through Airbnb often provides more space and privacy compared to traditional hotels, often at a more affordable price.

For visitors interested in wine, staying in an Airbnb near the vineyards of Saint-Émilion or Médoc can enhance the vinicultural experience.

Tips for Choosing the Right Airbnb

  • Location is Key: Decide whether you prefer the bustling city center near Place de la Bourse and La Cité du Vin, or a tranquil retreat in the countryside.
  • Read Reviews: Look for consistent positive feedback, particularly regarding cleanliness and host communication.
  • Check Amenities: Ensure your chosen Airbnb has all the amenities you need, like Wi-Fi, a kitchen, or laundry facilities.

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Top 10 Airbnb Bordeaux to Stay

Planning a trip to Bordeaux? Discover 10 exceptional Airbnb stays in Bordeaux, from cozy studios to luxurious villas. Make your Bordeaux experience unforgettable!

1. Chic Apartment in City Centre

Chic Apartment in City Centre is perfect for travelers who want to be in the heart of Bordeaux. This Airbnb offers a stylishly designed interior with modern amenities such as Wi-Fi, fully equipped kitchen, and a plush queen-sized bed.

You’ll also be just a stone’s throw away from key attractions like Bordeaux Cathedral and Place de la Bourse.

2. Vintage Loft Near the Vineyards

Escape to a Vintage Loft Near the Vineyards for a unique Bordeaux experience. This spacious loft provides a rustic yet modern atmosphere, perfectly blending with Bordeaux’s wine culture. Enjoy your own private wine cellar, complimentary bicycles for vineyard tours, and even a hot tub to relax in after a day of exploration.

3. Riverside Cottage

For a serene, nature-filled stay, look no further than the Riverside Cottage. Located along the Garonne River, this Airbnb allows you to wake up to the sounds of nature. Canoeing, fishing, and riverside picnics are just some of the activities you can enjoy here. The cottage is well-equipped and promises a homely atmosphere.

4. Family-Friendly Townhouse

Travelling with family? The Family-Friendly Townhouse offers ample space for everyone. With three bedrooms, a spacious living room, and a private garden, this Airbnb ensures a comfortable and engaging stay. Board games, children’s books, and a fully-equipped kitchen make it a perfect family vacation spot.

5. Historical Suite in a Château

For a luxurious experience, consider staying in a Historical Suite in a Château. This Airbnb allows you to live like royalty. With antique furniture, chandeliers, and a massive garden, the property takes you back in time, without compromising on modern comforts like Wi-Fi and air conditioning.

6. Cozy Studio in the Arts District

If you’re a solo traveler or a couple, the Cozy Studio in the Arts District is ideal. Situated near galleries, boutiques, and cafes, this Airbnb is a haven for creatives. The compact yet well-designed space includes a comfortable bed, a kitchenette, and even a small workspace.

7. Pet-Friendly Villa With a Pool

For those traveling with pets, the Pet-Friendly Villa with a Pool is a dream come true. This Airbnb offers a large garden, swimming pool, and even a small dog park. The interior is modern, featuring all the amenities you and your furry friend will need.

8. Vintage Caravan in a Farm Setting

Seeking a unique experience? The Vintage Caravan in a Farm Setting allows you to get in touch with Bordeaux’s rural side. Nestled within a working vineyard, this renovated caravan comes with basic amenities and offers a fantastic view of the Bordeaux countryside.

9. Boutique Apartment Near Public Transport

Accessibility is a prime feature of the Boutique Apartment Near Public Transport. This Airbnb is located near tram stations and bus stops, making it convenient for those without a car. Despite its practical location, the apartment offers a chic, quiet ambiance ideal for relaxation.

10. Rooftop Penthouse With Panoramic Views

For a stay that offers breathtaking views of the Bordeaux skyline, consider the Rooftop Penthouse with Panoramic Views. This high-end Airbnb offers a spacious terrace, modern design, and luxurious amenities like a soaking tub and an espresso machine.

Things to Do in Bordeaux

Explore the City Center

Stroll through the historic streets of Bordeaux, starting at the majestic Place de la Bourse, leading to the picturesque waterfront mirror pool, an ideal spot for photography enthusiasts.

The city’s vibrant atmosphere is accentuated by its classical architecture and the numerous cafes and boutiques lining its streets.

Wine Tours and Tastings

No visit to Bordeaux is complete without exploring its vineyards. Join organized tours that take you through lush estates, offering sessions on wine production and tastings of world-class wines.

River Cruises

Take a leisurely cruise along the Garonne River to see Bordeaux from a different perspective. These cruises often include gourmet meals and wine, providing a relaxing way to view the city’s beautiful landscapes.

Culinary Journey: Top 10 Food and Drinking Stops in Bordeaux

  1. La Tupina – A rustic restaurant offering traditional Southwestern French dishes.
  2. Le Chapon Fin – Known for its innovative French cuisine in an Art Nouveau setting.
  3. Marché des Capucins – The perfect spot for fresh produce and local delicacies.
  4. La Cité du Vin – A unique cultural facility dedicated to the world of wine, offering tastings and workshops.
  5. Gordon Ramsay’s Le Pressoir d’Argent – Offers sophisticated dining within the InterContinental Bordeaux.
  6. Chez le Pépère – Features a fantastic selection of regional wines and live music.
  7. L’Entrecôte – Famed for its steak and secret sauce.
  8. Canopée Café – A coffee shop with a focus on organic and fair-trade products.
  9. Brasserie Bordelaise – Specializes in local meats and seafood.
  10. La Belle Epoque – Known for its cozy ambiance and French bistro classics.

Top 5 Beaches near Bordeaux

  1. Arcachon – Famous for its oyster beds and tranquil waters.
  2. Cap Ferret – Offers beautiful sandy stretches and chic dining spots.
  3. Lacanau – Popular for surfing and lively beach bars.
  4. Biscarrosse – Ideal for family outings with various water sports available.
  5. Le Porge – Known for its natural beauty and less crowded space.

Top 5 Museums in Bordeaux

  1. Musée d’Aquitaine – Documents the region’s history and prehistory.
  2. CAPC Musée d’Art Contemporain – Houses contemporary art in a stunning warehouse conversion.
  3. Musée des Beaux-Arts – Features a collection from the Renaissance to the present day.
  4. La Cité du Vin – An immersive wine museum with interactive exhibits.
  5. Maritime Museum – Offers insights into the maritime history of Bordeaux.

Top 5 Castles in Bordeaux

  1. Château de la Brède – Birthplace of philosopher Montesquieu.
  2. Château de Vayres – Known for its Gothic and Renaissance architecture.
  3. Château de Roquetaillade – An impressive medieval castle.
  4. Château Pape Clément – One of the oldest vineyards in Bordeaux.
  5. Château Smith Haut Lafitte – Combines winemaking with art exhibits.

Top 5 Zoos Near Bordeaux

  1. Zoo de Bordeaux Pessac – Located in Pessac, just outside Bordeaux, this zoo hosts a variety of species from around the world and is particularly known for its commitment to conservation.
  2. Zoo du Bassin d’Arcachon – A bit farther from Bordeaux, this smaller zoo in La Teste-de-Buch is great for families, offering intimate encounters with animals and educational programs.
  3. Ferme Exotique – Situated in Cadaujac, this farm-like setting combines the features of a zoo and a petting farm, showcasing both exotic and domestic animals.
  4. Parc de l’Orangerie – While not a zoo in the traditional sense, this park in Strasbourg offers a mini-zoo and stork reintroduction program, making for a delightful day trip.
  5. Parc Ornithologique du Teich – An ornithological park close to Bordeaux, specializing in bird species, ideal for bird watchers and nature lovers.

Top 5 Parks in Bordeaux

  1. Jardin Public – Located in the city center, this park is beloved for its beautiful landscapes, historic buildings, and a natural history museum, providing a perfect escape in the heart of Bordeaux.
  2. Parc Bordelais – A large, traditional park in the Bordeaux area, featuring vast green spaces, a lake, and playgrounds suitable for families.
  3. Parc Palmer – Known for its expansive views of the city and diverse cultural events, this park is a favorite for both locals and tourists.
  4. Parc Floral de Bordeaux – Offers a variety of themed gardens and greenhouses, showcasing an extensive collection of plants and flowers.
  5. Parc des Sports Saint-Michel – While primarily a sports park, its open spaces and location along the river make it a great spot for leisure activities and picnics.

Top 5 Mosques in Bordeaux

  1. Grande Mosquée de Bordeaux – This is the largest mosque in Bordeaux, known for its beautiful architecture and active role in the community.
  2. Mosquée de Mérignac – Located in the suburb of Mérignac, this mosque serves as a spiritual center for Muslims in the area.
  3. Mosquée Rahma – Situated in Bordeaux, known for its welcoming community and regular interfaith events.
  4. Mosquée Bilal – Offers educational programs and religious services for the local Muslim community.
  5. Centre Musulman de Bordeaux – Acts as both a mosque and a community center, providing various cultural and educational services.

Top 5 Churches in Bordeaux

  1. Cathédrale Saint-André – A magnificent example of Gothic architecture, this cathedral is also recognized as a World Heritage Site.
  2. Basilique Saint-Michel – Famous for its flamboyant Gothic style and towering spire, it hosts concerts and exhibitions alongside religious services.
  3. Église Sainte-Croix – Known for its beautiful organ and Romanesque architecture, it is a cornerstone of Bordeaux’s religious history.
  4. Église Notre Dame – A baroque church located in the Quartier des Grands-Hommes, known for its impressive facade and rich interiors.
  5. Église Saint-Louis des Chartrons – Situated in the historic Chartrons district, it is notable for its beautiful stained glass and vibrant community life.

Other Enjoyable Places in Bordeaux

  • La Cité du Vin – A world-renowned wine museum that offers interactive exhibits on the history of wine and wine tasting sessions.
  • Marché des Capucins – Bordeaux’s main market, perfect for discovering local foods and wines.
  • Place de la Bourse and Miroir d’eau – Iconic spots in Bordeaux known for their stunning reflections and photo opportunities.
  • Rue Sainte-Catherine – The longest pedestrian street in Europe, lined with shops, cafes, and street performers.
  • Darwin Ecosystem – A unique cultural space offering a mix of urban art, eco-friendly businesses, and a skate park.

This array of sites ensures that visitors can enjoy both the natural beauty and rich cultural tapestry that Bordeaux has to offer.

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Bordeaux is a city that captivates every type of traveler, and these 10 Airbnb options reflect that diversity. Whether you want to be in the thick of city life, nestled among vineyards, or right by the river, you’ll find an Airbnb that’s just right for you. Make your Bordeaux experience truly unforgettable with the perfect stay.


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