10 Best Things To Do in Sydney


Sydney is one of the most famous cities of the whole world. Located in the beautiful nation of Australia, the city is filled with unique tourist attractions and magnificent views of mother nature. In case you are planning on visiting this great city and are wondering where to begin your journey and what all to include on your trip, here is our list of best things to do in Sydney!

10 best things to do in Sydney (Australia)

Here is our list of best tourist attractions within and around Sydney. The list includes natural as well as man-made wonders of the city. Including even half of the lists’ contents will ensure that your mind is blown towards the end of your trip and you smile back at all the great memories that you will make. Let’s get started!

1 – See the blue mountains

This national park has sandstones that have been weathered to gorges which are further lined by steep cliffs and these have been separated by narrow ridges. When you reach the blue mountain you can have the pleasure of having a view at the formation of magnificent rock of the three sisters. Apart from this you can also have a hiking experience through the parts that allow you to see an excellent view of the entire valley, beautiful forest, sheer rock walls and tumbling waterfalls. It takes around two hours to get to the blue mountains by train and the area is also free to visit. You can even stay overnight if you want to have more hiking fun.

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2 – Visit the museum

As you know most of the major cities have their unique museums and so does Sydney. If you are visiting Sydney, you will be able to see a wide variety of museums, galleries, history museums and art museums. And surprisingly, visiting all the museums is very inexpensive here since all these public museums in are free of cost. And the credit goes to Australia’s Commonwealth past which has given us such a great opportunity of gaining knowledge and exploring art at zero expense.

Some of the best museums of Sydney that we recall are the Australian National Maritime Museum, The Rocks Discovery Museum, the Australian Museum, Hyde Park Barracks Museum, the Justice and Police Museum, Art Gallery of New South Wales, the Sydney Jewish Museum and many more.

3 – Walk the costal walks

You have the chance to visit the Sydney harbour which has a number of stunning coastal walks. Some of the cost walks that one can go to for a memorable time in Sydney are Jibon Beach Loop Track, Rose Bay to Watson’s Bay, Chowder Bay to Balmoral and last but not the least, Watsons Bay to Dover Heights. People often describe it very calming, soothing and peaceful experience.

4 – Explore the markets

How can one go to Sydney and never visit the market? How foolish is that?! Sydney has the most brilliant markets of all time. These markets are so fascinating that you can spend your entire trip wandering through them. Sydney has the fish market, the flower market, the Bondi farmers market and many others. If you ask, most of the people would say that they love the Paddington market or the farmers market the most. Some other markets worth checking out are Glebe market, Rozelle collectors market, Orange Grove Organic Market, etc. So, go ahead and explore the new and exciting markets of Sydney for the first time and witness Sydney in the most authentic way.

5 – Stroll Darling harbour

Adjacent to the city centre lies the Darling harbour which is a popular recreational complex that provides you with facilities that will keep you entertained and provide you with a fascinating river view. At the harbour you will find many things that will attract you but some of the things that one just cannot resist are the carousel, the Chinese garden of friendship along with its teahouse and the National Maritime Museum. Believe us you wouldn’t want to miss any of that. The place also include excellent harbourside shopping centre, nightlife scene, aquarium and so much more. If you went to Sydney and you didn’t visit the harbour then it’s a tragedy.

6 – Bondi Beach

Australia’s most famous beaches include Bondi Beach which is one of the most popular hang out for all the people of Sydney. The locals and the celebrities from within the country and foreign lands visit the beach alike. You’ll find the atmosphere very exciting. The place is sort of crowded but not in a bad way. The Australian heritage list includes Bondi Beach making it a huge tourist attraction.

7 – Visit the Royal Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Garden is one of the oldest botanic gardens since they were built in 1869 in Australia. They are also one of the oldest scientific institutions. Recently a series of events were held on the celebration of the 200th birthday of these gardens. There are many guides who are available and will give you a brilliant tour of the gardens or you can even go for the Choo Choo Express which offers a very fun tour of this garden. When you visit a place like this you will have the chance to learn many things about Australian botanical history. The botanical gardens are so attractive that they have more than 5 million visitors per year!

8 – Go sports mad at the SCG

Everyone love sports but Sydney has passionate sport lovers who are very serious about their favorite teams. SCG is a place that will offer you a view on many exciting sports and also make new friends. They have many sports which happen every weekend. These sports include rugby, cricket and AFL. Even if you are not a sports person, still there is so much excitement that you feel ecstatic just being in that environment.

9 – Get in touch with the nature at Garigal National Park

In Sydney, towards the north shore region lies the Garigal National Park which is a protected national park. If you want to get rid of the city hustle and wish to spend some time with nature by yourself or with your family, then it is a gorgeous place which invites you. The park lies merely 20 kilometres away from the CBD. This is a huge National Park that covers an area of 2202 hectares. You will be amazed to see the range of flora and fauna that is there. Also, you will also find some rock engravings and cave art here which will fulfill your desires of finding something unique.

10 – Check out Cockatoo Island

What is it that enters your mind when you first think about an island? It might be a lot of trees, herbs, shrubs, sand under your bare feet, and maybe a volcano if you like it. Anything and everything under your imagination is here therefore, it is very important to visit Cockatoo Island if you are a fan of nature and islands. To the middle of Sydney harbour lies Cockatoo Island. The UNESCO world heritage list includes some parts of this island. It is the largest one among the several islands that were originally heavily timbered sandstone knolls. Cockatoo Island was also the site of one of Australia biggest shipyards which were operated between the year 1857 and 1991. The island is exceptionally gorgeous and is a site of fascination. It a popular camping spot. Their visitor centre is also accompanied by a giant chessboard.

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In the end, we can say that Sydney is a very exciting, fascinating and amazing place which invite visitors from all across the globe. With the right kind of planning you can enjoy all the great spots in the city within your limited time frame. We hope this article was useful in planning your visit. Thank you for reading!


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