Discover The Ultimate Travel Guide To 13 Best Things To Do in Hawaii

Things To Do In Hawaii

Whenever you hear about Hawaii you imagine some girls dancing on the beach with clear sunlight weather. But in reality, the Hawaiian archipelago is completely the other side of the coin that you haven’t heard, read, or experienced.

Spreading across 137 volcanic islands, the Hawaiian Archipelago is surrounded by The Great Pacific Ocean and is situated in the western united states of America. Hawaii is not only a dream destination for tourists but also a whole new experience that an explorer and adventurer can behold in mother nature’s lap.

Its picturesque panorama consists of a plethora of natural wonders like snowy mountains, evergreen volcanoes, and sun-kissed evening beaches. Hawaiian culture is another gift of the Hawaiian goddess that marks an escapade in the hearts of voyagers.

What do you need to pack for a memorable and immortal scenic journey? Well, the answer is quite simple some belongings and considerable astonishment and confidence. You require a systematic and meticulous itinerary.

Your extraordinary trip lies ahead of you and you should research in advance about the beautiful destinations, the land of volcanoes, and picturesque beaches.

Things To Do In Hawaii

13 Best Things To Do In Hawaii In 2024

Hawaii is for everyone whether you are a trekker or a swimmer or just a random traveler. Hawaii promises undying and everlasting journey memories for you. To make your journey pleasant, glorious, and indelible I enlist the 13 best things that you can allure in Hawaii in 2024. It will also ease your research.

1. Awa’awapuhi Trail

Awa’awapuhi Trail is a delightful magical aura that a trekker can submerge in him. The 10 km trek is located in Kauai near the Napoli coast. It is surrounded by an elated vista of the Pacific Ocean and the verdure Koke’e forest reserve. On the way to trek, there are different types of flora and fauna that one can capture in one’s mind.

The climbing is neither tiring nor a piece of cake it has moderate climbing difficulties. You can also spot so e rare sightings of migratory birds during monsoon. There is a designated sunset and sunrise viewpoint. So Awa’awapuhi trail is a must-visit place in the archipelago.

2. Waimea Canyon

The Grand Canyon of the Pacific, as the name implies is a large water canyon in the Hawaiian Islands chain. It is besieged by the charming and quaint Waimea river which is the main reason behind the formation of this drop-dead gorgeous canyon.

It is circumambient by the eye lusting greenery and this marvelous pourboire of nature. From the canyon, you can gaze at the fabulous views of Ni’ihau Island. The amazing state parks offer a colorful and mystical wildlife interaction.

If you are an adventure enthusiast, you can enjoy the starry nights in the campsites. If you are a thunderous trekker you can trek to the highest peak of the Kauai island. So Waimea Canyon is a feast to one’s eye.

3. Nā Pali Coast

The Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park is the perfect spot for sighting and swimming with dolphins. You can also involve in various thrilling sea sports and activities such as rafting, scuba diving, etc., and explore the ocean in a whole new fascinating way.

Na pali in the Hawaiian language means high cliffs so you can observe both mountainous regions and sea areas in one place. It has a newly inaugurated helipad service where you can incite an aerial view of Hawaii in your hearts at a reasonable rate.

The Kalalau trail passes through the park. You can stare at numerous waterfalls and valleys for hours at this place. This place in winter welcomes you with a bundle of joys that you can intake.

4. Iao Needle hike

The Iao Needle Lookout Trail And Ethnobotanical Loop or simply known as Iao Needle Hike is a splendid desire of every trekker. If you are planning to visit Hawaii, this place should deserve to be on your itinerary.

It is only a 0.5-mile trek encompassed with natural gifts located on Maui island. It has Iao Valley State Monument located in its center that beholds some spontaneous flowers and views. It requires a nominal fee to undertake this trek.

5. Waianapanapa State Park

Waianapanapa State Park is built quite far from busy urban areas. It is the best place to meditate and retrospect in mother nature’s lap. The stunning ocean beaches one being Pa’iola beach are located in East Maui.

You can enjoy complete relaxation by hiking, exploring wildlife in Hana Native Park, visiting the most religious Heiau temple, fishing, shore surfing, and many more.

6. Haleakalā Volcano

Aloha! To the land of volcanoes Hawaii. And if you are seeking to trek to a volcano Haleakala National Park is the right place. You can explore three distinct adventures in the place namely hiking, camping, and capturing the stunning sunrise.

The highest peak is located above the clouds where you can acquaint some picturesque views and the sacred scenery of volcanoes.

7. The Road to Hana (The Hana Highway)

“Hana Millenium Legacy Trail” is the name awarded by President Bill Clinton to The Hana Highway. It is a 64 Km long attractive and scenic highway that has now become a famous tourist destination. It is one of the most appreciated road trips undertaken by people.

The swift curves and 59 bridges add a charm to the lush forest the highway passes from. It was added to  World Historic Places in the early 2000s. The majestic waterfalls on the route are the main attraction over the highway. So if you are trespassing through Hawaii this place should be number one in your mind.

8. Lanikai Pillbox

The Lanikai Pillbox Hike is a popular and sought-after hiking destination for travelers and hikers worldwide. You can contemplate the memorable views of Kailua Bay and also try famous bungee jumping.

It also provides sightings of lush green Ko’olau Mountains. In winters the snow adds five stars to the beauty of the route.

9. Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden

Who says Hawaii doesn’t have development opportunities due to no man-made wonders? Well, Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden is the answer to them. Spread across 400 acres of mammoth land it is a beautiful rainforest with plants from various parts across the globe.

The garden has a huge lake with campsites, visitor centers, and exhibition halls. The Botanical Garden is surrounded by natural birds and an artificial paradise.

10. Kona Coffee Farm

If you are a coffee admirer and have an intuition to learn more about producing coffee how beans are produced, dried, soaked, and blend to make the tastiest coffee powder. Then you should surely visit Kona Coffee Farm that is situated in Hawaii.

Built among the scenic and attractive views of Kona Coffee Belt. It also has a tour facility for tourists who can enjoy the single estate coffee on the single estate farm. The best-known and popular farm is Mauka Meadows in the Hawaiian Isles.

11. Akaka Falls

The Akaka Falls State Park is the most voguish waterfall park in Hawaii. It has two waterfalls on the course to the trek that is the main charisma of the park. The first one is Kahuna Fall at an elevation of 100 feet promises a remarkable start to the climb and as you climb further you get glimpses of beautiful Hilo Coast.

The most serene Akaka Falls with a height of 422 feet offers an aerial landscape of the full archipelago. The most common type of vegetation like bamboo is grown here. Amidst the surroundings, you will feel rejuvenated and a new yourself.

12. Sunset At The Steam Vents

What is the best part of visiting Hawaii? All know it. It is the beautiful and mesmerizing sunset at the steam vents and sulfur banks located en route to the trail of Kilauea and the Ha’akumalanu Island. Wahinepaku, known in Hawaii as steaming vents are situated near volcanoes that emits sulfur out of them creating hot fog on the land.

You can enjoy a serene sunset in a hot and humid environment. This is the reason why most people turn black while returning from Hawaii.

13. Kehena Black Sand Beach

Kehena Black Sand Beach is located in Puna, eastern Hawaii. It was formed in 1950 due to the eruption of a volcano that resulted in sand turning black so it is called black sand beach.

It is also regularly visited by dolphins and thus has received the name of “Dolphin Beach”. Holiday rentals in villas or hotels are easily available on the beach premises.

Top 10 Food and Drinking Stops in Hawaii

  1. Helena’s Hawaiian Food (Oahu): Known for its traditional Hawaiian dishes like kalua pork and lomi salmon.
  2. Mama’s Fish House (Maui): Offers fresh seafood with stunning ocean views.
  3. Alan Wong’s Restaurant (Oahu): A fine dining spot known for its innovative Hawaiian cuisine.
  4. Duke’s Waikiki (Oahu): A beachfront restaurant famous for its tropical cocktails and seafood.
  5. Hali’imaile General Store (Maui): A plantation-era store turned restaurant, offering contemporary Hawaiian cuisine.
  6. Ono Tacos (Maui): A popular food truck serving delicious fish tacos.
  7. The Pig and The Lady (Oahu): Known for its Vietnamese-inspired dishes with a Hawaiian twist.
  8. Lahaina Grill (Maui): Offers an upscale dining experience with a focus on fresh, local ingredients.
  9. Merriman’s (Big Island): A farm-to-table restaurant offering a fine dining experience with panoramic ocean views.
  10. Hamura Saimin (Kauai): A local favorite for traditional Hawaiian noodle soup.

Top 5 Hotels in Hawaii

  1. Four Seasons Resort Hualalai (Big Island): A luxury resort offering top-notch amenities and stunning ocean views.
  2. Halekulani (Oahu): Known for its elegance, beachfront location, and exceptional service.
  3. Grand Wailea (Maui): A large resort offering beautiful grounds, a spa, and multiple pools.
  4. The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua (Maui): Offers luxurious accommodations and access to championship golf courses.
  5. Fairmont Orchid (Big Island): A beachfront resort with lush gardens, a spa, and excellent dining options.

Top 5 Beaches in Hawaii

  1. Waikiki Beach (Oahu): Famous for its golden sand, gentle waves, and vibrant atmosphere.
  2. Kaanapali Beach (Maui): Known for its beautiful sandy shores and excellent snorkeling.
  3. Hapuna Beach (Big Island): Offers pristine white sand and clear waters, perfect for swimming and sunbathing.
  4. Lanikai Beach (Oahu): A picturesque beach with turquoise waters and soft, white sand.
  5. Poipu Beach (Kauai): A family-friendly beach known for its calm waters and snorkeling spots.

Top 5 Museums in Hawaii

  1. Bishop Museum (Oahu): The largest museum in Hawaii, showcasing Polynesian culture and natural history.
  2. Honolulu Museum of Art (Oahu): Features a diverse collection of Asian, Pacific, and Western art.
  3. Pacific Aviation Museum (Oahu): Located on Ford Island, focusing on aviation history during WWII.
  4. Lyman Museum (Big Island): Offers exhibits on Hawaiian history, geology, and natural history.
  5. Kauai Museum (Kauai): Showcases the history and culture of Kauai and Niihau.

Top 5 Castles in Hawaii

Hawaii doesn’t have traditional castles, but it offers unique historical and architectural sites:

  1. Iolani Palace (Oahu): The only royal palace in the United States, once home to Hawaiian royalty.
  2. Queen Emma Summer Palace (Oahu): A historical retreat for Queen Emma and King Kamehameha IV.
  3. Hulihee Palace (Big Island): A former vacation home for Hawaiian royalty, now a museum.
  4. Washington Place (Oahu): The former home of Queen Liliuokalani, now the Governor’s Mansion.
  5. Puukohola Heiau (Big Island): An ancient Hawaiian temple built by King Kamehameha I.

Top 5 Zoos in Hawaii

  1. Honolulu Zoo (Oahu): Features a variety of animals and tropical gardens.
  2. Maui Ocean Center (Maui): An aquarium showcasing Hawaii’s marine life.
  3. Panaewa Rainforest Zoo (Big Island): The only tropical rainforest zoo in the U.S., home to exotic animals.
  4. Waikiki Aquarium (Oahu): Focuses on marine species native to Hawaii and the Pacific.
  5. Hawaii Wildlife Center (Big Island): A rehabilitation center for native Hawaiian wildlife.

Top 5 Parks in Hawaii

  1. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (Big Island): Home to active volcanoes, lava fields, and unique geological features.
  2. Haleakala National Park (Maui): Known for its stunning sunrise views and diverse ecosystems.
  3. Waimea Canyon State Park (Kauai): Often called the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” offering breathtaking views and hiking trails.
  4. Diamond Head State Monument (Oahu): Famous for its iconic volcanic crater and hiking trail with panoramic views.
  5. Polihale State Park (Kauai): Features a long stretch of white sand beach and beautiful sunsets.

Top 5 Mosques in Hawaii

Hawaii has a small Muslim population, and there are a few mosques across the islands:

  1. Islamic Center of Hawaii (Big Island): The main mosque serving the Muslim community on the Big Island, offering regular prayers and community events.
  2. Islamic Center of Honolulu (Oahu): Located in Honolulu, this mosque provides religious services, educational programs, and community support.
  3. Masjid Al-Noor Hawaii (Oahu): Another prominent mosque on Oahu, offering a welcoming environment for worship and community activities.
  4. Maui Islamic Center (Maui): Serves the Muslim community on Maui with regular prayers and educational programs.
  5. Kauai Islamic Center (Kauai): A smaller mosque providing a peaceful place for worship and community gatherings.

Top 5 Temples in Hawaii

  1. Byodo-In Temple (Oahu): A beautiful, non-denominational Buddhist temple located in the Valley of the Temples Memorial Park.
  2. Higashi Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii (Oahu): A historic Buddhist temple offering regular services and cultural events.
  3. Hilo Daijingu (Big Island): A Shinto shrine located in Hilo, known for its serene environment and annual festivals.
  4. Kauai Soto Zen Temple Zenshuji (Kauai): A Soto Zen Buddhist temple offering meditation and community activities.
  5. Daifukuji Soto Mission (Big Island): A Buddhist temple in Kona, known for its beautiful gardens and cultural programs.

Top 5 Churches in Hawaii

  1. Kawaiahao Church (Oahu): Known as the “Westminster Abbey of the Pacific,” this historic church played a significant role in Hawaii’s history.
  2. St. Andrew’s Cathedral (Oahu): An Episcopal cathedral in Honolulu, known for its stunning architecture and rich history.
  3. Mokuaikaua Church (Big Island): The oldest Christian church in Hawaii, located in Kailua-Kona.
  4. Immaculate Conception Church (Maui): A beautiful Catholic church in Lahaina, known for its historical significance and architecture.
  5. Holy Cross Catholic Church (Kauai): Located in Kalaheo, this church is known for its welcoming community and beautiful setting.

Other Enjoyable Places in Hawaii

  • Waikiki (Oahu): A vibrant neighborhood known for its shopping, dining, and iconic beaches.
  • Road to Hana (Maui): A scenic drive offering stunning views, waterfalls, and lush landscapes.
  • Kailua-Kona (Big Island): Known for its coffee farms, historic sites, and beautiful beaches.
  • Hanalei (Kauai): A charming town on Kauai’s north shore, offering beautiful beaches, taro fields, and local shops.
  • Polynesian Cultural Center (Oahu): A cultural theme park and living museum showcasing Polynesian cultures through interactive exhibits and performances.

Hawaii is a destination that captivates with its breathtaking natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and warm hospitality. Whether you’re exploring its iconic landmarks, indulging in delicious local cuisine, or simply relaxing on its pristine beaches, Hawaii promises a wealth of experiences that will make your visit truly unforgettable.


Concluding, I say Hawaii has been the dream destination of many people. It is a one-time life experience so you should not miss any core or shore of Hawaii. These places are the best recommended by all the tourists. So Happy Journey A hui ho, bye in Hawaiian.


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