11 Best Things to Do in Berlin


As we know Berlin is the capital city of Germany. It is also the largest and most populous city in the country. Berlin is situated on the banks of the river Spree.

Prior to 1945, the city was well-known for its amazing geography. But it was destroyed during World War 2.

However, it was rebuilt and shown amazing cultural and economic growth. The climate of Berlin is influenced by currents of the Atlantic Ocean making it suitable for tourists.

11 Best Things to Do in Berlin

There are many tourist spots in Berlin that attract many people across the world. Moreover, it is a city of Historic Importance. If you are visiting Berlin for the first time, here are the 11 best things you can do there.

1.  Brandenburg Gate

This is a monument of the 18th century and is of neoclassical style. This structure was initially erected by king Fredric William II during the 1790s.

Brandenburg Gate is a monument of many historical events. Napoleon used it for the first time as a triumphal procession. It is a landmark of the destructive events that took place during World War 2.

Brandenburg Gate can be seen as a symbol for both unification and dividing of Germany. This monument is the first preference for those who visit berlin for the first time.

This place is filled with real emotions of the people who are affected by the past scenarios. You can visit the Brandenburg Gate to experience the memories of past wars in Germany.

2.  Victory Column (Siegessaule)

The victory column was built in the year 1864 in the memory of Danish and Prussian war where Denmark was defeated. It was designed by Henrich Strack.

As years passed, it also represented other victories too. Consequently, the statue of Victoria, made up of Bronze was added at the top of the tower.

This sculpture was moved from Reichstag to current location Berlin in 1938 as Hitler wanted to plan to make Berlin as world’s capital under the name “Germania”.

The view from this sculpture at a height of 51meters would be a fantastic panoramic view.

3.  Pergamon Museum

It is situated on the Museum Island and the center of Berlin. Pergamon Museum is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage site. Its construction took place in 20 years from 1910 to 1930.

There are many galleries that exhibit monuments from the 18th century of the East. This museum derives its name from the piece of Art called Pergamon Altar.

Some more displays of Pergamon Museum are Market Gate of Miletus, Ishtar Gate, Mshatta Facade. Islamic Artworks from 8th century and 9th century are also included in this Museum.

Mesopotamian Meissner fragment which is from the Epic of Gilgamesh is the oldest of all the artworks we find here.

4.  Deutsches Historisches

This is a Museum situated in Berlin Purely devoted to the History of Germany. It contains the artifacts of nearly 2000 years ago.

Deutsches Historisches is the most visited museum in the city of Berlin. Here we can find Exhibition halls, Library, Cinema Theatre.

5.  Unter den Museum

Unter den Museum is a boulevard which is located in the district of Mitte. It is one of the oldest of its kind. This avenue has many landmarks.

As berlin grew over centuries, this street also became the renowned and grandest one. It runs from Museum Island and Brandenburg Gate.

In the olden days, the street got its name from lime trees that were planted along the street. However, its present glory was due to Fredrick belong the 18th century.

Zeughaus, State Opera, Humboldt University are built during this century. Most sadly many of the sculptures of this avenue are damaged due to the Wars. However, only a few of them are rebuilt during years passed.

6.  Explore Gendarmenmarkt

The Gendarmenmarkt is one of a square which consists of a Concert Hall, French and German churches with regal domes on top of them.

It was designed by an architect named, Johanne Arnald Neiring. There is also a monument of a poet called Fredrich Schiller.

When it was first built, Gendarmenmarkt was a Market place. Here different types of Programs take place in various seasons.

Especially during Christmas, we can experience the fairy dust in the Gendarmenmarkt. If you love to socialize a bit, then this place would be a perfect match for you.

7.  Fernsehturm

It is located in the district of Mitte. Fernsehturm is a tower built by the Government of Germany in the year 1965.

Initially, it was seen as a symbol of the Communist Party. Fernsehturm is raised in the 1960s. Later after the unification of Germany, it was seen as a symbol of the city.

As this is a television tower, we can experience the view from Telescope which is placed here. Here we can also find the revolving Restaurant.

If you want to dine, there you need to be a bit pre-planed. This structure is the second largest building in the entire European Union.

8.  Treptower Park

It is situated along the banks of river Spree. Treptower Park is a place where local people spend time for recreation. Even it is a favorite spot for tourists.

There is a Soviet War Memorial which is built in memory of the Soviets who lost their lives in the Soviet-Berlin war. There was another statue of a German holding a child on his shoulders.

This park was built in the English style with a total area of 84 hectares. We can find rose lanes, tree groves, and so on.

Summer is the best time to visit this place as we can go for boating along the river Spree for at least four Kilometers.

9.  Olympic Stadium

This Stadium was built by Werner March in the year 1936 for the purpose of the 1936 Summer Olympics.

After many modifications, it was the largest stadium in Germany for Foot Ball. The stadium has been serving as a venue for Hertha BSC since 1963.

Additionally, the stadium is covered by a steel roof which is of 3500 tones. The seating capacity of the stadium is approximately 74,000. You can visit the stadium during weeks of Hertha BSC home plays.

10.  Berlin Zoo

It is the well-known and oldest zoo in the city of Berlin. Berlin zoo is the most visited zoo in entire Europe. It was opened in the year 1844. Sadly, many animals were killed in the zoo during World War II.

There is also an Aquarium that was placed in the year 1913. Although the zoo was in the middle of the city when visited we feel like it was a natural habitat of the animals.

There are nearly 15,000 species are found in this zoo. It also conducts breeding programs for animals like Rhinos, deer species, pigs in the zoo. A pair of Pandas were exhibited in a large glass medium as their habitation.

11.  Brucke Museum

It is a Museum with the largest range of collections of artworks. These were the arts of a group of people called Die Bruckes.

Its founders were also some extraordinary artists like Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Emil Nolde. Brucke Museum was started in the year 1967.

It is situated at Dahlem which is not so far from the Arno Breker. This Museum contains some of 400 different arts like paintings, drawings, sculptures from different Artists.


We can understand from a little of history that Berlin is a city of Historic Importance. We can find a lot of places which takes us back to the past and feel the emotions hidden in the different sculptures or artworks.

If you are keen about the History of the world and love visiting places of historic importance, then you should not miss a chance to visit Berlin.

Some other tourist spots are Reichstag, Tiergarten, Topography of Terror, DDR Museum, etc.


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