14 Best Things to Do in Bangkok


The capital city of Thailand is Bangkok and it can be said to be the traffic-jam capital of the world too. There are so many people here that the city never goes to sleep really. There is always a hustle at the day and at the night. It also makes for a perfect tourist spot. If you are planning your next vacation in Bangkok Thailand then you need to read this article. We will tell you all about the best places to go and the best things to do there. So without wasting any more time let’s get right into it.

14 Best Things to Do in Bangkok

There are 14 best things that you can do on your trip to Bangkok. Be sure to go through all of them. It is going to be a long list so buckle up and let’s get started with the first spot on our list.

1. Visit Wat Pho To See The Reclining Buddha

This is a place that you must visit when you are in Bangkok. It does not matter if you are spiritual or not, the reclining Buddha is a sight to behold. The Statue is fifteen meters tall and forty-six meters long and it is covered in gold leaf. They also offer a Thai massage at the temple. You can get one while you are at the temple if you so want. It is a must go in our list and that’s why we have placed it at the top.

2. Ride the Sky Train

You can get around Bangkok on the sky train. This is not just a mode of transportation. The experience of riding one of the sky train is a good one. The carriages are air conditioned and since it is at a higher level than the city you can look down to see the city and traffic below. This is the fastest mode of transportation in Bangkok and it is very direct and fast. People find the sky train is more convenient than the roadways.

3. Take a trip around Chatuchak Market

The market is one of the largest markets in the world. If you love shopping then this is heaven for you right here. You need to visit this place at any cost. There are over 8000 stalls covering a 27 acre land area. It is only open Saturday and Sunday so you need to go then. Each day they have around 2 lakh visitors here. Pick up a map and go to the market and shop to your hearts content. You will get everything that you want here and they are available on local prices and not on tourist price. So this is a great place to shop.

4. Visit The Bangkok National Museum

You can not really complete a trip to Bangkok without visiting the National Museum. The largest collection of Thai art and objects are found right here in this museum.

King Rama V opened the museum to show off all the gifts that his father gave him. There are so many interesting things that you can find at the museum. It will keep you entertained and hold your attention for sure. On Thursday they provide an English tour of the museum. You can opt for that one if you so desire.

5. Have a Thai Massage

How can you go to Bangkok and not have a Thai massage? This is a must thing to do while in Bangkok. Add this to your to do list. Maybe you have had a Thai massage before from where you come from since they are so popular and practiced all over the world. But you need to get a Thai massage from the place of its origin. The massage will give you new life. There are many massage parlours all over the place. Do a quick google search and you will come up with amazing results. This will definitely be a great experience.

6. Take A Stroll Through Lumpini Park

This part is 500,000 square meters. Need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city? This is where you go. Even locals come here to enjoy the peace and quiet of the place. The name of the park is after lord Buddha. A lot of people come to this park to relax or for a jog. You can find different types and kinds of people all over the park minding their own business. You can go to the park on weekends too. The sunrise and sunset can be seen from this park. It is beautiful.

7. Eat Street Food

Thai people has the habit of eating their meals out than cooking it at home. The street food has increased a lot in Thailand because of the fact. The street food can be found in every busy street. You can try them at very low prices. The food is excellent and fresh too since Thai people eat them regularly. The food is made in front of you with fresh ingredients. The different types of food available here will make it hard for you to choose. They all look delicious and you would want to try everything. Eating street food is the best way to get the local experience.

8. Watch Kickboxing (Muay Thai)

There are stadiums for kick boxing all over Thailand but the biggest are in Bangkok. Muay Thai fights are carried out here. If you don’t know, Muay Thai is the National sport of Thailand and it is talked about a lot all over the world. The stadiums are filled with people. You can skip this one if you do not like violence. This is a great place to mix in with the locals. There are also bet placing going on. You can interest in these as you like. It is not mandatory though.

9. Visit Dusit Zoo

Visit the Dusit Zoo if you can. This is the oldest zoo in Thailand. This zoo has been open for 60 years. There is a large range of animals that is present in this zoo. There are approximately 1600 species here. There are monkeys, alligators, lions, tigers, penguins, and kangaroos. The zoo takes good care of its animals and you will see that when you go there. The zoo is a good place to visit with your entire family on the daytime. Your children will really find it fascinating to see the different types of animals there.

10. Take Part in a  Water Fight During Songkran

This is celebrated each year between 13th and 15th April. If you want you can go to Bangkok during that time period to enjoy this special occasion. Songkran is the traditional Thai festival and everyone gets wet during this festival. It is believed that the water will wash away all your bad luck and sins. This is believed in the Buddhist religion. The entire country takes part in the water fight. This is like a big party all over the country. You can also get involved in this party. There is no discrimination against tourists and locals during the festival.

11. Visit The Bangkok Puppet Show

This is a unique thing about Bangkok. This is an absolute must that you need to see when you are in Bangkok. Chances are that you will not see this unique puppet show anywhere else in the world. In most puppet shows the puppeteers remain hidden from the audience but not here. In this show they are a part of the show and at least 3 person is required to control a puppet. A classic folk tale is performed through the puppets the live orchestra playing also adds to the atmosphere of the show. The technique and style of the puppet show is extremely unique and gorgeous. You have to visit then at least once in your life. You will be missing out a lot if you don’t.

12. Visit Wat Arun

Wat Arun is a Buddhist temple. There are around 31,000 Buddhist temples all over Thailand. Yes, that many! But this is the one that you absolutely must-see. The temple is named after the God of dawn, Aruna. This temple is situated beside the Chao Phraya River. The temple in itself is around 80 meters tall and its tower is covered in ceramic tiles and colored porcelain. The light gets reflected off this and makes for the most beautiful sight. The temple and its architecture is magnificent. We can not express it in mere words.

13. Visit Erawan Shrine

It is a Brahman shrine located in one of the busiest places of Bangkok. It has more visitors than most of the temples that you will find there. It was built in the year 1950 by some construction workers working in a nearby land. They felt that the land spirits were unhappy and causing trouble for them. Therefore they built this shrine. It is a four faced Brahma God. People come here to pray to the God and offer flowers.

14. Visit Vimanmek Mansion

The world’s largest teak wood building is the Vimanmek Mansion. It was  a royal residence initially but it was barely used. They used it for a few days and then left this beautiful mansion for many years. The mansion is now open to public as a museum that contains a lot of artifacts. It was donated by the king. You can not take your camera inside the mansion. On the grounds you are allowed to take as many photos as possible. You also have to maintain a dress code if you want to go there. This is strict rule


We hope that this article here has been useful to you. We tried our best to keep it brief yet fill it up with information. Hopefully your trip to Bangkok will be a  great one and you will enjoy all the spots that we have mentioned. Take some time off and relax on your vacation. Thank you so much for reading this article. Do share your comments about it in the comment section below. Also share this article with others who need it. Safe travels!


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