Discover The Travel Guide For Top 10 Things To Do in Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa

The capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, is a bustling metropolis that offers a unique blend of modernity and tradition. With a rich history, diverse culture, and warm hospitality, it is an intriguing destination for any traveler.

Whether you are a history buff, a foodie, or someone who loves to explore local markets, Addis Ababa has something to offer. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the top 10 things to do in Addis Ababa that will help you experience the city’s true essence.

Addis Ababa

Top 10 Things to do in Addis Ababa

Discover the top 10 things to do in Addis Ababa for a memorable experience. From exploring historical sites to local markets, this guide offers a comprehensive look at Ethiopia’s capital city.

1. Visit Holy Trinity Cathedral

One of the most significant religious sites in Addis Ababa, the Holy Trinity Cathedral is a must-visit. The stunning architecture, intricate murals, and religious artifacts are awe-inspiring. Built to commemorate Ethiopia’s liberation from Italian occupation, the Cathedral is also the final resting place for Emperor Haile Selassie and his wife Empress Menen Asfaw.

2. Explore the National Museum of Ethiopia

No trip to Addis Ababa is complete without visiting the National Museum of Ethiopia. It’s home to Lucy, the oldest hominid skeleton ever discovered. In addition to Lucy, the museum also houses a range of Ethiopia’s historical and cultural treasures, including ancient artifacts, religious texts, and royal collections.

3. Wander Through Meskel Square

Meskel Square serves as the primary venue for public gatherings and events in the city. From religious celebrations to political rallies, the square is always bustling. While the site itself is quite plain, it serves as an excellent starting point to observe the daily life and the unique driving style of Addis Ababa.

4. Try Authentic Ethiopian Cuisine

Ethiopian cuisine is a sensory feast that you shouldn’t miss. Injera, a sourdough flatbread, and Doro Wat, a spicy chicken stew, are must-tries. The best way to enjoy these dishes is by visiting a local restaurant where you can eat the traditional way—using your hands.

5. Visit Mount Entoto

Offering panoramic views of Addis Ababa, Mount Entoto is a perfect spot for nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts. The mountain is also home to Entoto Maryam Church and the former palace of Emperor Menelik II, which now serves as a museum.

6. Shop at the Merkato

One of the largest open-air markets in Africa, the Addis Merkato offers a fascinating glimpse into daily Ethiopian life. You can find everything from spices, textiles, and handicrafts to electronics. Navigating through the bustling lanes is an experience you won’t soon forget.

7. Experience Addis Ababa’s Nightlife

From traditional bars offering local brews to modern nightclubs pumping out international hits, Addis Ababa has a lively nightlife. Be sure to try Tej, a traditional Ethiopian honey wine, and enjoy some local music for an authentic experience.

8. Visit the Ethnological Museum

Situated within Addis Ababa University, the Ethnological Museum provides an in-depth understanding of Ethiopia’s diverse ethnic groups. The museum is set in Haile Selassie’s former palace and offers a range of exhibits that cover art, history, and culture.

9. Attend a Traditional Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, and the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony is a cultural activity you must experience. Taking place in many restaurants and homes, the ceremony is not just about drinking coffee; it’s a social ritual that can take several hours.

10. Stroll Around Bole Road

Bole Road is one of Addis Ababa’s most modern areas, with various international restaurants, shops, and malls. It is a stark contrast to other parts of the city and showcases Addis Ababa’s modernization and growth.

Top 10 Food and Drinking Stops in Addis Ababa

  1. Yod Abyssinia Traditional Restaurant: Known for its authentic Ethiopian cuisine and cultural performances.
  2. Kategna Restaurant: Offers traditional Ethiopian dishes in a modern setting.
  3. La Mandoline: A French restaurant known for its fine dining and elegant atmosphere.
  4. Dashen Traditional Restaurant: Renowned for its traditional Ethiopian food and live music.
  5. Addis Ababa Restaurant: Offers a variety of Ethiopian and international dishes.
  6. Romina Restaurant: A popular spot for Italian cuisine with a cozy ambiance.
  7. Effoi Pizza: Famous for its delicious pizzas and relaxed atmosphere.
  8. Kuriftu Diplomat Restaurant: Known for its diverse menu and beautiful views of the city.
  9. Chaka Coffee: A great place to experience Ethiopia’s renowned coffee culture.
  10. Fendika Azmari Bet: Offers a vibrant atmosphere with traditional music, dance, and Ethiopian cuisine.

Top 5 Beaches Near Addis Ababa

While Addis Ababa is inland and does not have beaches, several lakes nearby offer beach-like experiences:

  1. Lake Langano: Known for its sandy shores and water sports activities.
  2. Lake Ziway: Offers beautiful scenery and opportunities for bird watching.
  3. Lake Awassa: A popular spot for boating and relaxing by the water.
  4. Lake Tana: Located in Bahir Dar, known for its monasteries and stunning views.
  5. Lake Shala: Part of the Abijatta-Shalla National Park, known for its breathtaking landscapes and wildlife.

Top 5 Hotels in Addis Ababa

  1. Sheraton Addis: A luxurious hotel offering top-notch amenities and stunning views.
  2. Radisson Blu Hotel: Known for its modern design and excellent service.
  3. Hilton Addis Ababa: Offers a range of amenities including a pool, spa, and multiple dining options.
  4. Hyatt Regency Addis Ababa: A stylish hotel with contemporary rooms and exceptional dining.
  5. Golden Tulip Addis Ababa: Located near the airport, offering comfort and convenience for travelers.

Top 5 Museums in Addis Ababa

  1. National Museum of Ethiopia: Features archaeological and cultural exhibits, including the famous “Lucy” skeleton.
  2. Ethnological Museum: Offers insights into Ethiopia’s diverse cultures and traditions.
  3. Red Terror Martyrs Memorial Museum: Dedicated to the victims of the Derg regime.
  4. Addis Ababa Museum: Showcases the history and development of the city.
  5. Zoma Museum: An eco-friendly museum focusing on contemporary art and environmental sustainability.

Top 5 Castles in Addis Ababa

Ethiopia is known for its historical castles, particularly in the city of Gondar:

  1. Fasil Ghebbi (Gondar): A UNESCO World Heritage site featuring a complex of castles and palaces.
  2. Guzara Castle (Gondar): An ancient castle offering stunning views and historical significance.
  3. Debre Berhan Selassie Church (Gondar): Known for its beautiful murals and historical importance.
  4. Castle of Emperor Menelik II (Addis Ababa): Located within the grounds of the Entoto Mountains, offering historical insights.
  5. Empress Taitu’s Palace (Addis Ababa): A historical site reflecting the era of Empress Taitu.

Top 5 Zoos in Addis Ababa

  1. Lion Park: Located on the outskirts of Addis Ababa, home to several lions and other wildlife.
  2. Born Free Foundation: Focuses on the rehabilitation and release of wild animals.
  3. Awash National Park: Offers opportunities to see various wildlife in their natural habitat.
  4. Abijatta-Shalla National Park: Known for its diverse bird species and wildlife.
  5. Bale Mountains National Park: Home to unique wildlife, including the Ethiopian wolf.

Top 5 Parks in Addis Ababa

  1. Entoto Park: Offers stunning views of Addis Ababa, hiking trails, and picnic spots.
  2. Sheger Park: A newly developed park with beautiful landscaping and recreational facilities.
  3. Unity Park: Located within the National Palace, featuring gardens, historical exhibits, and a zoo.
  4. Gullele Botanical Garden: Showcases a variety of native plants and offers educational programs.
  5. Africa Park: A peaceful green space dedicated to the African Union, perfect for a relaxing stroll.

Top 5 Mosques in Addis Ababa

  1. Grand Anwar Mosque: The largest and oldest mosque in Addis Ababa, located in the Mercato area.
  2. Nur Mosque: Known for its beautiful architecture and welcoming community.
  3. Bilal Mosque: A significant place of worship with a rich history.
  4. Addis Ketema Mosque: Serves the local Muslim community with regular prayers and events.
  5. Hawassa Mosque: Located near Lake Hawassa, offering beautiful views and a peaceful atmosphere.

Top 5 Temples in Addis Ababa

  1. Hindu Mahadev Mandir: A Hindu temple serving the local Hindu community with regular worship services and cultural events.
  2. ISKCON Addis Ababa (Hare Krishna Temple): Offers a space for worship, meditation, and community gatherings.
  3. Buddhist Meditation Centre: Provides meditation classes, teachings, and retreats.
  4. Gurudwara Sahib Ethiopia: A Sikh temple offering regular services and community meals.
  5. Baha’i House of Worship: Known for its serene environment and spiritual gatherings.

Top 5 Churches in Addis Ababa

  1. Holy Trinity Cathedral: Known for its stunning architecture and historical significance.
  2. St. George’s Cathedral: A beautiful cathedral dedicated to the patron saint of Ethiopia.
  3. Medhane Alem Cathedral: One of the largest cathedrals in Ethiopia, known for its grand architecture.
  4. Kidist Selassie Cathedral: Offers beautiful murals and a rich history.
  5. Beta Maryam Church: Located within the grounds of the National Palace, known for its historical importance.

Other Enjoyable Places in Addis Ababa

  • Addis Mercato: One of the largest open-air markets in Africa, offering a vibrant shopping experience.
  • Tomoca Coffee: Experience Ethiopia’s famous coffee culture at one of the city’s most renowned coffee houses.
  • Entoto Mountains: Offers stunning views of Addis Ababa and historical churches.
  • Red Terror Martyrs Memorial Museum: Learn about Ethiopia’s recent history and the victims of the Derg regime.
  • Addis Ababa Golf Club: Enjoy a round of golf with beautiful views of the city.

Addis Ababa is a city that captivates with its blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. Whether you’re exploring its iconic landmarks, indulging in delicious local cuisine, or enjoying the vibrant atmosphere, Addis Ababa promises a wealth of experiences that will make your visit truly unforgettable.


Addis Ababa is a city of contrasts, offering an array of activities for every kind of traveler. From historical landmarks and cultural experiences to natural wonders and shopping extravaganzas, the city has it all.

This guide to the top 10 things to do in Addis Ababa aims to provide a well-rounded understanding of this intriguing African capital. Whether you have a day or a week to explore, these activities will ensure you capture the heartbeat of this fascinating city.


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