How to Renew Your Passport


The most important deal before taking off for your dream location is getting that passport ready at the earliest. Get all the required documents ready and that passport is yours at the earliest or else you might have to wait to lay your hands on the passport.

With an increasing population and increasing number of passport applications the process might take some time. Although obtaining a passport for the first time or just renewing it can be a challenging at times but it’s all worth it, and we are here to help you through it.

How to Renew Your Passport This Year

Here are few tips on how to renew your Passport this Year without all the hassle. Always check the rules briefly regarding passport to your destination country, as they vary, to subsequently avoid any last minute hassle.

Laying hands on a passport is one of the greatest feelings. To renew your passport you will have to fill the basics in the online form and then book a slot, the details are mentioned below briefly.

1. Apply for a Passport Renewal by the Mail

To renew a passport these days is relatively easier, than what it was few couple of years before, all thanks to the internet.  Log-on to the official passport site and fill in the application form. You have to attach a photograph and the required minimum documents and mail it to the given address.

Make sure you fill it properly and exactly as the documents and sign at required places avoid committing any mistake, if you want to get your passport this year. In case of change of name or any other details, you will have to provide them with the official proof document as well as your old passport for verification.

Check the rules of the destination country, as a few counties insist on your passport being valid for another six months past your travel dates, in such a case do as demanded to avoid last minute issues.

2. Make Sure you Apply in Time

Before booking that international flight, make sure you apply well advance in time. As more and more people are applying for passports, leading to increase in duration to obtain that passport.

Although there are different arrangements and you will have to pay more if you are in a bind and have to board a flight within a month you will have to take special appointments and keep all the documents and latest photograph ready. Along with that you will have to produce proof for your urgency.

3. Check your Expiration Date

If you are a frequent overseas flyer then you have to keep track of your passport expiry date, its recommendable to apply for renewal one year in advance to due date of expiry.

This will be easier and not leave you in a hassle right before your trips. The other situation when you should apply for renewal of your passport should be when it’s starting to fill up and only a few pages are left, you are one lucky person to be travelling.

4. Take a Clear Photo for the Passport

Take a clear photo before applying. Among all the important details and factors you have to keep in applying for your passport this year attaching a clear photo is one of them specifically. The photo should be not be older than six months, and has to be taken with a white background furthermore avoid wearing accessories or glasses.

5. If you are Applying for the First Time

The formalities for applying for the first time are a little more and stricter than renewal. You will require to submit various documents in the passport office such as the self-attested Aadhar card, latest photograph, electricity bill of residence. You will also require to fill in a few details of your current bank account passbook.

There are 37 regional passport office and you will have to keep in hand more than 5-6 weeks before planning your trips, as it might take time owing to several reasons. After the documents are verified comes the second round, which is checking of residence by the police is done and only after this the passport is issued, and you are ready to fly.

6. If you’re Applying the Passport for a Child

In case you are applying a passport for a child, below the age of 16, it requires to be filled in presence of both parents, along with the child. For whatever reason if both the parents can’t fill it together they can opt for several different forms. You will have to attach date of birth proof, along with other necessary documents.

7. If you Lose your Passport

Contact the embassy right away when you discover your passport missing. Probably the worst nightmare for most people is losing their passport, specifically on a trip. Most of the time the embassy office will issue a temporary passport on production of any other minor identification this will let you return back to your country.

The embassy might ask you basic questions, you don’t have to panic, rather think calmly and act and grant you another for temporary use. After returning from the trip you can contact the passport office to re-issue your standard passport for further use.


Make sure you do not fall for fraud agencies to get your Passport issued or re-issued. It’s the govt. that issues the citizens a passport after a thorough check, be careful about the details you fill in while apply for it. With all documents ready at hand you have nothing to worry about.

If you decide to physically visit the passport office, go on working days, within working hours. Passports are re-issued in case of loss or theft of current passport, or when one requires to change any information given in it. Although it’s better to keep it clutched to you while travelling abroad.


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